Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Park Day Reminder and Museum

Greetings Everyone,
Just wanted to send a quick reminder that this Saturday is Park Day at the Battlefield & Cave Hotel.  We have a lot to do so I hope you can join us.  If you do think you'll be there, please let me know so we can get a head count for lunch.  After lunch we will be taking a tour of the Cave Hotel and I will give an update on the latest.
Also, for the Museum volunteers, I need someone to finish out Saturday (should just be a couple of hours) and someone to work on Sunday Sunday, April 1st.
Thanks!  Hope to see everyone on Saturday! 

Fw: Preservation News March 2012

Civil War Trust

Preservation News - March 2012

Save Cross Keys and Tom's Brook

Earlier this month, the Civil War Trust announced a new campaign to save 244 acres of the Cross Keys and Tom's Brook battlefields in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. Together we can save the very ground where 5,000 Confederate soldiers held off 10,500 Union troops under General John C. Fremont in June of 1862. And at Tom's Brook we can save land where West Point friends and battlefield rivals Tom Rosser and George Custer fought.

From Our President

Jim Lighthizer Photo
March 2012
Dear Civil War Preservationist,
The Cross Keys Battlefield has always had a special place in my heart. The 51-acre "Widow Pence Farm" tract was the very first battlefield property that the Trust purchased after I became president. Now, twelve years later, we have another excellent opportunity to preserve even more at Cross Keys. Coupled with our new efforts at Tom's Brook I hope that, like me, you will be motivated to take full advantage of the chance to buy 244 acres for just 1.8 cents per square foot.
Earlier this month, we concluded a great event in the Shepherdstown and Antietam region. It was great seeing so many of our Color Bearers at the 2012 Weekend event. And as I look at my calendar, I can see that our 2012 Park Day and Annual Conference in Richmond are coming soon. Both are great opportunities to support our mission and to learn more about our history. Join us!
- Jim Lighthizer, Civil War Trust President

Momentous Results at Cross Keys

Momentous Results Historian Robert K. Krick provides a detailed account of the June 8, 1862, Battle of Cross Keys, a key action during Stonewall Jackson's famous Shenandoah Valley Campaign.

Antietam Maps: Updated, Expanded

Antietam Maps Check out our new and expanded set of Antietam battle maps – in time for the upcoming 150th anniversary of this bloodiest day in the Civil War. Free registration allows you to download the maps as PDFs.

Videos: Cross Keys & Port Republic

Video: Cross Keys Robert K. Krick, the reigning authority on the Battles of Cross Keys and Port Republic, shares his account of the fighting at these important 1862 Valley Campaign battlefields.

10 Facts about Tom's Brook

10 Facts about Tom's Brook Learn more about the significance of Tom's Brook – the most decisive Union cavalry victory in the Eastern Theatre – where we now have the chance to save 161 acres.

Park Day is March 31st

Park Day Here's your chance to give back to Civil War sites across the country. 2012 Park Day will be held on Saturday, March 31. Look for participating sites near you.

Annual Conference Registration

Annual Conference Join Civil War Trust members and staff, along with some of the nation's elite historians for four days of camaraderie and Civil War touring at some of America's great Civil War battlefields in Richmond, Virginia.

Photos: Color Bearer Weekend

CB Weekend Photos See photos from our recently completed Color Bearer Weekend at Antietam and Shepherdstown. Lots of photos of our Color Bearers and staff in action.

New Gettysburg Page

Gettysburg Hub 2 Check out our new and expanded Battle of Gettysburg page, with maps, history articles, photos, facts, travel information and more.

Chancellorsville App for Android

Chancellorsville Android Our Chancellorsville Battle App is now available for us on the Android smartphone platform. Download the free App today and get ready for an in-depth tour of this remarkable 1863 battlefield.

New Bull Run Page

Bull Run Hub 2 We've expanded and improved our popular First Manassas/Bull Run battlefield page. Check out all the maps, history articles, videos, photos, facts, and travel resources on the Bull Run page.

