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Impressed Sable Soldiers at the Crater


On the warm morning of 30 July 1864 an enemy artillery barrage accompanied the massive explosion of a mine under Southern lines, followed by a subsequent assault.  The author below relates that "On the Confederate side men quietly sleeping were hurled into eternity, no moment of waking, reflection, or preparation, while their places were filled by the legions of invading [Northern] soldiery." The surviving American soldiers repelled the enemy, though with heavy losses.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission

"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"

"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Impressed Sable Soldiers at the Crater

"Many an old Confederate, who had drawn a nice bead on a Yankee in more than a score of battles and skirmishes, could then swear to his man, and could swear to a bayonet crimsoned when before it had served only to glitter on dress parade.  The victory was with us, but dearly had we paid for it, for every company left more than half of its numbers among the dead or wounded.

Among the Negroes captured and sent back to the lines on Monday morning to assist in burying the dead was one who could scarcely speak English.  But in a conversation with the writer, in broken English, he told me that he was born in the West Indies, came to New York on a Spanish ship, got leave of absence to go on shore, got drunk, and when he recovered consciousness he was well on his way to Virginia, snugly buttoned up in a blue uniform and cooped up with a number of his race similarly conditioned.  

He lamented his fate in piteous tones, mingling English and Spanish in due proportion, and with the most emphatic language he declared that if he ever got out of this scrape the American Negro could work out his freedom without hope or expectation of further help from him."

(Sgt. Thomas H. Cross, 16th Virginia Regiment; Philadelphia Weekly Times 5, No. 29, September 10, 1881; New Annals of the Civil War, Cozzins/Girardi, editors, Stackpole Books, 2004,  pp. 392-393)

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Northern Degradation of the Free Negro


Despite a fanatical urge to free the black man from the slavery inherited from the British colonial system, the abolitionists either did not want the free black in the North, or treated them with disdain if they lived among them.    Author J.C. Myers wrote in 1849 that the fanatic New England abolitionists were so perfectly mad on the subject of slavery that their whole soul was filled with burning gall, and they were ever seeking an opportunity to "spit . . . venom on the South, for the purpose of withering down her institutions, even at the very hazard of shivering into fragments, our glorious Union."

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission

"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"

"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Northern Degradation of the Free Negro

"All the social advantages, all the respectable employments, all the honors, and even the pleasures of life are denied free Negroes of the North, by pious Abolitionists full of sympathy for the downtrodden African," Parson Brownlow told his Philadelphia audience in 1858.

Daniel R. Hunley . . . [heard] Henry Ward Beecher describe the condition of free Negroes more graphically and authoritatively than any Southerner could have done: "They are refused the common rights of citizenship which the [Northern] whites enjoy . . . They are snuffed at even in the House of God, or tolerated with ill-disguised disgust . . . We heap upon them moral obloquy more atrocious than that which the master heaps upon the slave."

In 1828 a Southern visitor to New York was served "by an intelligent young man of colour" who indicated that he was seriously considering returning South to his master who had taken him and his wife North to manumit them.   He had rejected the idea of going to Liberia, because the reports from there were that it was "the most miserable place in the world. I had rather remain here."

When the white man then pointed out that if he returned South he could not know into whose hands he might fall in the event of his master's death, he replied that he would prefer to take that chance than to remain where he was.

When a former slave went to Cincinnati to live, his difficulties were numerous; and when there were no work opportunities, he was accused of stealing. In his plea of guilty, he made a statement that . . . "Since I came here," he said, "I have been kicked about and abused by all classes of white men; can't get work from no one; and to borrow money . . . that is out of the question."

He concluded by saying that as soon as he served his time on the chain gang he would return South and become a slave."

(A Southern Odyssey, Travelers in the Antebellum North, John Hope Franklin, LSU Press, 1976, pp. 151-152)

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115th Anniversary of Supporting our Confederate Veterans
Lest we forget.”
WHEN - Saturday, June 7, 2014four days after Jefferson Davis’ Birthday. Let’s make the old Veterans proud! 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Please bring your own lunch. You will need to eat a little earlier than usual. Lightning, fierce rain or a tornado will be the only reasons to move into the Chapel.

WHAT - The annual Missouri Confederate Memorial Day observance, with emphasis on the 800 souls who are buried in the Confederate Memorial State Historical Site. This year we will also be emphasizing the150th Anniversary of many Civil War battles including Price’s Raid.

