Monday, October 8, 2012

Va Flaggers Update: Sharpsburg

Va Flaggers Update: Sharpsburg
On Saturday, September 29th, the Virginia Flaggers traveled to Sharpsburg to attend the Georgia Civil War Commission's Re-Dedication of the Monument to Georgia's Confederate Dead.
We arrived early in the morning, as it was the first visit to Sharpsburg for all of us. We started with a tour of the visitor's center and then headed across to the Dunker Church. There, we were happy to find a contingency of Georgia Confederates who had camped out the night before. We made some new friends, and enjoyed a visit with them. 
We continued with a tour of the battlefield on foot, with flags, and made our way back around to the Visitor's center for a picnic lunch. Throughout the day, we had many opportunities to talk with visitors about our flags and the Va Flaggers. We distributed literature and educated folks about the flags we were carrying. Flagging a National Battlefield is fun... like shooting fish in a barrel, Flagger style!
After lunch we headed over to the monument, and planted 56 Georgia Stick Flags on any marker that mentioned Georgia troops, as well as at the monument.
The ceremony was very beautiful, with color guards, an excellent speaker, and gun salute. We asked the members of the commission if they could PLEASE come up to Virginia and teach our commission a thing or two about how to commemorate the Sesquicentennial!
After the ceremony, we headed over to the Sunken Lane, to tour that area, and pay respects to the men who died there. We were moved at the sights, and again, had the opportunity to share about the flags we carried.
We concluded the trip with a visit to Burnside's Bridge and the Robert E Lee Monument.
"as though you had set fire to a cane brake of a thousand acres"
A Georgia soldier describes the escalating volume of musketry coming from Lee's left at Burnside's Bridge.
It was a great day for the Va Flaggers, with an opportunity to do advance the colors, honor Georgia's Confederate dead, and educate the public, all in one beautiful day!   Special thanks to Kelly Barrow for the invitation to the event, and to the Georgia Civil War Commission for a job very well done!
Monday, October 22nd:  The Va Flaggers have been invited to speak at the John M. Jordan Camp #581, SCV in South Boston, VA. 6:00 pm at the Spare Times Grill located on Rt. 58, one mile east of the intersection of Rt. 58 with Rt. 501 on the south side of South Boston, VA. The restaurant is located in the World of Sports Complex on Rt. 58. 
Saturday, October 27:  Guided bus tour of Stuart's ride around Richmond.  Sponsored by Edmund Ruffin FireEaters Camp 3000, SCV.
Sunday, December 2nd:  Mechanicsville Christmas Parade
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