Monday, April 30, 2012

Fw: SCV Telegraph- Virginia Coins!

Sons of Confederate Veterans
                                 SCV  Telegraph


The Virginia Sesquicentennial Commemorative Coin is here! Now you can honor the contribution of the Old Dominion as well as acquire a valuable keepsake from this significant and profound period of historical observance.

These 1 oz. coins are beautiful - minted with a glossy finish and bearing 3-D images of Generals Lee and Jackson on the obverse, the "Sic Semper Tyrannis" state seal on the reverse. Like all the coins, they are made, 100%, of .999 purity silver, not merely plating or overlay, with each coin being serially numbered (only 3000 of each state). The product of the The Highland Mint, the coins are encased in a protective capsule and will arrive in a black velvet box with their certificate of authenticity.

A single coin is yours for ONLY $99! No tax, shipping or handling need be added to your order.

All proceeds from this program will go to the work of the SCV and YOUR division can participate in the revenue sharing!This is available to ALL divisions, not just the 13 states of the Confederacy.

Go to and view the newly released Virginia coin and all the others, also. You'll see their images, front and back, as well as the stories behind them. As you enter the website, you'll be greeted by the Premium Collection, a presentation of all 13 coins arrayed in the familiar Southern Cross formation, reminiscent of the Battle Flag. Each coin will carry a consistent serial number and will be placed in a handcrafted wooden display case. This product is the maximum experience of the CSA Sesquicentennial Commemorative Coin Collection.

On the reservation form you will be asked for a Promotional Code. This is nothing more than your state's two-character postal code (i.e. AL, NC, TX, etc.). For each coin purchased using your code, your division will earn $12.Furthermore, for each 500 coin orders with your code, your division will receive a $1000 BONUS.

So, get the word out and start earning funds for your division! Link to the website... use your division and camp newsletters... prepare fliers... be creative. Help us to market this one-of-a-kind product well beyond the bounds of the SCV. Earn revenue on ANY purchase, not just those from SCV members. Make the Sesquicentennial memorable for you and a financial success for your division. Visit today!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

SCV Telegraph- Funding Requests

  Sons of Confederate Veterans
                                 SCV  Telegraph

Monday April 23, 2012
Funding Request Deadlines

The Budget and Finance Committee will review request for grants from General Headquarters before the Fall and Spring GEC meetings and prior to the GEC meetings held at the Reunion. The deadline to submit a request for consideration at the Reunion GEC meetings is May 27, 2012.

Those requesting funds should read the Funding Proposal Guidelines found on 
the Forms and Documents page of at:

The form to be used to make a request for a grant is also on the Forms and Documents page at:

Submission of the form is the minimum level of information that must be provided to make a funding request. Those making requests are encouraged to provide supplemental information describing their project.

If possible please submit the form as an attachment to an email message. If can be sent as hard copy to GHQ if the former method is not used.

If you have any questions regarding the guidelines, form or process please contact me.

Chuck Rand
Adjutant In Chief

Saturday, April 28, 2012

SCV Telegraph- Awards Information-revised

  Sons of Confederate Veterans
                                 SCV  Telegraph

July 11 - 14, 2012 Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The SCV Awards Manual was last revised in February 2012. All awards will be in accordance with this revised edition. The Awards Manual may be downloaded from the SCV website. Previous editions of the Awards Manual are obsolete. Please read the information below to ensure your submissions reach the proper judges. Awards Display: The SCV Awards Display table will be set-up at the National Convention in Murfreesboro, Tennessee near the SCV General Headquarters table by noon on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. This is the drop-off and pick-up point for all SCV awards at the convention. Best Camp Award - Tabor Award: Camps who wish to participate in this competition should print a copy of the entry form from the SCV website or they may request one from GHQ if they have no internet access.
Entry forms should be sent to:
Compatriot David Rentz
 Distinguished Camp Competition
2180 Catterton Dr Charleston SC 29414
Phone: 843-518-7271