WHERE - Just north of Higginsville, MO at the Confederate Memorial State Historical Site. From I-70 go north on 13 Hwy, through Higginsville to AA and turn right (east). This site is under the control of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Allow extra time to see the new 

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2014 Coffee Camp Heritage Dinner

This year’s dinner will be our 14th.  It will be held on 12 April 2014 at the Assembly of God Church in Osceola (where we have had it for the past many years.)
Our guest speaker will be Tom Rafiner.  Tom will be speaking about Order #11 and some of the families affected by it.
Reservations must be made to Camp Adjutant
Willie Lawler
701 E Hwy 7
Clinton, Missouri 64735
Phone # 660-477-3683
We will have many items for drawings.  To name just a few—a Rossi 12 gauge shotgun with a matching interchangeable black powder barrel and carry case; 4 Flag themed lap blankets which were hand-quilted.
Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  The Gov. Jackson Chapter of the MOS&B will be handling the drawings.
The dinner is RSVP so make sure you reserve your seat with Willie.  The deadline for making reservations is 5 April. The cost is $16.00 per plate.
Fellowship starts at 5PM with the dinner at 6PM and the program right after.

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Creating a More Perfect Union

The Confederate Constitution represented an important effort to better incorporate sovereign State principles into the organic law, and repair the failings of the original document.  The Confederate preamble omitted the "general welfare" clause "which had been used to add imperial powers to the United States Constitution," and it referred very pointedly to sovereign and independent States. 

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission

"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"

"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Creating a More Perfect Union

"Jabez Curry was a deputy from Alabama to the Convention of the Seceded States which met at Montgomery on February 4, 1861.  [Jefferson] Davis said: "The Constitution formed by our Fathers is that of the Confederate States, in their exposition of it; and in the judicious construction it has received we have a light which reveals its true meaning."

Curry participated in the creation of this fundamental document.  He said the Constitution was an object of veneration.  Attachment to it was akin to idolatry.  Curry noted, with great pride, that the United States Constitution was the work of Southern statesmen, adding that "the Federal government, the creature of the Constitution, had been shaped and administered for years, by Southern men."

In the deliberations to create a permanent Confederate Constitution, the convention looked to the history of the United States to find the weaknesses and failings of the original.  Alexander Stephens said of the men who put this new instrument together: "They were men of substance, of solid character, or moral worth, versed in the principles and practices of government, and some of them were amongst the first men of the continent."

Curry emphatically claimed that the Confederacy was not dissatisfied with the United States Constitution, only with its administration; and its avowed purpose was to restore its integrity and secure its faithful observance with a goal of taking away from the majority in Congress unlimited power.  He described how this was achieved:

"Every possible infringement upon popular liberty, or upon State rights, every oppressive or sectional use of the taxing power, was carefully guarded against, and civil service reform was made easy and practicable.  Stubborn and corrupting controversies about tariffs, post offices, improvements of rivers and harbors, subsidies, extra pay, were avoided.  The taxing power was placed under salutary restrictions.

Responsibility was more clearly fixed.  Money in the treasury was protected against purchasable majorities and wicked combinations.  Adequate powers for a frugal and just administration were granted to the General Government. The States maintained their autonomy, and were not reduced to petty corporations, or counties, or dependencies.

The study of the Confederate Constitution would be useful at present, as there was never a time when the need for restrictions and guarantees against irresponsible power was more urgent.  The public mind has been schooled  against any assertion of State rights or of constitutional limitations, and taught to look with aversion and ridicule upon any serious attempt to set up the ancient landmarks."

The Provisional Constitution was no mere interim makeshift document. It represented a serious effort to incorporate Southern State rights principles into organic law." 

(Destroying the Republic, Jabez Curry and the Re-Education of the South, John Chodes, Algora Publishing, 2005, pp. 32-33)

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Lee's Serenity of Superhuman Intelligence

The Duke of Wellington is reported to have said that "a man of refined Christian sensibilities is totally unfit for the profession of a soldier," though two devoted Christians, Lee and Jackson faithfully performed their soldierly duties to near-perfection against tremendous odds.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission

"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"

"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Lee's Serenity of Superhuman Intelligence

"On the Confederate side, the force operating at Chancellorsville consisted of McLaw's and Anderson's divisions of Longstreet's corps (Hood's and Pickett's divisions of that corps, under Longstreet, were in the vicinity of Suffolk, on the south side of the James river), and Jackson's corps, of A.P. Hill's, [Jubal] Early's, D.H. Hill's under [General Robert] Rodes, and [General Isaac] Trimble's under [General Raleigh E.] Colston, and two brigades of cavalry under W.H.F. Lee and Fitzhugh Lee.

Present, then, we find six infantry divisions or twenty-eight brigades, and the cavalry brigades of nine regiments.  The official return of the Army of Northern Virginia nearest to the battle extant – viz: 31st March 1863 . . . you have present at Chancellorsville a Confederate total on 53,303, with some 170 pieces of artillery.

