Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rebuttal To Anti-Confederate Statements by James W. King

Rebuttal To Anti-Confederate Statements
Mr. Aguelzo,
I read your remarks berating and disparaging the Confederate States of America, Confederate officers and enlisted men, and Confederate valor in battle.
You are afflicted with the one common denominator characteristic of all who make such remarks and comments--IGNORANCE. It is a disgrace for you to hold the position in Gettysburg that your title and position indicates.
Secession by the Southern states and the formation of the new nation Confederate States of America was a noble effort to separate from Yankee dictatorship, despotism, and tyranny. The Confederate cause was to gain INDEPENDENCE just as the American colonies seceded in 1776 from England for the same reasons. In case you are not aware, England offered the blacks freedom from slavery if they would fight against the American colonies. Therefore the Revolutionary War could be viewed as a war to preserve slavery just as the War for Southern Independence is by those ignorant of true history.
Your negative remarks about Confederate valor and fighting ability flies in the face of former U.S. presidents including Teddy Roosevelt who stated that Confederate soldiers were among the best the world has ever seen. But the Confederacy was outnumbered 3 or 4 to 1 and faced overwhelming numbers and resources against which valor and courage could not win in a prolonged war of attrition.
I encourage you to read my article posted below and educate yourself on the true causes of the Secession and War for Southern Independence.
James W. King
Commander Camp 141
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Albany Georgia
The 10 Causes of Southern Secession
By James W. King