Monday, March 17, 2014

Remembrance Ceremony at the Pleasant Grove Cemetery

I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in helping out with a Remembrance Ceremony at the Pleasant Grove Cemetery (outside of Camden Point, Missouri) on June 28 (Saturday) at 2:00 in the afternoon. As some of you may or may not know, there was a small battle fought here in the summer of 1864. It’s said that around 15 Confederate men were killed in this engagement (some of them may have been sympathizers in Camden Point). Six of these soldiers are buried at Pleasant Grove with one of the oldest Confederate Memorial Stones west of the Mississippi located here (placed in 1871).
What I would  like to do is have a half hour to one hour ceremony with someone representing the SCV for speeches, prayer, a hymn, and a color-guard (with a gun salute). I would also like to discuss the recognition of the other veterans who are buried in the nearby Camden Point cemetery by having small flags placed by their graves. A handout could be provided so that attendees could walk the short distance from Pleasant Grove cemetery to Camden Point cemetery to view the graves. If possible, a cannon might also be nice to fire (such as at the Handley event). Also, I was curious about the replica “Protect Missouri” flag (Camden Point’s battle flag) that Key Camp has, and wondering if they would be willing to have this on hand as part of the ceremony?
There is also opportunity to be in the town parade that afternoon, which is at 5:00 (line-up will be around 4:30 at the school). If anyone would like to bring a car, wear uniforms,or walk with an SCV banner or flags, that would be excellent. I’m planning on walking in period attire with a Missouri battle flag. This would be an great avenue to advertise for the SCV and honor the many Confederates who are at rest in this area. Additionally, there will be space for a booth – for a small fee of around 30 dollars - at the Freedom Festival after the parade (which is located in the town park).
This would be covered by local media, and would be attended by local people. It’s also on the agenda as part of Platte County’s 175th line-up of events. So there is potential for a fairly large crowd. If anyone knows of folks (such as JM Herman) who would like to come and pass out small flags or have items for sale, that would be fantastic too. I have been working with the Freedom Festival committee, local media, the 175th committee, and local reenactors for the event.
I am hoping to be able to come by and talk with Key Camp and Hughes camp about the event. The more SCV folks we could get to come out for this important marker in the northern part of Little Dixie, the better! Platte County really had a tough time of it in the war. Our county seat was burned twice (including our courthouse the second time around), and many folks were shot on their doorsteps or along the roads for their beliefs – thus the importance in continuing to honor, recognize and educate as to our history.
Please let me know if you have any questions. If you think it appropriate to forward this on to anyone who would be interested in helping or participating, please do so.
Thank you,
Matthew Silber