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The Fort on South Carolina's Sovereign Soil


When South Carolina resumed its full sovereignty through the consent of their citizens in December 1860, the United States soldiers in Charleston Harbor became foreign troops and should have been recalled by their government. To refuse to abandon the forts caused South Carolina to forcibly eject them as they were then hostile military forces threatening the political independence of that State.

Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

The Fort on South Carolina's Sovereign Soil

"For well over one hundred years, uninformed and liberal historians and others have charged South Carolina with starting the Civil War when the shore batteries at Charleston fired on the Federally-held Fort Sumter in the bay. These writers have stated that this fort was the property of the federal government. This statement is false.

On March 24, 1794, the US Congress passed an act to provide for the defense of certain ports and harbors of the United States. The sites of forts, arsenals, navy yards and other public property of the federal government were ceded or assigned by the States within whose limits they were, and subject to the condition, either expressed or implied, that they should be used solely and exclusively for the purpose for which they were granted. The ultimate  ownership of the soil, or eminent domain, remains with the people of the State in which it lies, by virtue of their sovereignty.

South Carolina, in 1805 by legislative enactment, ceded to the United States in Charleston Harbor and on the Beaufort River, various forts and fortifications and sites for the erection of forts. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted the same in its legislature in 1836. New York State, in granting the use of the site for the Brooklyn Navy Yard says: "The United States are to retain such use and jurisdiction so long as said tract shall be applied to the defense and safety of the city and port of New York and no longer . . ." The cession of the site of Watervliet Arsenal was made on the same terms.

It has been said by many historians that these sites were purchased outright by the federal government. This is also false. The Act of 1794 clearly states, "that no purchase shall be made where such lands are the property of the State."

When General George B. McClellan and his federal army of 112,000 men landed on the tip of the Virginia peninsula April12, 1862 and occupied Fortress Monroe, this action verified the Southern charge of Northern aggression.

A State withdrawing from the union would necessarily assume the control theretofore exercised by the general government over all public defenses and other public property within her limits. The South, on the verge of withdrawal (from the union) had prepared to give adequate compensation to an agent of the Northern government for the forts and other public works erected on the land. Therefore, three commissioners from South Carolina, one from Georgia, and one from Alabama were sent to Washington to negotiate for the removal of federal garrisons from Southern forts.

The commissioners, all prominent men, were Messrs. Robert W. Barnwell, James H. Adams, and James L. Orr of South Carolina; Martin Crawford of Georgia, and John Forsythe of Alabama, and arrived in Washington on the 5th of March.

On March 12th they addressed an official communication to Mr. [William] Seward, Secretary of State, explaining their functions and their purpose. Mr. Seward declined to make any formal recognition of the commissioners, but assured them in verbal conferences of the determination of the government at Washington to evacuate Fort Sumter; of the peaceful intentions of the government, and that no changes in the status prejudicially to the Confederate States were in contemplation; but in the event of any change, notice would be given to the commissioners.

The commissioners waited for a reply to their official communication until April 8th, at which time they received a reply dated March 15th by which they were advised that the president had decided not to receive them, nor was he interested in any proposals they had to offer. During this time the cabinet of the Northern government had been working in secrecy in New York preparing an extensive military and naval expedition to reinforce the garrison at Fort Sumter in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina.

As they had tried to deceive the people of the North and South in January 1861 with the Star of the West [expedition to Sumter], loaded with troops and ammunition, the radical Republicans again advised the press that this mission was also a mission of mercy for the garrison of Fort Sumter, and on April 7th the expedition set sail southward bound loaded with troops and arms.

At 2PM, April 11, 1861, General Beauregard demanded that Major Anderson of Fort Sumter evacuate the works, which Anderson refused to do. At a little after 3AM, General Beauregard advised Major Anderson that "in one hour's time I will open fire." At 4:40AM, from Fort Johnson the battery opened on Fort Sumter, which fire was followed by the batteries of Moultrie, Cummings Point and the floating battery.

At this time a part of the federal naval force had arrived at the Charleston bar, but strange to say, Captain Fox, after hearing the heavy guns of the bombardment decided that his government did not expect any gallant sacrifices on his part, and took no part in the battle. On April 13 after the Confederate guns had reduced Sumter to a smoking heap of ruin, Major Anderson surrendered, with no loss of life on either side.

[Reverend R.C. Cave said in 1894] "On one side of the conflict was the South led by the descendants of the Cavaliers, who with all their faults had inherited from a long line of ancestors a manly contempt for moral littleness, a high sense of honor, a lofty regard for plighted faith, a strong tendency for conservatism, a profound respect for law and order, and an unfaltering loyalty to constitutional government."

Against the South was arrayed the power of the North, dominated by the spirit of Puritanism which, with all its virtues, has ever been characterized by the pharisaism which worships itself, and is unable to perceive any goodness apart from itself, which has ever arrogantly held its ideas, its interests, and its will, higher than fundamental law and covenanted obligations; which has always "lived and moved and had its being, in rebellion against constituted authority."