All entries should be on the new form approved effective March 19, 2011. Please check and make sure you have the current form. Up-to-date forms are available on the SCV website. Deadline for best camp entry forms is June 15, 2012.
Note to all camps: Camps will no longer receive credit for contributions to the Museum of the Confederacy (Richmond) and any subsidy under them such as the Museum of the Confederacy -Appomattox. The MOC's exhibits have purposely refused in include the Confederate Battle Flag outside the museum. Camps wishing to contribute to a museum which will proudly honor the Confederacy and unequivocally support Confederate History are asked to redirect their contributions to the SCV's planned new Confederate Museum. Fundraising has now surpassed $400,000 and the national SCV plans to site it with the General Headquarters in Tennessee. Donations should be directed to headquarters and so noted on camp's submission forms.
Newsletter Awards: To ensure that each army has proper representation, to be entered in the newsletter competition, four (4) copies of each newsletter issued during the eligibility period must be submitted to the National Awards Committee by June 1, 2012. Eligibility period is July 2011 issue through June 2012 issue. See the Awards Manual for all details that must accompany the entry. Each member below must receive one of the sets to be judged. The fourth set is to be sent to the awards chairman which will be displayed on the SCV Awards Table setup in Murfreesboro.
David Edward Rentz
2180 Catterton Dr
Charleston SC 29414

Camp Newsletters submissions should be sent to the following and a copy to the Chairman:
John Terrell Barringer II (ANV)
Camp Newsletter/Scrapbook
2131 Agrippas Ct Eldersburg
MD 21784

Dan A McCaskill (AOT)
Camp Newsletter/Scrapbook
205 Cypress St Leland MS 38756

Chris Smith (ATM)
Camp Newsletter/Scrapbook
909 Strong Hwy El
Dorado AR 71730

They may be submitted in PDF format or sent on a CD.
Division Newsletters submissions should be sent to the following and a copy to the Chairman:

William Bushall Jr
Div Newsletter/Historical
10411 Long John Silver
Thonotasassa FL 33592

Jimmy Hill
Div Newsletter/Historical
13476 Wendy Drive
Madison AL 35757

Kyle Sims
Div Newsletter/Historical
1919 Ridgebrook Dr
Arlington TX 76015

Scrapbook and Historical Project Award: Entries for the scrapbook or historical project awards must be delivered to the awards display table not later than 5:00 PM, Thursday, July 12, 2012. No entries will be accepted after that time. Camps must arrange to pick up their entries on Saturday, prior to the dismantling of the Awards Display Table. Entries not picked up will be discarded at the end of the convention. See the Awards Manual for requirements and details for these awards. Best Website Award: SCV units interested in competing for the Best Website Award should submit their URL through the link that will be published on the national website's front page no later than June 1, 2012. Judging will be performed by experienced webmasters outside the SCV, based on generally recognized criteria for website excellence. Judging will take place at a randomly chosen time between June 10 and July 10, 2012. Individual Member Awards: Nominations for individual member awards should be submitted by the Division Commanders, along with a brief statement citing the reason the particular individual should receive the award, to Bryan Sharp, Membership Coordinator at GHQ and to Chief of Staff Chuck Rand. The membership submission form should be used for all submission. The form can be downloaded on the national website at
The lists of proposed award recipients must be submitted to GHQ no later than May 17, 2012 to allow time for review, consultation and approval by the Commander in Chief, and for the GHQ staff to prepare the awards and include the names in the professionally printed Awards Luncheon Booklet. - see this link for complete information.
Nominations not at GHQ by the deadline could result in a division's award recipients not being listed in the Awards Luncheon souvenir booklet. Presentation of Awards: Awards winners will be recognized at the Awards Luncheon on Friday, July 13, 2012 or at the Saturday night banquet on July 14, 2012. Please pick up awards after the luncheon as well as those of men in your camp to take them home with you. This simple process will save the SCV hundreds of dollars of postage expense and enable the staff to process your dues and new memberships more quickly when they return to GHQ.

