Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tired of hearing that the Confederacy could not win the War for Southern Independence?

New pro-CSA book published


Tired of hearing that the Confederacy could not win the War for Southern Independence? Or that, had Stonewall Jackson lived, "he could not have taken Cemetery Hill either?"

But what if there was no Cemetery Hill?   A new alternative history novel, "Stars and Bars Over Philadelphia,"(Paperback, 359 pages) advances a case for the Confederate States of America winning the War for Southern Independence in the summer of 1863!  Lee and Jackson win through audacity and military genius – there is no need for magical time machines and 20th century weaponry!

Based on historical documents, we now know that Stonewall Jackson had advocated…as early as Oct. 1861…an invasion of Pennsylvania that included destruction of the coal mines and the capture of Philadelphia, then the fourth largest city in the world and a huge cog in the North's industrial capacity to wage war.  This is the campaign that would have played out in the invasion of Pennsylvania in 1863.  This novel is a realistic look at how Jackson's plans could have succeeded.  A musket misfire spares Stonewall at Chancellorsville, and he and Robert E. Lee go on to carry out the invasion campaign they had carefully planned.  The battle settings and historical physical features in Eastern Pennsylvania are as they were in 1863.

Readers will enjoy such scenes as:

The surrender of the 20th Maine.

The heroism of Hancock's Charge against Pickett's Division.

Armistead seals off the breakthrough and gains Division command.

Gen. Lee debates slavery with a prominent Quaker abolitionist.

Jackson's corps destroys the coal mines with the help of the Molly Maguires.

John Mosby, the "Gray Ghost," runs wild behind enemy lines.

Battle of the Brandywine Creek on the ground where Gen. Washington fought Gen. Howe.

Custer and Hampton clash at Valley Forge.

A mentally unhinged Lincoln has Meade decimate his Army of the Potomac attacking Longstreet's defenses.

Louisiana Tigers chew up Buford's flank.

Jeb Stuart runs the Stars and Bars up on Independence Hall on July 4th.

Lincoln's cabinet and Northern governors turn on him to demand an armistice and peace talks.

Lee's farewell message to his victorious Army of Northern Virginia.

An Epilogue that chronicles the post-war history of the characters and the independent C.S.A.

And much, much more as the ANV's three corps steal a march on Hooker and Meade, cross the Susquehanna River, and then inflict defeat after defeat on the Army of the Potomac while laying waste the industrial capacity of eastern Pennsylvania.

Researched and written by historians David Walter and Don Ernsberger.   A 10% donation will be made to Southern Heritage News & Views for every copy sold. Autographed copies are available For $20, plus $3.50 shipping, from David Walter, Dept. SH, 937 Thorne Drive, West Chester, Pa. 19382.

David Walter