(Not Civil War But Northern Agression, Lewis P. Hall, Land of the Golden River, Vol. II, Hall's Enterprises, 1980, pp. 77-78)

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Francis Key Howard's American Bastille


Francis Key Howard (1826-1872) was the grandson of Francis Scott Key and revolutionary war Col. John Eager Howard; in 1861 he served as editor of the Baltimore Exchange which criticized Abraham Lincoln's unconstitutional suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. On Lincoln's order, Howard's newspaper was office was closed and he was made a political prisoner for fourteen months in Forts McHenry and Lafayette, and Warren. He later published "Fourteen Months in American Bastilles."

Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Francis Key Howard's American Bastille

"On the morning of the 13th of September, 1861, at my residence, in the city of Baltimore, I was awakened about half-past twelve or one o'clock, by the ringing of the bell. When I opened it . . . two men entered . . . One of them informed me that he had an order for my arrest.

In answer to my demand that he should produce a warrant or order under which he was acting, he declined to do so, but said he had instructions from Mr. [William] Seward, the Secretary of State. [He] stated that he intended to execute his orders and that resistance would be idle, as he had with him a force sufficient to render it unavailing.

As he spoke, several men entered the house . . . The leader of the gang then began to search the apartment. Every drawer and box was thoroughly ransacked, and also were my portfolio and writing-desk, and every other place that could possibly be supposed to hold any papers. All my private memoranda, bills, note-books and letters were collected together, to be carried off. After the first two rooms had been thus searched, I was told that I could remain no longer, but must be prepared to go to Fort McHenry.

Two men, wearing the badges of the police force which the Government had organized, escorted me to the fort. I reached Fort McHenry about two o'clock in the morning. There I found several of my friends, and others were brought in a few minutes afterward . . . fifteen in all. Among them were most of the members of the [Maryland] Legislature from Baltimore, Mr. Brown, the mayor of the city, and one of our Representatives in Congress, Mr. May.

The rooms were in the second story of the building, and opened upon a narrow balcony, which we were allowed to use; sentinels, however, being stationed on it. When I looked out in the morning, I could not help being struck by an odd and not pleasant coincidence.

On that day, forty-seven years before, my grandfather, Mr. [Francis Scott] Key, then a prisoner on a British ship, had witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry. When on the following morning, the hostile fleet drew off, defeated, he wrote the song so long popular throughout the country, the "Star-spangled Banner." As I stood upon the very scene of that conflict, I could not but contrast my position with his, forty-seven years before. The flag he had then so proudly hailed, I saw waving, at the same place, over the victims of as vulgar and brutal a despotism as modern times have witnessed."

(American Bastille, John A. Marshall, Thomas W. Hartley & Company. 1881, pp. 643-646)

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Fleeing Northern Race Prejudice


To quell the fears of Northerners who envisioned emancipated slaves flooding their way in search of employment and wages, Northern leaders began advancing theories. Giving the freedmen political control of the defeated South would "drain the northern Negroes back to the South" as they fled northern race prejudice. Lincoln and other Republicans advanced ideas of colonization; Grant as president gave serious thought to deporting freedmen to Haiti.

Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Fleeing Northern Race Prejudice

"As the war for the union began to take on the character of a war for freedom, northern attitudes toward the Negro paradoxically began to harden rather than soften. This hardening process was especially prominent in the northwestern or middle western States where the old fear of Negro invasion was intensified by apprehensions that once the millions of slaves below the Ohio River were freed they would push northward – this time by the thousands and tens of thousands, perhaps in mass exodus, instead of in driblets of one or two who came furtively as fugitive slaves.

The prospect of Negro immigration, Negro neighbors, and Negro competition filled the whites with alarm, and their spokesmen voiced their fears with great candor. "There is," [Illinois Senator] Lyman Trumbull told the Senate, in April, 1862, "a very great aversion in the West – I know it to be so in my State – against having free negroes come among us."

And about the same time [Senator] John Sherman, who was to give his name to the Radical Reconstruction Act five years later, told Congress that in Ohio "we do not like negroes. We do not disguise our dislike. As my friend from Indiana [Congressman Joseph A. Wright] said yesterday, the whole people of the northwestern States are, for reasons correct or not, opposed to having many negroes among them and the principle or prejudice has been engrafted in the legislation of nearly all the northwestern States."

So powerful was this anti-Negro feeling that it almost overwhelmed antislavery feeling and seriously imperiled the passage of various confiscation and emancipation laws designed to free the slave. To combat the opposition Republican leaders such as George W. Julian of Indiana, Albert G. Riddle of Ohio, and Salmon P. Chase advanced the theory that emancipation would actually solve northern race problems.

