Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bushwhacker Capital

Saturday morning my son, Robert and I traveled to the Bushwhacker Museum in Vernon County, Missouri. Will Tollerton, new Bushwhacker Museum Coordinator joined us and we continued to Montevallo. In front of the old Montevallo School was our most knowledgable guide Eldon Steward. Eldon is working on a monument for Montevallo and the dedication will probably take place April 14, 2012. I am sure donations for the monument would be appreciated and could be sent to Will at the Bushwhacker Museum. Most of all please consider attending the dedication in period clothes. Montevallo is about 2 hours from Lees Summit. Montevallo was burned by Iowa troops on April 14th, 1862. 
Our trip objective was to locate William "Old Man" Gabbert's farm where a battle occured and he lost 7 from his 25 man Guerrilla Command. The family home was burned but we successfully located the spring well on the property close to Montevallo/Bellamy. We then proceeded to Dunnegan Cemetery where the Mayfield and Gabbert girls took the 7 guerrillas to be buried. There is no marked grave there today. We had a great day and went to most places in the following link.
I have attached a few pictures which includes the Bushwhacker mural in Nevada across from the museum. Eliza Gabbert (my great great Aunt) the Lady Bushwhacker is included in the mural. Please consider a donation to the Montevallo Monument or even better plan to attend the dedication in April.
I always enjoy "Remember the Bushwhackers"  but the Lady Bushwhacker in the video clip is really a picture of my great great Aunt Eliza.

Bob Capps
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Remember Osceola!!!!! Civil War Tour At Osceola

It was a beautiful fall Saturday for the Civil War Tour of Osceola, Missouri hosted by the Colonel John T Coffee Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans. The tour included sites on private property not generally open to the public. I have included a few pictures of gun emplacements and forts cut into the rock ledges to repulse an expected attack by Union troops from Kansas. Also a few pictures of the Osceola Confederate Monument remembering the burning of Osceola and honoring the 12 men murdered by General James Lane during the raid.
We all remember Quantrill himself said his motivation for the attack on Lawrence was, "To plunder, and destroy the town in retaliation for Osceola." That was a reference to the Union's attack on Osceola in September 1861, led by Senator James H. Lane.  Many of us have family stories about the War of Northern Agression and this is one from my grandmother Thomas' Family "He kept his guns hidden in the woodpile-and must have been sorely tempted to use them the day one of Jim Lane's marauding Kansans hit his mother in the head with a stick of stovewood." 
Also pictures of the "Younger's Lookout" and the scene of the Roscoe Gunfight.  After the tour there was an excellent Southern Fish Fry at the Coffee Camp. If you enjoy history two weeks ago there was the Quantrill Tour of the Blue River area and Wallace Grove where the Reunions were held. Then this Saturday another great tour of Osceola you have a view of history in our area that is very rare.

Bob Capps