Friday, April 27, 2012

RELEASE: Confederate Memorial Day Celebrated Across Georgia

Sons of Confederate VeteransApril 26, 2012   


SCV logo  



(Atlanta - April 26, 2012)  Today, April 26, is the date formally set aside for the observance of Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia. For nearly 150 years, the state of Georgia has officially observed Confederate Memorial Day in memory of the nearly 100,000 Georgians who served faithfully from 1861 to 1865 in the defense of Georgia and the South in spite of overwhelming odds.
In addition to supplying a large number of the soldiers who served the South during the War Between the States, Georgia was also crucial to the Southern cause in supplying many of the key leaders of the Confederacy. Georgia statesmen who served in the Confederate government included Alexander Stephens, who served as the Vice-President of the Confederacy, and Robert Toombs, who served as Secretary of State for a short time in the Confederate cabinet. Because of its geographical location, Georgia also was a pivotal state in the supply and defense of the South; and, because of this, was the victim of Sherman's ruthless "March to the Sea" in which thousands of civilians were murdered and their homes burned to the ground as part of the federal "scorched earth" policy in Georgia. Still, despite lack of proper food, clothing, medicine, and even military supplies, the Southern soldier fought valiantly in defense of his family, his Christian religion, and the traditional agrarian culture of the South for four long years.
This year's Confederate Memorial Day falls within the Sesquicentennial commemoration of the War which was going on exactly 150 years ago. In keeping with the annual observance of the holiday, and coupled with the anniversary of the War, special events and ceremonies are planned all across the state of Georgia on Thursday and this coming weekend. The Sons of Confederate Veterans, formed in 1896 by the real sons of Southern veterans, stands today as the organization charged with commemorating the role of the Southern soldier in the War for Southern Independence and honoring his memory. Georgia Division Commander Jack Bridwell stated, "During the Sesquicentennial, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to educate the public about the real reasons for which the Southern soldier sacrificed so much and to remember his heroic valor in the face of the most adverse circumstances. We are excited about the numerous Confederate Memorial Day ceremonies that are planned all across the state this week." Anyone interested in learning about Confederate Memorial Day events nearby are encouraged to contact the Georgia Division of the SCV through their website at or by calling 1-866-SCV-in-GA.
Ray McBerry Enterprises is the public relations firm for the Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. 
Ray McBerry Enterprises

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fw: Two News Articles From Our Saturday Adventure!!

A couple of Articles from our Saturday Event.


Trooper Bob Capps
Great articles in the Nevada Daily Mail today about the monument dedication and Carol Bohl ( —you might want to forward them to the other guys. I can send you hard copies if you want. Something to read while convalescing.
Will Tollerton
Bushwhacker Museum Coordinator
Vernon County Historical Society
212 West Walnut
Nevada, MO 64772

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Video of 150th Anniversary Battle of Montevallo

I have attached 3 videos that Jason shot at Montevallo for your viewing pleasure. The wind was strong and difficult to hear because we were behind the speakers. I have attached a PDF of my presentation. I had to speak fast and be brief because Capt Bob was threatening to shoot me if I was too long...However, a little later Bob was demonstrating to a group of children and they will probably be future reenactors because he took the time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SCV Telegraph- Passing of Real Son Mr. Arthur John, 106 year

Sons of Confederate Veterans
                                 SCV  Telegraph

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the world, lost its oldest living "Real Son" of a Confederate veteran yesterday with the death of Mr. Arthur John, 106 year old son of Joseph John, 1st Sergeant, Company "K", 54th Virginia Infantry Regiment.
Mr. John was a 'Life Member' and Historian of the 'William Kenyon Australasian Confederates', Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 2160 in Australia.
Sadly, after a long and eventful life, Arthur passed away peacefully in his sleep at 7.35 am Tuesday Australian time. Mr. Arthur John was also an Australian WWII veteran in his own right, being a Major in the Australian Defence Force; in charge of the re-education of  Japanese civilians in Japan, under General Douglass McArthur, after the wars end.
Many thanks has been extended to all those SCV members who were in contact with Mr. John during his last few years, sending their prayers and good wishes; by his family and son-in-law Mr. Stanley McGeagh of Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia.
His funeral will take place at W. D. Rose funeral home at 221 Charman Rd, Cheltenham, Vic 3192 on May 1, 2012 at 2 PM..
Condolences can be sent to the family by email through his son-in-law, Mr. Stanley McGeagh at

Preservation News April 2012

Civil War Trust

Preservation News - April 2012

Shiloh Animated Map

For the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh, we have released our newest animated map — the Shiloh Animated Map. Check out this new presentation and learn more about this important 1862 Civil War battle in Tennessee. And after watching this presentation please consider supporting our new campaign to save 491 acres of the Shiloh battlefield.

From Our President

Jim Lighthizer Photo
April 2012
Dear Civil War Preservationist,
For the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh, I had the honor to accompany Board members John Nau, Mike Grainger, and Trace Adkins to the Shiloh Battlefield. During the press conference we were able to sign the deed that will transfer 167 acres of battlefield land held by the Civil War Trust to the Shiloh National Military Park. I can think of no better way to honor the great sacrifices of the soldiers who fought and died at Shiloh than by saving the very ground where they met in combat.
Before returning to our offices in Washington DC., I also had the chance to stop by the 491 acre tract that we are now working to save at Shiloh. What a magnificent and historic piece of ground. This is a must have piece of land, my friends. And when we save this ground, with your help, the Civil War Trust will have saved more than 1,000 acres of battlefield land at Shiloh. How about that!
- Jim Lighthizer, Civil War Trust President

Saving 491 Acres at Shiloh

Save Shiloh For the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh, you and I have an once-in-a-lifetime chance to save 491 acres of battlefield at Shiloh. A $5 to $1 match will greatly magnify the giving power of every dollar donated.

