Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let's go to the Tallassee reenactment!!!

Let's go to the Tallassee reenactment!!!

Bring your wives, your kids, your tents, and your uniforms if you have one! November 10th & 11th (on a Saturday and Sunday), one month from now, there's a huge reenactment going on down in Tallassee. Tim Hobbs, Commander of Alabama's largest SCV camp, the Tallassee Armory Guards, has been a great help in getting our camp on its feet. His camp in Tallassee is hosting the event.

Here's their camp's event page.

What's it like? Well, last year was my first year. There's fields, patches of woods, a large camp ground for the soldiers, scattered camp grounds for other individuals and units, and even a contemporary camp ground for the non-reenactors. There's plenty of sutlery tents to buy all kinds of merchandise, including garments for your first uniform!

Saturday night there's an awesome dance, and there's lots of people there. You can walk all over the place, from one camp ground to another. There's food, music, wagon rides, and battles! Below is a video of some footage I got last year.

I'll be there! Our State SCV Commander (Lt. Cmdr at that time) was there last year, so I'm hoping he may be there this year. He has our camp charter. Any members who come will be sworn in, and we'll have plenty of time to cover camp business while sitting around the camp fire having an awesome time.

I loved it last year! Come on out. There's a first time for everything. Everyone is invited. Don't forget to bring your video cameras!!! I have room for four or five more people in my SUV.

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