Now let us see what 133,708 fighting men in blue did with 53,303 "boys in gray."

It will be demonstrated that "the finest army on the planet" as Hooker termed it, "was like the waves of the ocean driven upon the beach by some unseen force, and whose white crests we so soon broken into glittering jewels on the sand."

[Three of Hooker's] corps were to constitute the left wing of the army – were to hold and amuse General Lee and prevent him from observing the great flank movement of the right wing, and to pursue him, when maneuvered out of his entrenchments, by the approaching hosts on his left-rear.  Hooker's original left wing was about equal in numbers to General Lee's whole army, and his right wing, or marching column, of four infantry corps and one cavalry corps [57,414], would represent his numerical advantage in strength.

The Confederate commander knew a movement was in progress.  With the serenity of almost superhuman intelligence he waited for it to be developed before his plans were laid to counteract it, for he remembered the maxim of the great Napoleon, that when your enemy is making a mistake he must not be interrupted.

General Lee was to keep 14,000 men in front of Hooker's 73,124 while Jackson moved around his right flank with 26,000. [Upon personally viewing the exposed and undefended enemy flank, Jackson's] eyes burned with a brilliant glow, lighting up his sad face. His expression was one of intense interest, his face was colored slightly with the paint of approaching battle, and radiant at the success of his flanking movement.

From what I have read and heard of Jackson since that day, I know now what he was doing then. Oh! "beware of rashness," General Hooker.  Stonewall Jackson is praying in full view of your right flank!"

(Chancellorsville – Address of General Fitzhugh Lee, Southern Historical Papers, Volume VII, 1879, pp. 558-560; 570-572)


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Professional Historians

Reading the above hyperlinked article consisting  of impure ordure concerning JOHN BROWN, the great American hero — a historical work spewed forth from the brain of a PROFESSIONAL HISTORIAN-  should make any homo sapien ( still capable of independent thinking)  wish to shut down Higher Education, or at least eliminate the University level History department.  The prevalence of such professional venom as spat out by Dr, Paul Finkleman  and aimed at our South is also attested to by last week's take over of the Confederate Museum in Richmond, Virginia.  That institution which was created by Confederates for the purpose of holding safe and spreading Confederate truth, will now be renamed and the NAACP and perhaps the Anti Poverty rich folks will be graciously welcomed into it.  The emphasis, of course, will be transformed so that, like the tax paid for Public Parks programs, the NO LONGER CONFEDERATE museum will spread the Victors' hottest, politically correct,  regurgitated lies that the South fought the War in order to keep poor, cruelly mistreated black folks in forever slavery—that only the South (in all the world) ever had slaves—the "NOBLE" North, did not.--that Lincoln never was behind any deal offering Southerners the rights to hold slaves forever--as an amendment ratified by some northern states, including Pennsylvania, but still awaiting the rest of the states'  ratification.

The idea of the Museum's controllers behind all this seems to be:  How dare these new Red Necked History Revisionists say otherwise? How dare they say the War was not fought by them to keep slavery and not fought by the North to free it?  How dare they say we lie? How dare they call us Yankees?

To prove the validity of the charge that Americans are brainwashed by the victors of that War of Northern Aggression, also called THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES and The War between American Nations, the Curator and members of the "NO LONG CONFEDERATE Museum"  have chosen their MAN OF THE YEAR— and surprise! Their hero is none other than WILLIAM T. SHERMAN.

HOW PERFECT!  I hear people are taking bets that next year—the members of the NO LONGER CONFEDERATE museum will choose as Man of the Year either KARL MARX or EDWIN STANTON or maybe their choice will be MEPHISTOPHELES.  It could be that those three are the "No Longer Confederate" Museum's Holy Trinity.

My Georgia relatives will no doubt shudder and march on Virginia once this information reaches them. One can only wonder just how many Confederate descendants are heretics wrapped up in this revolting Confederate Museum heresy.

It is easy to understand why the professors and Museum curators and Museum members reared in the north are preordained to support the Victors' Claims as truths, but why are our  born in the South  history majors in Southern Universities so easily brainwashed that they inhale and then crank out  the same slop splashed over them by similarly  brainwashed professors?

That, of course, is a rhetorical question.  We all know the answer—and its origin is to be found waaaay back in time during something the Marxists named "Reconstruction"--when the schools (Southern schools first) were taken over in perfect adherence to the very plan published in the 1848  COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.

Yes, in the "Communist Bible," that is in The Communist Manifesto there are TEN COMMANDMENTS. (Some atheist was not ignorant of the Old Testament!)   One of the Manifesto's  "commandments order the taking of 'REBELS'" property (to redistribute. ) The takeover of the brains of the future voters of America is also commanded.  That take over to occur while those brains are contained in the little heads of little children. How could this be done? It could only be accomplished while the little ones were held as members of captive audiences in public schools financed by tax payers- who themselves were enslaved by the tax system advocated in the Manifesto—a progressive Income tax system!