Photos: Shiloh 150th Events

Shiloh 150th Event President Jim Lighthizer and Civil War Trust Board Members John Nau and Trace Adkins announced the transfer of 167 acres and highlighted the new opportunity to save an additional 491 acres at the battlefield.

Wilderness Gateway Study

Wilderness Gateway Study After more than a year of public meetings and intense research, the Wilderness Battlefield Coalition has announced the findings of its study of the Wilderness Battlefield gateway region, designed to offer a mutually beneficial blueprint for balancing conservation with economic development.

Spring 2012: Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground Spring 2012 Our new Spring 2012 issue of Hallowed Ground is out. Check out two of our new feature stories from this issue: Secession at Shiloh and Defiance in the Valley: Stonewall Jackson's 1862 Campaign.

2012 Teacher Institute

2012 Teacher Institute The 2012 National Teacher Institute will be held July 12-15 in Charleston, SC. If you are a K-12 educator please consider joining us for this event. Distinguished lecturers, Civil War tours, and more.

Video: Chalmers vs. Stuart at Shiloh

Chalmers vs. Stuart at Shiloh Shiloh NPS historian Stacy Allen describes the fateful struggle between James Chalmers' Mississippians and Col. David Stuart's Federals on the battlefield tract that the Civil War Trust is working to save.

Photos: Park Day 2012

Park Day 2012 Photos See our collection of photos from Park Day events throughout the country. See members and volunteers in action.

Discounts at Historic Hotels

Historic Hotels Discount Did you know that Civil War Trust members can now get 10% off best available rates at participating Historic Hotels of America? Book your stay today.

Civil War Trust Credit Card

Capital One and Civil War Trust The Civil War Trust has partnered with Capital One® Card Lab Connect to bring you our newest fundraising program, which helps you earn money to save battlefields effortlessly every day!

New Malvern Hill Page

Malvern Hill We've expanded and improved our popular Malvern Hill battlefield page. Check out all the maps, history articles, videos, photos, facts, and travel resources on the updated page.

Lead Like a General

Lead Like a General The Civil War Trust recently had the opportunity to sit down with Paul Gilbert, Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority. Mr. Gilbert has recently published a new book entitled "Lead Like a General."

April Civil War Battles

April battles Expand your knowledge of the Civil War by learning more about some of the great Civil War battles that occurred this month. Access our history articles, photos, maps, and links for the battles listed below:

Dispatches from the Front Lines

Civil War preservation news from around the country

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Help us solve the mystery of this flag

Help solve the mystery of this flag

The flag shown below is part of the collection of artifacts from the War Between The States at the Missouri State Museum.  The flag obviously represents Beauregard's Rifles, but that is all the state museum staff knows about the flag.  In their research has the know that most regiments known to be called "Beauregard's Rifles" orginated in Virginia.

Does anyone know of a C.S.A. Unit represented under this flag?  Even better question; how did it get to Missouri?

If you have ideas or answers, send them here.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fw: 150th Anniversary Battle of Montevallo

Yes the picture is Major Sam on the Bushwhacker Museum sign by the Nevada exit. It rained and rained and about 10:00AM the rain left, the sky turned blue, and it turned into a beautiful day one hour before the Montevallo Dedication began. All of you that made the journey helped to make the day special. We had the SCV Hughes and Coffee Camps and the SUV Westport and Phelps Camp and of course Elliott's Scouts was a crowd pleaser. In addition to firing a salute during the dedication we had a skirmish after the dedication.   The monument stone looked great and its not every day you are able to attend a monument dedication commemorating a 150th Anniversary. My family lived in the area and when we moved to the Bushwhacker Museum we had a Rebecca Wade Gabbert impersonator. Its not everyday you are able to meet and have your picture taken with your great great great grandmother. The presentation was really good.   Thanks again to all that were there. 
Trooper Bob Capps
150th Anniversary Battle of Montevallo
You are invited to view ROBERT's album. This album has 72 files.