March Civil War Battles

March battles Expand your knowledge of the Civil War by learning more about some of the great Civil War battles that occurred this month. Access our history articles, photos, maps, and links for the battles listed below:

Dispatches from the Front Lines

Civil War preservation news from around the country
Help Save America's History
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Save a Battlefield
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Become a Color Bearer: Monthly Payment Option

The Civil War Trust's Color Bearers are the true vanguard of the modern battlefield preservation movement. With our monthly payment option, it's never been easier to join the ranks.
More Details
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March 31, 2012
Park Day
Sites Nationwide
Learn More
June 7-10, 2012
2012 Annual Conference
Richmond, VA
Learn More
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UP844 Shiloh Troop Train Heading Out of Kansas City, MO

Earlier today the Union Pacific Steam Engine #844 pulled away from the loading platform with members from the Elliott's Scouts Civil War Reenactment Unit.   Find more photos on the  John Taylor Hughes facebook page.

Monday, March 26, 2012

MO Division Commander -- Thanks/Gratitude & Early Announcements

Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2012 8:04 AM
Subject: Thanks/Gratitude & Early Announcements

I would like to take this short opportunity to again thank you for your trust and to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for having me as your Division Commander for the next two years.  As mentioned before, it is truly a privilege and an honor, and a responsibility that I do not take lightly.  There is much to do in the days ahead, and the ball is already rolling so to speak.  Plans have already begun for the 2013 Missouri Division Reunion, and the Division will be kept up to date regarding same.  The date and location will be set very soon.  April is already stacking up to be a very busy month for the Missouri Division, we will be most likely chartering the Brig. General Edmund Thomas Wingo Camp on April 21, following the monument dedication for Gen. Wingo, all to take place in Salem, Missouri.  The Col. Coffee Camp's annual Confederate Heritage Dinner is also the same evening - April 21 - and that too will be an outstanding event, as the Coffee Camp has scheduled Donnie Kennedy to be the keynote speaker.
Time and location has yet to be set, but we will be having an Executive Council Meeting on May 5, most likely at Jefferson City.  The Executive Council for the Missouri Division consists of all Camp Commanders, the Brigade Commanders, the three elected Division Officers and the immediate Past Division Commander (Jim England).  More details on the Exec. Council meeting will follow soon.
Finally, I want to announce the appointment of a few key positions of the Missouri Division staff.  I am most pleased to announce that Gary Ayres has been appointed 2nd Lt. Commander of the MO Division.  Keith Daleen has been appointed Chief-of-Staff.  Ollie Sappington has been appointed Division Chaplain.  Randee Kaiser has been appointed an Aide-de-Camp (worker bee).  My sincere appreciation is extended to all of these fine Southern gentlemen for accepting these positions.  There will be more appointments to follow in the very near future.
Again, let us look forward to the challenges before us, let us understand that we have much hard work to do in continuing to defend and preserve our Confederate heritage, and let us move forward together with the knowledge that although much effort is demanded of us, that we can enjoy the Confederate fellowship and camaraderie that comes with being a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Please feel free to share this correspondence with your respective camp memberships, etc.
Confederate Regards,
Darrell Maples - Commander
Missouri Division - SCV

Friday, March 23, 2012

Message from CIC 3.23.12

 My letter to the Honorable Mr. Sam Carter, Board of Supervisors, Appomattox County, Va. You may wish to do something similar. Here is the gentlemans email address:
Dear Supervisor Carter,

I hope you are well. I wish to make you aware of some rather disturbing events that have taken place at the Museum of the Confederacy. I am the president of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We have been around since 1896 and have around 31,000 members today. My organization has been keenly interested in the Museum of the Confederacy for as long as we have been in existence. In the past the museum has been a grand defender of the Southern plight to gain self-government and has been used to tell the story of our common ancestors.
Unfortunately, lately, and under the direction of Mr. Waite Rawls, the museum has taken a turn to the north. Recently Mr. Rawls attempted an effort to rid the museum's name of the word "Confederacy." He received much resistance from the community and he reversed his efforts (for now). With the new museum in your backyard he is once again senselessly fanning the flames of discontent. It boggles the minds of many a Southerner as to why there is to be NO Confederate flag flying outside of The Museum of the Confederacy.

There is a great deal of angst over this situation and my membership, joined by many others, is incensed. I bring this matter to you today because I know of your love for your community and I hope we share a common bond with our noble past. I would like to see the Museum a success that would not only benefit the truthful history of our region but bring prosperity to your fair city. Two weeks ago, with this same motivation, I called Mr. Rawls to speak with him about these present concerns. We spent over three hours on the phone over the weekend. I know that many people will be determined to see a flag fly outside of the museum and many will make their feelings known by protesting outside of the museum. I pleaded with Mr. Rawls to take action to divert this otherwise unnecessary disruption. But he only gave me weak excuses of not even considering their requests. He told me that your office would be "furious if he put a Confederate flag outside." He told me that the Mayor would be very upset, then he told me that his investors informed him that if he did anything controversial then they would withdraw their funds. With so many stories, I don't know what to believe therefore I am to believe none of it.