People even today who refused to pay the Marx decreed taxes,  lose  their everything and even are incarcerated.  If the citizen resists when the government comes to take away his property, he can be legally murdered (but who dares call it murder?)   Ah!  Marxism in action.

Think the government does not control your child's mind?  Think again. Think "No Child Left Behind" not the work of all-powerful central government?  Think the new Bill Gates- United Nations curriculum (for kids from preschool through High School) is not a stinking doozy supported by all-powerful central government—and something right out of the pens of Marx and Engels?

Think for a change.  Really think!  It is difficult, but, with enough bull dog determination, it still can be done. If nothing else think about our forever Communist taxes— which are the means of "looting" each one of us.  From each according to his ability to each according to his need— is the slogan of the Communists.  In the progressive tax situation, the money, however, that goes—fill the "need" of the politicians to pocket some themselves and give to Africa and the middle East – including Israel- and Israel's enemies.  Much of it becomes Muslim money.   America continues to teach the world "democracy" because the dumbed down American public is unaware that the transformation of our American Republic into a "democracy" was the goal of the Communists beginning with the very ones who hired Marx and Engels to write their Communist Manifesto.

Remember that the U.S. government could not find guilty and imprison Al Capone for murders, so they sentenced him to prison for what?  Tax Evasion!

Evidently no medicine was provided in prison to halt Capone's disease of syphilis, so he was executed by disease. Murdering folks, it seems is not merely as illegal or apt to get one imprisoned, or dead--- as is not paying one's taxes.

Joan Hough

Sunday, March 23, 2014

If the South Had Won Gettysburg


The passage below is taken from a novel, though one based upon common sense and the historical realities of North and South.  The "Jim Crow" laws did indeed have their basis in the North: New York in the 1820s dealt with the threat of a black swing vote by raising property qualifications for black voters; and the author aptly describes a "lost cause" myth which would have developed in the postwar North to glorify its defeat, and find a convenient scapegoat.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission

"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"

"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

If the South Had Won Gettysburg

"Southerners were appalled, as well as perplexed, at the growing problems of discrimination and segregation in the North.  That the North would have fought for the freedom of the black man, then turn around and display animosity at him for moving into the North and expressing his newly-found freedoms, seemed hypocrisy at its worst to the average citizen of the Confederacy.

The turn of the century brought to the United States what became known as the "Jim Crow" laws, named after a traditional song and dance, ironically of the South. Contemporary Southern social analysts have blamed the animosities felt in the North against the former slaves and sons and daughters of formers slaves, on several things.

First, there was the idea in the north that the Civil War had, in essence been a "black man's war" in which hundreds of thousands of northern boys had sacrificed life and limb for the emancipation of the black man.  The immediate woes that beset the United States after the war ended in defeat for the North needed some focal point, and the poor, uneducated former slave – the stranger to Northerners – became the convenient scapegoat.

In addition, the freeing of slaves flooded the job market in the North with workers who were willing to work for "slave wages" – much less than the ex-Union soldiers, also looking for jobs at the end of the war in 1863.  Many veterans were fired from jobs and replaced with ex-slaves.  The results were riots all over the North over nearly a decade.

The Southerner's more lenient attitudes toward black people stemmed from generations of living with blacks, growing up with them, working beside them in the fields, and later, in the factories.  Most Southerners would have  admitted, even during the War between the States that they had always felt an uneasiness – a guilt, even – in seeing blacks held in servitude as slaves.

The stories of mistreatment and whippings had always been regarded in the South as ludicrous, pre-war propaganda by Abolitionists who had never seen a black man or woman.  Certainly there were instances of a cruel overseer who applied punishment a little too often, but slaves in the old South had been considered property – and expensive property, as well – and were to be treated like an item of value.  As one Southern social historian put it, you wouldn't take a sledge-hammer to your brand new, expensive horseless carriage the first time it didn't run; you would find out why it wasn't working and fix it.

Southerners saw black men and women grow up, fall in love, marry, give birth, laugh, cry, and mourn the deaths of family members. There was something wrong here, many felt.  These black people were not really property, like a plow or a horseless carriage.  Under the skin, though many a Southerner, we are a very much alike.

It had to be a terrible moral burden, a society-wide, sublimated guilt about slavery that, once the war was over and the name-calling by Abolitionists had ended, could finally be seen in its true light, and was dealt with swiftly by the hurried measures to free the blacks from bondage.  To the average Southerner, blacks were not only property, but people too.  To the Northerners, blacks were first a symbol, then a threat."

