Wednesday, August 12, 2015

References Abraham Lincoln Socialist and Atheist

SHNV Compatriots,

A subscriber to SHNV contacted me after reading my article exposing Abraham Lincoln as a Socialist and Atheist. He asked me to supply sources and references. Posted below is my answer. I should have included a reference to the research done by North Carolina State Supreme Court Judge Felix Alley (1873-1957). Both the Calhoun and Hanks families said it was true that Lincoln was the illegitimate son of John C. Calhoun. Their photos offer further evidence-both tall and lanky and would pass for father and son easily. Thomas Lincoln was shorter and stocky.
James W. King
SCV Camp commander Albany Georgia

Lincoln's law partner William S. Herndon is the source of some of the most private information concerning Lincoln. After Lincoln's death he wrote a book "A Great Life". Only about 12 of the original copies remain. Lincoln supporters bought them up and destroyed them. Herndon wrote a 2nd edition that deleted facts the Lincoln cult did not want people to know.

Lincoln wrote a book espousing Atheism. A friend grabbed it and threw it in the fire saying "you will never get elected to anything if that book gets published".
Lincoln also told Herndon numerous times he was illegitimate. He was the son of South Carolinian John C. Calhoun and bar maid Nancy Hanks of Craytonville South Carolina. Calhoun paid hog drover Thomas Lincoln $500 to take her to her uncle's house in Kentucky. Lincoln was born at the plantation of Abraham Enloe on the way to Kentucky. Lincoln's mother Nancy had a hard life with Thomas Lincoln and died early. Abe never forgave him and refused to visit Thomas when he was dying. Between 1900 and 1910 a child support document was found in the Abbeville SC. courthouse signed by Calhoun paying $100 per year child support.
Emperor Napoleon of France said "History is an accepted fable" and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said "History is basically bunk".  Northern Yankee historians who are part of the Lincoln cult that keeps the mythical Lincoln lies alive just know in their heart that the indoctrinated American public just does not need to know the things I have related above to you.
Kennedy and Benson recently did a tremendous amount of research which resulted in the book "Red Republicans and Lincoln Marxists". Get a copy and read it. Lincoln's Assistant Secretary of War Charles Anderson Dana was an avowed Socialist who went to Europe before the war and met Karl Marx. 487 of Marx's articles including the Communist manifesto were published in the New York Tribune newspaper before the war. Marx sent about 2000 European Socialists to New Your City in 1849-1850 after the failed Socialist revolution in Europe. And Marx sent thousands of Socialists to America to fight for Lincoln 1861-1865. I have the names of these Socialists and Communists A thru Z who were Yankee officers.
Adolph Hitler was an admirer of Lincoln and devoted a chapter of his book "Mein Kampf" to Lincoln's methods used to destroy the Republic established by America's founding fathers and convert America to a Socialist Democracy. The U.S. Communist Party held Lincoln-Lenin parades in New York City in the 1930's. They sent troops to fight for Socialism in the Spanish Civil War of 1937 and called them the Lincoln Brigade.
The pastors in Springfield Illinois did not and would not vote for Lincoln--they knew what he was. After the defeat and surrender of the South in 1865 Marx sent a letter of congratulations to Lincoln.
Do google searches on your computer. Enter "Abraham Lincoln Socialist" and "Abraham Lincoln Atheist" and read all about it. It is no longer a secret that "Dishonest Abe" was both a Socialist and Atheist.
James W. King
Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)
Camp 141 Commander Albany Georgia