Instead of starting a mass migration of freedmen northward, they argued, the abolition of slavery would not only put a stop to the entry of fugitive slaves but would drain the northern Negroes back to the South. Once slavery [was] ended, the Negro would flee northern race prejudice and return to his natural environment and the congenial climate of the South.

One tentative answer of the Republican party to the northern fear of Negro invasion, however, was deportation of the freedmen and colonization abroad . . . the powerful backing of President Lincoln and the support of western Republicans, Congress overcame [any] opposition. Lincoln was committed to colonization not only as a solution to the race problem but as a means of allaying northern opposition to emancipation and fears of Negro exodus.

(Seeds of Failure in Radical Race Policy, C. Vann Woodward, New Frontiers of the American Reconstruction, Harold M. Hyman, editor, pp. 126-129)

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Trolling Europe for Lincoln's Patriots


By mid-1862 it was reported that voluntary enlistments in Lincoln's armies had all but ceased – once the carnage of Fredericksburg got through Lincoln's media blackout he favored conscription and foreigners to fight his war against Southern independence. This still did little to improve the quality of the Northern soldiery as noted author Ella Lonn (Foreigners in the Union Army and Navy, 1951) wrote that "foreigners who were enticed, kidnapped, or bludgeoned into the army could hardly make good soldiers."

Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Trolling Europe for Lincoln's Patriots

"We copy from the Savannah Republican A.D. 1863:

"We have before us proof conclusive that our enemy, utterly despairing of their ability to conquer us, at this time, agents and lecturers in almost every country in Europe, who by lying misrepresentations and the meanest duplicity, united with pledges at the enormity of which all Christiandom must shudder.

It is in the form of a poster, or hand-bill, which is now being circulated throughout Great Britain, in aid of such lecturers as Beecher & Co., and a copy of which has just been received from a friend through the blockade.

We present it to the world as a burning witness against a God-forsaken people. They will doubtless denounce it as a forgery, but we are assured upon authority beyond all question that the copy sent us and published is one of   thousands that are floating over the Kingdom of Great Britain, and, what is worse, are winked at by the British Government.

To gallant Irishmen, Germans and others:

The war contractors of New York, Boston and Philadelphia, are in want of a few thousand enterprising young men to join the glorious army of the United States. The profits of the businesses are so large that the country can afford to pay handsomely all who will speedily enter their noble service. Camp life in America is remarkably salubrious and enjoyable, and offers immense attractions to the oppressed populations of Europe.

The troops will have free license while occupying the enemy's country, and the estates and property of the vanquished "rebels" will be divided by a grateful nation among its heroic defenders. For further particulars apply to the Contractors' Lecturers now on the mission to Britain, and to Messrs John Bright and W.E. Forster, Ranters Hall, London. New York, September 1, 1863."

(Cullings From the Confederacy: A Collection of Southern Poems, Original and Others, Popular During the War Between the States and Incidents and Facts Worth Recalling, 1862-1866, Nora Fontaine M. Davidson, Rufus H. Darby Printing Company, 1903, pp. 116-117)

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Lincoln's Duplicity at Fort Sumter


The land ceded to the federal agent at Washington for forts, arsenals and yards by individual States were intended for the protection, not destruction, of the States they were located in. If a fort was to be used by that agent for a warlike purpose against a State, it is obvious that State would immediately eject the federal employees. Lincoln in early 1861 sent spies to Charleston to gather intelligence before he commenced war.

Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Lincoln's Duplicity at Fort Sumter

"There are many matters of interest and importance connected with the firing upon Fort Sumter which are not generally mentioned in our American histories. These are given in some detail in Dr. H.A. White's "Life of Robert E. Lee." Such information is essential to an understanding of the whole subject of the beginnings of the sectional conflict.

". . . It will be an advantage for the South to go off," said H.W. Beecher. After the inauguration of Mr. Lincoln there was a strong current opinion in the North that the Federal troops should be withdrawn from the Southern forts. President Lincoln's "organ," the National Republican, announced that the Cabinet meeting of March 9 had determined to surrender both Sumter and Pickens.

That [Major Robert] Anderson would be withdrawn from Sumter "was the universal opinion in Washington (Rhodes, U.S., vol. iii, p. 332). Welling, of the National Intelligencer, was requested by [William] Seward to communicate the Cabinet's purpose to George W. Summers, member of the Virginia Convention (The Nation, Dec. 4, 1879). March 15 Secretary Seward unofficially notified the Confederate Commissioners, through Justice Campbell of the Supreme Court, that Sumter would be yielded at once to the Southern Confederacy."

". . . March 24 brought Colonel Ward H. Lamon of Washington to Fort Sumter. He obtained permission from Governor Pickens to visit Major Anderson upon the representation that he had come as "confidential agent of the President," to make arrangements for the removal of the garrison. The impression produced upon Major Anderson by Lamon, as well as upon the officers and men of the garrison, was that the command was to be withdrawn." Lamon informed Governor Pickens "that the President professed a desire to evacuate the work." After Lamon's return to Washington he sent a written message to Pickens, that he "hoped to return in a very few days to withdraw the command."

