Saturday, October 20, 2012

HK in Owensboro Ky

HK in Owensboro Ky



Dear Ms. Lunelle,

The more that I make these journeys to places that attack our symbols and ancestors who fought to safeguard not only their homes from an illegal invasion, but against the very intrusion of the safeguards of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence that championed their very act; the more I have come to believe that the Almighty God understood that the supposed loss of the War for Southern and American Independence and the signing of the treaty at Appomattox Courthouse was only the beginning for his chosen people in this land to guide it to thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

And though at times we of the South may look like God's Job, I believe we have been given by the sacrifice of our ancestors, a glorious opportunity to sit on the national and world stage able to embrace and define the cause of an honorable people. One that must be played out as we have come full circle in the body politic to where it all began in the greatest nation on earth whose founding was in the waters of the almighty God.

We of the South have been given a glorious opportunity to bring America to her greatness as those who attack us have open the debate. I can only thank past Commander of the Kentucky Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, The Honorable Dr Hiter, and Commander Wilhite who would prepare the Table of Brotherhood in the great State of Kentucky on this weekend in Owensboro and in Benton, Kentucky where those gathered to include a local Council member who just happened to be of the Black race came and had that debate. God bless you.


Your brother,