Due to Mr. Rawls past views of the symbols of the Confederacy and his apparent agenda to pander to the politically-correct and the northern dollar, I lean toward the notion that it is Mr. Rawls and Mr. Rawls alone that wish for no Confederate flag to fly outside of the Museum of the Confederacy.
I could have helped resolve this problem long ago, but Mr. Rawls does not see fit to have the opinion of the largest and most respected heritage organization at their table to discuss matters so vitally important to us and our fellow Southerners.

I ask you today to help us change the mind of Mr. Rawls and let's find an amenable solution. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. I am most,

Respectfully yours,

Michael Givens
 Sons of Confederate Veterans

Thursday, March 22, 2012

“Save The Cave”


Don’t forget this Friday at 8pm- “Save The Cave” fundraiser event At The Red Door in Lee’s Summit!  Special guest appearances by none other than the legendary Cole Younger and Frank James!  Don’t Miss It!!!

Mr. Younger, of late a residence of Minnesota, has now triumphantly returned to Missouri, and is anxious to see his old friends and acquaintances, and make new ones.  The city of Lee’s Summit opens its arms to receive the gallant knight errant, a true hero and native son of Missouri.

Mr. James of Kearney will also be on hand, and will address the crowd of admirers with a few remarks, and will likewise receive visitors throughout the evening.  Women with children in tow are requested to tend to them properly, so as not to annoy Mr. James.

Tickets are available at the door this Friday starting around 8pm, and are $25 each.  Plenty of parking up and down Main Street.  A cash bar is available, and appetizers will be served.  The Red Door Wine Store is on Main in downtown Lee’s Summit.  It is a wonderfully warm and cozy venue, and your presence is most graciously requested (needed even!).  It won’t be complete without you!

Of course the purpose of the event is to raise money for the Lone Jack Historical Society’s “Save The Cave” fundraising initiative.  We have made great strides to acquire and thus preserve for perpetuity the most significant portion of the core Lone Jack battlefield since Harry Truman dedicated the battlefield park in 1963.  We know you are a supporter of historical preservation, and we need your help!

If you are planning to attend, please reply to this e-mail right away so we may get a read on how many to expect.  The more the merrier!  We need your support, and hope to see you this Friday!

With Kindest Regards,

Dan Hadley
Lone Jack Historical Society

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shiloh "Troop Train"

Hi Gang, I'll be riding the Union Pacific  #844 Steam locomotive "Troop Train" to the 150th reenactment of the battle of Shiloh (Tenneesse) , departing from Union Station next tuesday, March 27. If you want to see a cool old steam locomotive with old passenger cars, with a bunch of civil war soldiers and cannons on it, come on down to Union Station next tuesday morning! Train will then make a media stop in Jeff City and St. Louis, which you could catch it there if you want. Below is a link with the schedule, and further down another link that tells about the train etc. Larry

This link points to the Shiloh Limited’s Schedule.  I know that a lot of folks along the route will be thrilled to know exactly when / where the Whistle Stops are going to occur and how / when the can view this historic event.


John Burgher
Razorback Flying Artillery
Terry’s Texas Rangers.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Message from CiC Givens

15 March 2012
Beaufort, South Carolina

Compatriots, Family and Friends of the South,

I hope you are all well. We are living in troubled times. Assaults on our beloved Southland and her rich heritage are now coming faster than ever. Certain organizations that were once bastions of truth and providers of sanctuary for the noble story of the Confederacy are now aligned with the mythmakers of modern appeasement to downplay or falsify the deeds of our valiant ancestors. The dignity of our unique and decent people is being traded for an easy dollar.

When I imagine a world without the influence of the traditional values of the Southern American I see a dangerous place. If you agree and like me, witness the deliberate damage being waged on our culture then we must act now or we will lose our best opportunity to stem this irreversible tide.