(The Women of the South in War Times, Matthew Page Andrews, editor, Norman, Remington Company, 1920, pp. 59-60)

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Remember the eunuchs at election time


Where are the political leaders of the South who still have a pair?  The elected officials of the South are either silent in fear of not being reelected, ignorant of the truth of why the South went to war, or so weak kneed from spending their life kowtowing to the main stream media they have become eunuchs.

Instead of allowing our Confederate monuments degraded, the Confederate battle flag demeaned and demonized, and Abraham Lincoln's war against the South portrayed to our children as anything resembling nobility of purpose  "in freeing the slaves", how about growing a pair and telling the truth about Lincoln.

It would be great if you told history with truth and you should by telling the truth that the War between the North and the South was not a war over the issue of slavery. Lincoln said in his Inaugural Address, "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so."

Lincoln was a racist and a bigot regarding black people. In a 662-page book by the distinguished African-American author Lerone Bennett, Jr. entitled "Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln's White Dream", Bennett provides quote after quote of Lincoln's own words, habitually using the N-word so much that people in Washington thought he was consumed by his racism. Bennett tells of first-hand accounts by some of Lincoln's generals of how they left a meeting with him during a crisis in the war in which the president spent most of his time in the meeting telling off-color "darkie" jokes (Lincoln's language). General James Wadsworth, for example, was "shocked by the racism in the Lincoln White House."

THINK!! Can anyone honestly believe Lincoln would go to war to "free the slaves" when he had this little regard for them?

Government empires always have ideological cornerstones to sustain their existence and justify their actions based on a series of myths about their benevolence, heroism, greatness, or even divinity. The victors write the history, and that doesn't mean it isn't slanted or even lied about to justify the death and destruction the government inflicted to win that war.

Like most crimes, Lincoln's war was persecuted for money!  He forced the South back into the Union because the North did not want to lose the money they had been getting from the tariffs that brought in over 70% of all the total federal revenue collected.

Yes! This war upon the South was recognized for what it was at the time it started, and newspapers spoke of the reasons and events freely.  The Union Democrat newspaper in Manchester, New Hampshire on February 19, 1861 said: "The Southern Confederacy will not employ our ships or buy our goods. What is our shipping without it? Literally nothing... it is very clear that the South gains by this process and we lose. No...we must not let the South go."

Two days before Lincoln's election in November of 1860, the Charleston Mercury said: "The real causes of dissatisfaction in the South with the North, are in the unjust taxation and expenditure of the taxes by the Government of the United States, and in the revolution the North has effected in this government, from a confederated republic, to a national sectional despotism."

The Newark Daily Advertiser, on April 2, 1861, editorialized that Southern free trade "must operate to the serious disadvantage of the North," and should be stopped by military force.

The Boston Transcript, on March 18, 1861, warned: "The mask has been thrown off, and it is apparent that the people of the principal seceding states are now for commercial independence. They dream that the centers of traffic can be changed from Northern to Southern ports. The merchants of New Orleans, Charleston, and Savannah are possessed of the idea that New York, Boston, and Philadelphia may be shorn, in the future, of their mercantile greatness, by a revenue system verging on free trade…The government would be false to its obligations if this state of things were not provided against."

We need to remember the eunuchs at election time.

Jim Welch
Boling, Texas

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Never, never, never be ashamed to fly the Confederate Battle Flag!

 I enjoy your newsletter and the many articles posted by our Southern patriots.

I'm an old white guy who has been following the degradation of all things Southern for a long time. I marched with thousands of others in Columbia, SC in 2000 when the movement began to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the top of the statehouse.

Recent events in Columbia have made me conclude that all the truth and facts in the world will not stop the cultural & historical cleansing.

We need to change our tactics to something that politicians and corporate America understands: PROTESTS & BOYCOTTS!

We could start by organizing a boycott of the next Nascar Race.  They want their core customers to leave their confederate flags at home.  Well, lets all stay home with them. 

At the same time, boycott Walmart by organizing peaceful, lawful protests in every Walmart parking lot in America. This was done at a Cartersville, GA Walmart recently, and it was covered by the local media, and National too if I remember correctly. Imagine if this was happening once a month in thousands of Walmarts across the country.

Encourage all our patriots to wear apparel that has the Confederate battle Flag on it. The public needs to see it more now than ever.

The natural conduit for these tactics is the national and local SCV, and the UDC.  The organizations are in place. They just need leadership.

I would appreciate it if you would pass these suggestions along to your contacts who might have the authority to study and act on them.

Never, never, never be ashamed to fly the Confederate Battle Flag!