If the South Had Won Gettysburg, Mark Nesbitt, Thomas Publications, 1980, pp. 88-89)

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S.D. Lee Institute was the place for the introduction of Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and All the Fixins

The first news I got of Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and All the Fixins being introduced to some of the most influential Southern thinkers living today was from Donnie Kennedy when he told me my book was available at the most recent meeting of the S.D. Lee Institute.

I was surprised.

But, it was a pleasant surprise.

You see Southern Fried Ramblings is about the modern South.  It is NOT a Civil War history.

Southern Fried Ramblings is an honest attempt to talk about the issues which face the modern South. those issues mirror what is occurring in the United States as a nation.

I accept that I was thrown out of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  I accept that I was not friendly enough.  I accept that I would not be silenced about the political purpose of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  You see I believe in the Charge.  I believe the Sons of Confederate Veterans WAS NOT instituted to make sure that schools  taught honest American history.  I believe the Sons of Confederate Veterans WAS NOT instituted to make sure there are re-enactments or parades.

I believe the Sons of Confederate Veterans was created to VINDICATE the Cause.  My understanding of the word  VINDICATE is to continue the struggle for:

a. States Rights
b. Christianity as the moral center of the nation
c. Liberty and the protections of the Bill of Rights
d. the original Constitution, and the checks and balances which include States vs. the central government, and the internal checks and balances within the Constitution itself.

I believe the war was as a result of President Lincoln's refusal to allow peaceful, legal secession.  And I believe that the right of Secession is fundamental to the heart of the Constitution.  The compromises made at the Constitutional Convention were made in order to unify the 13 separate nations under a second confederation that had more power than the original under the Articles of Confederation.

I submit to you, leaders of the Sons of Confederate Veterans that what you presently witness in America is because the heirs of the Cause failed to do their job!  We, including me, failed to live to the standards of self - sacrifice and devotion that our ancestors did in the first and second revolutions.  I call the War for Southern independence a revolution because it would change the existing Union by forcing them to accept secession as a right of the states.

I accept my exile from the SCV because it has liberated me from the censorship within the organization and freed me from the internal infighting that has been the best weapon of the South's enemies, and Liberty's enemies in that it absorbs the energy of the tens of thousands of patriots within the organization.

I encourage all to consider purchasing and reading Southern Fried Ramblings.  It is an attempt to codify the Southern movement in its present state.  And it is an attempt to illustrate the vital importance of the Olde South to current events.  I am your obedient Servant,

Look around, could you create a political situation in the United States more suited to the lessons of 1861-1865, and more importantly the years preceding when politics could have provided an answer that avoided the tragic war.  As the inheritors of the history your voice is important to America today.

God Bless the South,

Mark Vogl

Friday, March 21, 2014

At an AOT Heritage Defense meeting this week we learned…

At an AOT Heritage Defense meeting this week we learned…
Lakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Alabama has been bought by a Pennsylvania company, which no longer allows the Confederate flag to fly over our dead.
There is a flagpole close to the monument that has always had a Confederate Flag flying. It honors those who died at the Battle of Moses Hill.
The salesman a Mr. Williams said a lady representing the owners, told the local cemetery to take down the flag, it was not acceptable.
***I would suggest you let them know how you feel, or you can just go ahead and let them trample all over our heritage.
They cannot be allowed to continue this discrimination.
Lakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery
3800 Hwy 431 N (334) 298-0225
Phoenix City, AL
StoneMor Partners LTD. of:
311 Veterans Highway Suite B Levittown, PA 19056
Lawrence (Larry) Miller, CEO
They own 277 Cemeteries & 92 Funeral homes in 28 states.
List of states and cemeteries:

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"A REBEL BORN": THE MOVIE - Sea Raven Press is happy to announce that our author, Southern historian and acclaimed screenwriter Lochlainn Seabrook, has just signed on with renowned Southern filmmaker Christopher Forbes to bring Lochlainn's screenplay "A Rebel Born" to the big screen. Based on Lochlainn's popular award-winning biography "A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest," this promises to be the most provocative, historically accurate, and most talked about American Civil War film of all time: Lincoln's War as seen through the eyes of the South! If you're fed up with Hollywood's inaccurate, slanderous, anti-South movies, and want to finally see the Confederacy portrayed honestly, correctly, and sympathetically, please lend us your support. We're looking for actors, reenactors, investors, distributors, etc. If you're interested in participating in or supporting this truly important historic project, please contact us. And be sure and visit our "A Rebel Born" Facebook page and like us: SEA RAVEN PRESS: restoring Dixie's honor, defending traditional Southern culture, preserving authentic Confederate history.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tired of hearing that the Confederacy could not win the War for Southern Independence?

