Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Professional Historians


Reading the above hyperlinked article consisting  of impure ordure concerning JOHN BROWN, the great American hero — a historical work spewed forth from the brain of a PROFESSIONAL HISTORIAN-  should make any homo sapien ( still capable of independent thinking)  wish to shut down Higher Education, or at least eliminate the University level History department.  The prevalence of such professional venom as spat out by Dr, Paul Finkleman  and aimed at our South is also attested to by last week's take over of the Confederate Museum in Richmond, Virginia.  That institution which was created by Confederates for the purpose of holding safe and spreading Confederate truth, will now be renamed and the NAACP and perhaps the Anti Poverty rich folks will be graciously welcomed into it.  The emphasis, of course, will be transformed so that, like the tax paid for Public Parks programs, the NO LONGER CONFEDERATE museum will spread the Victors' hottest, politically correct,  regurgitated lies that the South fought the War in order to keep poor, cruelly mistreated black folks in forever slavery—that only the South (in all the world) ever had slaves—the "NOBLE" North, did not.--that Lincoln never was behind any deal offering Southerners the rights to hold slaves forever--as an amendment ratified by some northern states, including Pennsylvania, but still awaiting the rest of the states'  ratification.

The idea of the Museum's controllers behind all this seems to be:  How dare these new Red Necked History Revisionists say otherwise? How dare they say the War was not fought by them to keep slavery and not fought by the North to free it?  How dare they say we lie? How dare they call us Yankees?

To prove the validity of the charge that Americans are brainwashed by the victors of that War of Northern Aggression, also called THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES and The War between American Nations, the Curator and members of the "NO LONG CONFEDERATE Museum"  have chosen their MAN OF THE YEAR— and surprise! Their hero is none other than WILLIAM T. SHERMAN.

HOW PERFECT!  I hear people are taking bets that next year—the members of the NO LONGER CONFEDERATE museum will choose as Man of the Year either KARL MARX or EDWIN STANTON or maybe their choice will be MEPHISTOPHELES.  It could be that those three are the "No Longer Confederate" Museum's Holy Trinity.

My Georgia relatives will no doubt shudder and march on Virginia once this information reaches them. One can only wonder just how many Confederate descendants are heretics wrapped up in this revolting Confederate Museum heresy.

It is easy to understand why the professors and Museum curators and Museum members reared in the north are preordained to support the Victors' Claims as truths, but why are our  born in the South  history majors in Southern Universities so easily brainwashed that they inhale and then crank out  the same slop splashed over them by similarly  brainwashed professors?

That, of course, is a rhetorical question.  We all know the answer—and its origin is to be found waaaay back in time during something the Marxists named "Reconstruction"--when the schools (Southern schools first) were taken over in perfect adherence to the very plan published in the 1848  COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.

Yes, in the "Communist Bible," that is in The Communist Manifesto there are TEN COMMANDMENTS. (Some atheist was not ignorant of the Old Testament!)   One of the Manifesto's  "commandments order the taking of 'REBELS'" property (to redistribute. ) The takeover of the brains of the future voters of America is also commanded.  That take over to occur while those brains are contained in the little heads of little children. How could this be done? It could only be accomplished while the little ones were held as members of captive audiences in public schools financed by tax payers- who themselves were enslaved by the tax system advocated in the Manifesto—a progressive Income tax system!

People even today who refused to pay the Marx decreed taxes,  lose  their everything and even are incarcerated.  If the citizen resists when the government comes to take away his property, he can be legally murdered (but who dares call it murder?)   Ah!  Marxism in action.

Think the government does not control your child's mind?  Think again. Think "No Child Left Behind" not the work of all-powerful central government?  Think the new Bill Gates- United Nations curriculum (for kids from preschool through High School) is not a stinking doozy supported by all-powerful central government—and something right out of the pens of Marx and Engels?

Think for a change.  Really think!  It is difficult, but, with enough bull dog determination, it still can be done. If nothing else think about our forever Communist taxes— which are the means of "looting" each one of us.  From each according to his ability to each according to his need— is the slogan of the Communists.  In the progressive tax situation, the money, however, that goes—fill the "need" of the politicians to pocket some themselves and give to Africa and the middle East – including Israel- and Israel's enemies.  Much of it becomes Muslim money.   America continues to teach the world "democracy" because the dumbed down American public is unaware that the transformation of our American Republic into a "democracy" was the goal of the Communists beginning with the very ones who hired Marx and Engels to write their Communist Manifesto.

Remember that the U.S. government could not find guilty and imprison Al Capone for murders, so they sentenced him to prison for what?  Tax Evasion!

Evidently no medicine was provided in prison to halt Capone's disease of syphilis, so he was executed by disease. Murdering folks, it seems is not merely as illegal or apt to get one imprisoned, or dead--- as is not paying one's taxes.

Joan Hough
From: johough@swbell.net