Robert Denney

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

References Abraham Lincoln Socialist and Atheist

SHNV Compatriots,

A subscriber to SHNV contacted me after reading my article exposing Abraham Lincoln as a Socialist and Atheist. He asked me to supply sources and references. Posted below is my answer. I should have included a reference to the research done by North Carolina State Supreme Court Judge Felix Alley (1873-1957). Both the Calhoun and Hanks families said it was true that Lincoln was the illegitimate son of John C. Calhoun. Their photos offer further evidence-both tall and lanky and would pass for father and son easily. Thomas Lincoln was shorter and stocky.
James W. King
SCV Camp commander Albany Georgia

Lincoln's law partner William S. Herndon is the source of some of the most private information concerning Lincoln. After Lincoln's death he wrote a book "A Great Life". Only about 12 of the original copies remain. Lincoln supporters bought them up and destroyed them. Herndon wrote a 2nd edition that deleted facts the Lincoln cult did not want people to know.

Lincoln wrote a book espousing Atheism. A friend grabbed it and threw it in the fire saying "you will never get elected to anything if that book gets published".
Lincoln also told Herndon numerous times he was illegitimate. He was the son of South Carolinian John C. Calhoun and bar maid Nancy Hanks of Craytonville South Carolina. Calhoun paid hog drover Thomas Lincoln $500 to take her to her uncle's house in Kentucky. Lincoln was born at the plantation of Abraham Enloe on the way to Kentucky. Lincoln's mother Nancy had a hard life with Thomas Lincoln and died early. Abe never forgave him and refused to visit Thomas when he was dying. Between 1900 and 1910 a child support document was found in the Abbeville SC. courthouse signed by Calhoun paying $100 per year child support.
Emperor Napoleon of France said "History is an accepted fable" and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said "History is basically bunk".  Northern Yankee historians who are part of the Lincoln cult that keeps the mythical Lincoln lies alive just know in their heart that the indoctrinated American public just does not need to know the things I have related above to you.
Kennedy and Benson recently did a tremendous amount of research which resulted in the book "Red Republicans and Lincoln Marxists". Get a copy and read it. Lincoln's Assistant Secretary of War Charles Anderson Dana was an avowed Socialist who went to Europe before the war and met Karl Marx. 487 of Marx's articles including the Communist manifesto were published in the New York Tribune newspaper before the war. Marx sent about 2000 European Socialists to New Your City in 1849-1850 after the failed Socialist revolution in Europe. And Marx sent thousands of Socialists to America to fight for Lincoln 1861-1865. I have the names of these Socialists and Communists A thru Z who were Yankee officers.
Adolph Hitler was an admirer of Lincoln and devoted a chapter of his book "Mein Kampf" to Lincoln's methods used to destroy the Republic established by America's founding fathers and convert America to a Socialist Democracy. The U.S. Communist Party held Lincoln-Lenin parades in New York City in the 1930's. They sent troops to fight for Socialism in the Spanish Civil War of 1937 and called them the Lincoln Brigade.
The pastors in Springfield Illinois did not and would not vote for Lincoln--they knew what he was. After the defeat and surrender of the South in 1865 Marx sent a letter of congratulations to Lincoln.
Do google searches on your computer. Enter "Abraham Lincoln Socialist" and "Abraham Lincoln Atheist" and read all about it. It is no longer a secret that "Dishonest Abe" was both a Socialist and Atheist.
James W. King
Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)
Camp 141 Commander Albany Georgia

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This is the most compelling document I have found in many years. - Please share liberally.

A Resolution was passed unanimously by Congress July 23, 1861 (AFTER Ft. Sumter):

"The war is waged by the Government of the United States, not in the spirit of conquest or subjugation, nor for the purpose of overthrowing or interfering with the rights or institutions of the states, but to defend and protect the Union."

THIS IS THE NORTH in their own words.

Please share widely.

Rutherford, Mildred Lewis, 1852-1928: Truths of History (ca. 1920) (multiple formats at

See especially Truths of History where this item came from.

This is the most compelling document I have found in many years.

From her eulogy in the Confederate Veteran is the following:

An active member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy from its organization, she was known as a leader in the work in the Georgia Division and was honored by high office in Chapter and Division, and had been made Life Historian of that Division. For five years she served as Historian General, U.D.C., and made that office one of the most important in the general organization, by which she was later made Honorary President. She was President of the Ladies Memorial Association of Athens, Ga., from 1888 to her death, and had been Historian General, C.S.M.A., since 1921; and she was also an officer of the Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Association. The University of Georgia, with which her father was long connected, some years ago conferred upon her its honorary degree, an honor proudly received. [page 368-9, Confederate Veteran, Vol. 36 No. 9, September 1928.]

Monday, August 10, 2015

Did our ancestors die in vain?

Mr. Hubbard,

As Speaker of the House I am shocked and disappointed re: the role you have taken in this most recent silent & sneaky removal of our beloved Confederate Flag out of the Old House Chamber a couple of weeks ago, especially when you didn't really need to have  anything to do with this despicable act.