New pro-CSA book published


Tired of hearing that the Confederacy could not win the War for Southern Independence? Or that, had Stonewall Jackson lived, "he could not have taken Cemetery Hill either?"

But what if there was no Cemetery Hill?   A new alternative history novel, "Stars and Bars Over Philadelphia,"(Paperback, 359 pages) advances a case for the Confederate States of America winning the War for Southern Independence in the summer of 1863!  Lee and Jackson win through audacity and military genius – there is no need for magical time machines and 20th century weaponry!

Based on historical documents, we now know that Stonewall Jackson had advocated…as early as Oct. 1861…an invasion of Pennsylvania that included destruction of the coal mines and the capture of Philadelphia, then the fourth largest city in the world and a huge cog in the North's industrial capacity to wage war.  This is the campaign that would have played out in the invasion of Pennsylvania in 1863.  This novel is a realistic look at how Jackson's plans could have succeeded.  A musket misfire spares Stonewall at Chancellorsville, and he and Robert E. Lee go on to carry out the invasion campaign they had carefully planned.  The battle settings and historical physical features in Eastern Pennsylvania are as they were in 1863.

Readers will enjoy such scenes as:

The surrender of the 20th Maine.

The heroism of Hancock's Charge against Pickett's Division.

Armistead seals off the breakthrough and gains Division command.

Gen. Lee debates slavery with a prominent Quaker abolitionist.

Jackson's corps destroys the coal mines with the help of the Molly Maguires.

John Mosby, the "Gray Ghost," runs wild behind enemy lines.

Battle of the Brandywine Creek on the ground where Gen. Washington fought Gen. Howe.

Custer and Hampton clash at Valley Forge.

A mentally unhinged Lincoln has Meade decimate his Army of the Potomac attacking Longstreet's defenses.

Louisiana Tigers chew up Buford's flank.

Jeb Stuart runs the Stars and Bars up on Independence Hall on July 4th.

Lincoln's cabinet and Northern governors turn on him to demand an armistice and peace talks.

Lee's farewell message to his victorious Army of Northern Virginia.

An Epilogue that chronicles the post-war history of the characters and the independent C.S.A.

And much, much more as the ANV's three corps steal a march on Hooker and Meade, cross the Susquehanna River, and then inflict defeat after defeat on the Army of the Potomac while laying waste the industrial capacity of eastern Pennsylvania.

Researched and written by historians David Walter and Don Ernsberger.   A 10% donation will be made to Southern Heritage News & Views for every copy sold. Autographed copies are available For $20, plus $3.50 shipping, from David Walter, Dept. SH, 937 Thorne Drive, West Chester, Pa. 19382.

David Walter

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Are you ready for Confederate History and Heritage Month 2014

Please re-post, publish, add to your webpage and get this out to everyone. Thank you!
Calvin E. Johnson, Jr., Chairman of the Confederate History Month Committee for the National and Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans 2014
Email: Calvin at:
See us daily on face book at:
Phone: 770 428 0978 or cell at: 770 330 9792

Mike Crane is both webmaster and Co-Chairman of the Confederate History Month Committee.
Email mike at: Or Phone: 706-374-2640
Members: John Black, Billy Bearden, Fred Wilhite and in memory of member Jeff Davis
Mike is also webmaster of the Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans web page at:

Are you ready for Confederate History and Heritage Month 2014?
Our month of Southern Remembrance is less than a month away.
You don't have to be a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to get the SCV Georgia specialty license tag. All license drivers in Georgia can get one. See my published letter below which has a photo of the beautiful tag and get your tag today!
Residents of Georgia are also encouraged to fly the Confederate flag. See news report at:
Dear Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Children of the Confederacy, Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution, American Veterans, Historical groups, Church groups and all who appreciate the grand heritage of the Old South that is our legacy of the men and women of the Confederate States of America "1861-1865" who stood like their Revolutionary War "1776" ancestors who fought for real freedom and independence. It was not a lost cause in 1861 and still not a lost cause today as we work to preserve the Confederate History and Heritage for our future generations of young people, all Americans and everyone around the world.
When people speak, either good or bad, about our Southern ancestors, they are speaking about our wonderful family!
There has been too much negative news about our Confederate ancestors and their blood stained battle flags of honor. Robert E. Lee whose memory was once revered in both the North and South has even now come under new unwarranted and ugly attacks. See example of recent article about a possible removal of portraits of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson at:

It's time to educate and even re-introduce the American people and the world, especially the young folks, about the Black, White, Hispanic, Jewish, Native American and all who nobly defended their homes and firesides during the Yankee invasion of the South during the War for Southern Independence, 1861-1865.
The Confederate History and Heritage Month committee is ready now for April 1-30, 2014 and all year when we will celebrate Confederate History and Heritage Month. As we remember General's Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in January, we endeavor to gear up now for Confederate History remembrance for 2014 and continue through Robert E. Lee's birthday on January 19, 2015 and beyond that with tireless efforts for Dixie's land.
This year the Confederate History Month committee is offering you two brochures, one on General Robert E. Lee and another on Confederate History Month. These are eight pages that can be down loaded on a CD disk and taken to a print shop to make as many copies as you like and hand out to everyone. The pages are numbered and can be folded 5 ½ by 8 ½ and stapled 2 times in the middle. Let us know what you think. Email me at: and I will send you an attachment of the brochures.
We have been on Facebook since 2011 and have had almost 3,000 likes. Let's make it 3 million. Go to: to see what's going on.  Also please sign up for updates at our Confederate History and Heritage Month web page at:
If you would like to receive a weekly update on Proclamations, events and Memorial Services posted on the website, just enter your eMail address and click the Signup button.
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I ask everyone to serve your Confederate History Month committee as Ambassador of good will and spread the good word about the April's Month of Southern Remembrance.
Let's get all Mayors, County Commissioners and Governors to sign proclamations for Confederate History and Heritage Month and sponsor many memorial events throughout April.
Also, ask you TV, radio and newspaper to do daily Confederate History Month minutes. See examples you can use at:
What a great educational chance we have with the Sesquicentennial 150th Anniversary of the War Between the States continuing this year and Confederate History and Heritage Month in April. Deo Vindice!
God bless Dixie!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Remembrance Ceremony at the Pleasant Grove Cemetery

I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in helping out with a Remembrance Ceremony at the Pleasant Grove Cemetery (outside of Camden Point, Missouri) on June 28 (Saturday) at 2:00 in the afternoon. As some of you may or may not know, there was a small battle fought here in the summer of 1864. It’s said that around 15 Confederate men were killed in this engagement (some of them may have been sympathizers in Camden Point). Six of these soldiers are buried at Pleasant Grove with one of the oldest Confederate Memorial Stones west of the Mississippi located here (placed in 1871).
What I would  like to do is have a half hour to one hour ceremony with someone representing the SCV for speeches, prayer, a hymn, and a color-guard (with a gun salute). I would also like to discuss the recognition of the other veterans who are buried in the nearby Camden Point cemetery by having small flags placed by their graves. A handout could be provided so that attendees could walk the short distance from Pleasant Grove cemetery to Camden Point cemetery to view the graves. If possible, a cannon might also be nice to fire (such as at the Handley event). Also, I was curious about the replica “Protect Missouri” flag (Camden Point’s battle flag) that Key Camp has, and wondering if they would be willing to have this on hand as part of the ceremony?
There is also opportunity to be in the town parade that afternoon, which is at 5:00 (line-up will be around 4:30 at the school). If anyone would like to bring a car, wear uniforms,or walk with an SCV banner or flags, that would be excellent. I’m planning on walking in period attire with a Missouri battle flag. This would be an great avenue to advertise for the SCV and honor the many Confederates who are at rest in this area. Additionally, there will be space for a booth – for a small fee of around 30 dollars - at the Freedom Festival after the parade (which is located in the town park).
This would be covered by local media, and would be attended by local people. It’s also on the agenda as part of Platte County’s 175th line-up of events. So there is potential for a fairly large crowd. If anyone knows of folks (such as JM Herman) who would like to come and pass out small flags or have items for sale, that would be fantastic too. I have been working with the Freedom Festival committee, local media, the 175th committee, and local reenactors for the event.
I am hoping to be able to come by and talk with Key Camp and Hughes camp about the event. The more SCV folks we could get to come out for this important marker in the northern part of Little Dixie, the better! Platte County really had a tough time of it in the war. Our county seat was burned twice (including our courthouse the second time around), and many folks were shot on their doorsteps or along the roads for their beliefs – thus the importance in continuing to honor, recognize and educate as to our history.
Please let me know if you have any questions. If you think it appropriate to forward this on to anyone who would be interested in helping or participating, please do so.
Thank you,
Matthew Silber

Sunday, March 16, 2014


May God forgive these "Confederate?" Museum enemies of truth for I never will!  --Unless somehow I learn they confessed their sins and begged God for redemption because they see the light and acknowledge that THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT!
The members of all Confederate organizations that fail to burn in effigy Sherman and the Museum Trustees (who sold this idea in the first place) are traitors in the fight for the retelling of Confederate and American truths!  Because our Confederate organizations are all such LOYAL Southerners—so utterly determined to publicize our Southern truths, I know we can expect to see Southern skies soon bright with Southern fires! (Yeah, sure!) 
What kind of monsters are people who become so enamored with Sherman?  How can intelligent folks worship a mass murderer?  How can they justify the actions of man who kidnapped thousands of helpless women and children in Georgia and shipped many of them as far away as Chicago (those who survived) where they were sold as white slaves?  -- Never to find their homes and loved ones again.  How can they adore a man who puts so many of the right out of the Communist Manifesto planks into actual being?  How can they honor a Yankee monster whose Radical Republican Senator brother voted to torture helpless Confederate soldier boys held in Yankee prisons? 
This Sherman, this megalomaniac, whose burnings of homes in cities and countryside where not a single Confederate soldier was! Sherman was the man who forced into death by exposure and/or starvation thousands of women and children of both races.  Sherman was a man whose bombing of cities (unmanned by a single Confederate soldier) left the streets full of dead women =-=some with babies at their breasts.  Sherman was a sadistic, atheistic monster whose actions are now heralded by people who vote him "wonderful." They know he set the pattern for all the real horrors of war against civilians the United States has participated in since the time of those illegal, treasonous invasions of legally seceded Southern states by a Marxist controlled U.S. government.
If the voters at this museum are Southerners, we must now declare them all traitors. for they are enemies of truth. With their actions and words they have insulted and defiled the names of their Southern ancestors.
If all who claim to love their Southern family members, their Confederates, are not offended by this latest exhibition of hate by those folks who voted Sherman, Man of the Year, as a direct insult to our ancestors and to us and to TRUTH ITSELF, then let these the Cowards in the Fight, wind up in China—for they belong there right along with the insulting Museum voters.
As for me I'm making me a little straw Sherman and will gather about me a few friends with sense.  We will see Mr. Sherman go where he belongs---up in smoke.  The date of that happening will be March 4th, 2014.  Had I the names of the Museum voters, I'd add little slips of papers containing those names to the pretty fire.
Yes, my cup runneth over---with anger at the enemies of truth.  They have become, by their actions and their stupidity, my enemies.
Alas, I know not their names and I am unable to visit their museum.  Oh if only I could—and stand before it with my father's flag.

No Enemies
By Charles Mackay
(English Chartist poet, 1814–1889)

YOU have no enemies, you say?
  Alas! my friend, the boast is poor;
He who has mingled in the fray
  Of duty, that the brave endure,
Must have made foes! If you have none,        
Small is the work that you have done.
You've hit no traitor on the hip,
You've dashed no cup from perjured lip,
You've never turned the wrong to right,
You've been a coward in the fight.

By Joan Hough
(Unreconstructed Confederate Defendant & Proud of it)
Finding the pathway to truth narrow,
Lined with the sharpest of knives,
And with plants exuding the most noxious of fumes,
We, sensibly protect our fragile skins
And spare our olfactory sense
By following the wider path that lies
Just a bit to the left.
Lined with soft maiden hair and heaven-scented jasmine,
It surely will take us to the self-same destination,
We, with great wisdom, conclude,
Then later, are horrified to discover
Ourselves imprisoned somewhere in China.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Emergency at Stones River

Emergency at Stones River

Help save a crucial parcel of unprotected battlefield land at Stones River! Time is of the essence; act now on this urgent opportunity to secure a "gateway" parcel of hallowed ground that has been a preservation priority for decades.

From Our President

Jim Lighthizer Photo
February 2014
Dear Civil War Preservationist,
Have you ever had to make a spur-of-the-moment decision – a decision so important its repercussions would be felt decades, even centuries? Well, friends, that's what I was faced with in our most recent—and urgent—preservation opportunity.
Days ago, I heard from frantic friends at Stones River National Battlefield in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, that a small, but crucial, "gateway" parcel of privately owned battlefield land adjacent to the park was going to auction. This tract has been one of my top preservation priorities for decades. Knowing this could be our only opportunity to save this land and prevent it from becoming a gas station or restaurant; I decided to strike. Now I need your help to seal the deal.

There was a real threat here, but there's also a real sense of history. The Union Pioneer Brigade occupied this land just before moving south to collide with Confederate Brig. Gen. Matthew Ector's Texans. The 7th Indiana Artillery maneuvered here behind the Pioneers to provide support against the vicious Rebel threat. There are many more stories of heroism, bravery and sacrifice associated with this land, but if we don't act, it would be lost forever.

Help us save this ground, hallowed by the blood of 23,500 soldiers, to be preserved as a testament to the service and sacrifice of America's military—both then and now. Friends, I ask you to stand by me in this fight—our first opportunity at Stones River in more than 15 years.

Save Stones River! »
- Jim Lighthizer, Civil War Trust President

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