Many years ago that honored flag was presented to the State Legislature by the Alabama Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) as a sacred trust. Are you informed, are you ignorant, or do you even care what it memorializes?  Well, l et me enlighten you. That flag was dedicated to the honor of more than 30,000 courageous Alabama soldiers & sailors who fought, were maimed & many died trying to protect & defend their homes & state from invasion by an out-of-control, centralized Federal Government, under a President & a Congress who could only see this, and the other cotton producing states, as a 'cash cow' for promoting their greedy, Northern interests.  When South Carolina refused to institute & then pay the exorbitant, illegal Morrill Tariff Tax, and it then seceded from the Union in 1861, Lincoln (before sending 75K U.S. Soldiers to invade the South (a totally unconstitutional act) put his head in his hands and cried' "My tariff, my tariff, what will become of my tariff?"

Now 150 years later that same central government with the greedy, socialistic base still reigns in DC. Today it has spread its 'cancer' to all the states, so that even the governor & legislature of our wonderful state of Alabama has been contaminated by it !  How can you as Speaker even begin to rationalize that what you're doing by dumping your traditions, your heritage & the debt you owe to your ancestors who fought in our country's wars (including those who were Confederate), is right? You should be ashamed to be so 'politically correct' that you would sacrifice the truth of your own children's heritage to appease some 'race baiting, South hating' socialists & their corrupt agenda.

In choosing to appease these 'types' you think you're gaining votes. I beg to differ with you. As a life-long resident of this state, educated in its schools and retired from its school system; one who has voted since 1964,  generally as a conservative Republican, I can tell you that you're going to find that you've only hurt yourself because of this.  As I told the person who answered the Governor's office phone, you may find that in the next election all of those Republican votes you & your cronies have taken for granted just might totally disappear.

In this matter if you can't stand up for your heritage against nameless outsiders & special interests from DC, what makes you think the people of Alabama will stand up and vote for you, or any other Republican, in the next election ...or any to come for that matter? You and the Governor may think you've done the state a 'favor' by getting rid of the Confederate flags and symbols on the 'QT', your 'lame, 'PC' excuse' being you didn't want to 'offend' anyone.

Well, sir I have a ' News Flash' for you and our 'lame duck' Governor --   You've underestimated thousands of Alabamians just like me who love & cherish ALL of the state's heritage & the sacrifices of our beloved ancestors who so proudly pioneered this state (mine came in 1817 bf/ statehood), and valiantly defended her with their lives in every war since then whenever she called on them to do so. For us, our ancestors did not die in vain, no matter what war or conflict that they were called to serve in... including the War of Secession, 1861-65.

As far as a whole host of others, as well as myself, feel -  In the annals of Alabama history you will be remembered as the Alabama Speaker who aided & abetted in the eradication of the Southern Culture of the Christian South.


Martha S. Smith, 1-VP

AL-UDC Ch. 667

Stonewall Jackson

Ozark, AL

I forgot to add Mike Hubbard's, Speaker of the House, number to call. He took our flag out of the Old House Chamber when he didn't have to get in this fight either!  And that flag was given to the legislature by the UDC in HONOR of more than 30,000 HONORABLE Alabama Confederate soldiers who died trying to save our LIBERTY!!!

Please call him and express your outrage at this cultural genocide he & Bentley have started across the Southland!  He will NOT be remembered for the 27 indictments filed against him...he will be remembered as the Speaker who aided & abetted the eradication of the Christian Southern Culture!!!


Sunday, August 9, 2015


Sons of Confederate Veterans
August 3, 2015      


SCV logo  



(ATLANTA - August 3, 2015)   In the wake of attacks recently upon all things Confederate, some outspoken critics of Southern heritage began calling for the renaming of US Army bases around the South which bear the names of Confederate commanders from the War Between the States.  Some of the more prominent of these bases include Fort Benning in Georgia, Fort Hood in Texas, and Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Fort Benning, located in Columbus, Georgia, was named in honor of Henry Benning, one of the most influential men in Georgia politics and a Confederate general after the outbreak of the War.  Benning was a justice on the Georgia Supreme Court prior to the War and was an outspoken proponent of the constitutional view of States' Rights and a limited federal government.  In fact, Benning wrote the majority opinion in the important case of "Paddleford v Savannah" in which he advanced the States' Rights doctrine that in all constitutional questions, the Georgia Supreme Court is "coordinate and co-equal" with the federal supreme court since the states created the federal government.  Benning served admirably in the Confederate army during the War and continued to be a leading figure in Georgia after the war's end.  Thousands of soldiers in the US Army have trained at Fort Benning during its history, including some of the most elite infantry and airborne troops dating all the way back to World War II.

US Army spokesmen responded to the recent calls to rename bases named in honor of Confederate heroes by stating that the Army has no current intention of renaming its bases.  The bases named in honor of Southern heroes are located in the South and were named in a spirit of reconciliation after the late unpleasantness. 

The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans applauds the unwillingness of the US Army to yield to the unpopular, albeit loud, cries of the politically incorrect enemies of Southern heritage in their attempt to eliminate every vestige of our noble heritage.   


For more information about the Sons of Confederate Veterans or any of this year's planned events to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the War, contact the Georgia SCV at 404-271-8473 or online at    


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Saturday, August 8, 2015

"When they take one of our flags down, we need to put two flags up."

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Report of the Deputy Director for Heritage Promotion 
In these days of unjust and ungodly attacks upon our Confederate Heritage, it is imperative that we keep our flags flying.  CIC Barrow and Chief of Heritage Operations Chairman Jones have the same philosophy regarding the flying of our flags.

"When they take one of our flags down, we need to put two flags up."

This should also be the same philosophy of every SCV member.

The Heritage Operations Committee has funds to help you get Confederate flags placed in prominent areas of the country.  Please contact our headquarters at Elm Springs if your camp has a project that can accomplish this goal.

Let's show this country just how proud we are of the Confederate flag.

Byron E. Brady
Deputy Director for Heritage Promotion
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Sons of Confederate Veterans | PO Box 59 | Columbia | TN | 38402


Sons of Confederate Veterans
August 3, 2015      


SCV logo  



(ATLANTA - August 3, 2015)   On Sunday, CBS 46 in Atlanta featured a story on their television newscast, on their website, and on their Facebook and social media pages about a supposed resurgence of the KKK in Paulding County.  Prominently featured with the story, however, was the legally registered logo of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, an organization which is in no way affiliated with the Klan.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans was founded in 1896 by actual sons of the Confederate veterans and was charged by the veterans, themselves, with providing the true history of the South to future generations.  The SCV is an historical preservation and geneological association and is open to members of all races who have Confederate ancestors, including black Americans of whom the organization has members. 

Before the end of the day on Sunday, state officials of the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) had already contacted CBS 46 and ordered an immediate removal of the organization's logo, as well as an online and on-air apology by station management.  Screen shots of the content were captured by members of the SCV and sent to state and national headquarters.  Even if a retraction is made by the station, SCV leaders in Georgia have indicated that they will likely pursue legal action against the station for what is viewed as a blatant and intentional error on the part of CBS 46 and its staff to associate the SCV with the KKK.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans vehemently affirm today that  1) there is no connection between the SCV and the KKK,   2) the SCV condemns the use of the Confederate battle flag and all Confederate symbols by any hate group whatsoever, and   3) the SCV intends to aggressively pursue legal action against any and all individuals, businesses, and governments which violate the laws regarding the protection of Confederate symbols, flags, and monuments and the good name of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  


For more information about the Sons of Confederate Veterans or any of this year's planned events to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the War, contact the Georgia SCV at 404-271-8473 or online at    


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Friday, August 7, 2015

Reporting Heritage Violations

   Sons of Confederate                                                Veterans


Daily there are new attacks on our Confederate monuments, markers, plaques, etc. all over the United States. At this time, everyone is encouraged, either as a individual or camp, to report these defacements to your law enforcement agency as a Hate Crime. Report the crime so the criminal can do the time.

By posting the violation to, it will be automatically added to the list so others are made aware of the heinous offense. We, the descendants of those who fought for the ideas found in the Constitution, will not stand by idle while our symbols and rights are attacked

Deo Vindice!

Charles Kelly Barrow
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Sons of Confederate Veterans | PO Box 59 | Columbia | TN | 38402

Frank Adams passed away this morning

I am very sad to inform everyone that Frank Adams passed away this morning. 
He will be missed by me a lot as he was friends with my past family from 
Atherton Missouri.  Frank Adams was a member of the B/G John T. Hughes Camp 
614 in Independence Missouri.  He was a Grandson of Colonel Adams (to the 
best of my knowledge).  Colonel Adams fought for the Missouri Confederate 
Military during the invasion of Federal troops in Missouri during the War 
for Southern Independence.  Details for the visitation and funeral will be 
in the Kansas City Star either Saturday or Sunday.  Frank Adams will be missed.

Jason-Nathaniel: coffman
B/G John T. Hughes Camp 614
Independence Missouri

Confederate Veterans are American Veterans.... By Law

   Sons of Confederate Veterans
Confederate Veterans are American Veterans....  By Law 
The United States Government Honors Confederate Veterans and the Confederacy
For those who believe that the Confederate States of America and the men and women who pledged allegiance to that constitutionally established government and spilled their blood and treasure in its defense are somehow illegitimate and not worthy of honor and protection by the American government, below are those laws and proclamations honoring them and their service and which proclaim that they were equal in honor and worthiness to those who served the Federal cause. Such official proclamations by the Government of the United States removes all claims against the Confederacy and those who served it and protects, defends and honors their symbols, monuments and heroes. In other words, the current assault upon all things Confederate is contrary to the laws of the United States of America and must be resisted vigorously.
Congressional Act of 9 March 1906 ~ We Honor Our Fallen Ancestors
(P.L. 38, 59th Congress, Chap. 631-34 Stat. 56)
This act authorized the furnishing of headstones for the graves of Confederates who died, primarily in Union prison camps and were buried in Federal cemeteries.
Remarks: This act formally reaffirmed Confederate soldiers as military combatants with legal standing. It granted recognition to deceased Confederate soldiers commensurate with the status of deceased Union soldiers.
U.S. Public Law 810, Approved by 17th Congress 26 February 1929
(45 Stat 1307 - Currently on the books as 38 U.S. Code, Sec. 2306)
This law, passed by the U.S. Congress, authorized the "Secretary of War to erect headstones over the graves of soldiers who served in the Confederate Army and to direct him to preserve in the records of the War Department the names and places of burial of all soldiers for whom such headstones shall have been erected."
Remarks: This act broadened the scope of recognition further for all Confederate soldiers to receive burial benefits equivalent to Union soldiers. It authorized the use of U.S. government (public) funds to mark Confederate graves and record their locations.
U.S. Public Law 85-425: Sec. 410 Approved 23 May 1958
Confederate Iron Cross
(US Statutes at Large Volume 72, Part 1, Page 133-134)
The Administrator shall pay to each person who served in the military or naval forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War a monthly pension in the same amounts and subject to the same conditions as would have been applicable to such person under the laws in effect on December 31, 1957, if his service in such forces had been service in the military or naval forces of the United States.
Remarks: While this was only a gesture since the last Confederate veteran died in 1958, it is meaningful in that only fifty-seven years ago, the Congress of the United States saw fit to consider Confederate soldiers as equivalent to U.S. soldiers for service benefits. This final act of reconciliation was made almost one hundred years after the beginning of the war and was meant as symbolism more than substantive reward.
Additional Note of Critical History: Under current U.S. Federal Code, Confederate Veterans are equivalent to Union Veterans.
  This reconciliation period[*] led up to the Congressional Act of 9 March 1906, U.S. Public Law 810 Approved by 17th Congress 26 February 1929, and the final crown of reconciliation with U.S. Public Law 85-425: Sec. 410 Approved 23 May 1958. [*known as The Grand Bargain~ Editor]
By the President of the United States of America ~
A Proclamation
The years 1961 to 1965 will mark the one-hundredth anniversary of the American Civil War.
That war was America's most tragic experience. But like most truly great tragedies, it carries with it an enduring lesson and a profound inspiration. It was a demonstration of heroism and sacrifice by men and women of both sides who valued principle above life itself and whose devotion to duty is a part of our Nation's noblest tradition.
Both sections of our now magnificently reunited country sent into their armies men who became soldiers as good as any who ever fought under any flag. Military history records nothing finer than the courage and spirit displayed at such battles as Chickamauga, Antietam, Kennesaw Mountain, and Gettysburg. That America could produce men so valiant and so enduring is a matter for deep and abiding pride.
The same spirit on the part of the people at home supported and strengthened those soldiers through four years of great trial. That a Nation which contained hardly more than thirty million people, North and South together, could sustain six hundred thousand deaths without faltering is a lasting testimonial to something unconquerable in the American spirit. And that a transcending sense of unity and larger common purpose could, in the end, cause the men and women who had suffered so greatly to close ranks once the contest ended and to go on together to build a greater, freer, and happier America must be a source of inspiration as long as our country may last.
By a joint resolution approved on September 7, 1957 (71 Stat. 626), the Congress established the Civil War Centennial Commission to prepare plans and programs for the nationwide observances of the one-hundredth anniversary of the Civil War, and requested the President to issue proclamations inviting the people of the United States to participate in those observances.
Now, Therefore, I, Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States of America, do hereby invite all of the people of our country to take a direct and active part in the Centennial of the Civil War.
I request all units and agencies of government--Federal, State, and local--and their officials to encourage, foster, and participate in Centennial observances. And I especially urge our Nation's schools and colleges, its libraries and museums, its churches and religious bodies, its civic, service, and patriotic organizations, its learned and professional societies, its arts, sciences, and industries, and its informational media, to plan and carry out their own appropriate Centennial observances during the years 1961 to 1965; all to the end of enriching our knowledge and appreciation of this momentous chapter in our Nation's history and of making this memorable period truly a Centennial for all Americans.
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States of America to be affixed.
DONE at the City of Washington this sixth day of December in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and sixty, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and eighty-fifth.
By the President:
CHRISTIAN A. HERTER, Secretary of State

Deo Vindice!
Charles Kelly Barrow
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Sons of Confederate Veterans | PO Box 59 | Columbia | TN | 38402