The Confederate Veteran magazine comes out once every two months. By the time I write my column and it arrives at your doorstep the news is old. For the first time, I wish to share my thoughts with you early. The following article will appear in the next issue of our magazine. I wanted you to have it now so we may begin to work together to turn back this vicious assault.

In this column you will read about the need to sharpen our communication skills and how to begin to use them so that we may work as the mighty force that we truly are. I cannot do this alone. In order to turn back this storm of misinformation, I will need every one of you and more. The time to strike is now! Will you help? Will you stand for your ancestors as they stood for you?

God bless you all.

Michael Givens

P.S. If you are interested in supporting a museum of the Confederacy, support your own We will always be Confederate and we will all ways fly the Confederate Flag with the pride that it deserves.

"Ray, I never went down, you never got me down."
Robert De Nero as Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull

On Valentine's Day 1951 in the Chicago Stadium, Jake LaMotta defiantly stood his ground against Sugar Ray Robinson. In this his final fight with his long time adversary, LaMotta had a point to prove. In the thirteenth round he dropped his hands and leaned against the ropes inviting Robinson to do his worst. Director Martin Scorsese heightened the drama in this scene from his movie Raging Bull by aptly demonstrating LaMotta's will and stamina . After six fights and sixty-five rounds with Robinson, LaMotta never once went down. Like Jake LaMotta, the Confederacy will not go down. Our enemies keep punching us, but we will not go down.

We, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, are the vanguard. As for me, I wish others would stand and fight in this battle to honour and preserve the truth of the Southern Cause with us. But if we must fight alone, then so be it. When my days and efforts are discussed and debated by my own progeny, then I hope my actions to be considered in the same breath as my noble ancestors. For me, part of winning is the valiant act of standing for what is right, regardless of the consequences.

English writer, G.K. Chesterton said, The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. Mr. Chesterton's phrase "what is behind him," may be interpreted in two ways; 1. our heritage is behind us and 2. our supporters are behind us. Our heritage defines the mission and our desire to defend it. Our ancestors were so committed to the cause that they were willing to fight, kill and die for it. I thank the Lord that there is little killing and dying in our battles today (always remember Michael Westerman), but even the bloodless battles are serious.

The supporters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans come from all walks of life. They are members of other heritage groups, unaffiliated Southerners and like-minded individuals from all over the world. Regardless of race, colour or creed, once people understand the true history of the South we often gain support.

During the War, Colonel John S. Mosby managed miraculous success, often with only a handful of men under his command. The reason for his triumph is attributed to his daring and relentless raids on the enemy. With surgical precision, Mosby caused such havoc behind the lines that the enemy was forced to expend their resources in places other than their front. Colonel Mosby was certainly responsible for extending the war by weakening and distracting his foe. Again, this was accomplished with a virtual handful of eager compatriots.

Imagine if Mosby had had the command of say 31,000 men (nearly the current membership of the SCV). Imagine again if Mosby had the command of 100,000 men (estimate of SCV plus supporters). If this had been the case, Confederate Soldiers today would not be referred to as "Rebels" but as "Patriots." We would not suffer a museum director who is intoxicated by the yankee dollar and terrified to display a Confederate flag outside of a Confederate museum. We would not have to fight a department of motor vehicles merely to enjoy the same civil rights as other organizations of displaying our non-profit company logo on a license plate. We would not have to fight a state supported art museum for the right to fly a Confederate flag at a church that was built for Confederate veterans. Nor would we have to reschedule and relocate a Christian service to another location because the church where Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee worshiped might be afraid that a Confederate flag may be seen in public. No, if Colonel Mosby had had the power and support of this many men we would be enjoying the American brand of liberty today that was the vision of the founders of this grand republic at its inception.

Well, we certainly can't go back and join forces with Colonel Mosby, but we can follow his lead and do our duty as one massive fighting force today. To paraphrase the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu: I think that a strong SCV is the only SCV that will bring our enemies to the peace table. So how do we strengthen the SCV to force such an historic and life-changing event?

First, stop bickering amongst ourselves. Second, embrace the notion that some of our battles require a comprehensive strategy that is best directed from the office of your Division Commander and/or your Commander-in-Chief. Our ancestors relied on couriers and the signal corps to relay messages and prepare the line of battle. Can you imagine the extraordinary success that would have resulted if General Jackson had had a device to immediately communicate with all of his men on the field, at once? Can you imagine what would happen if we could orchestrate such a concentrated attack on an enemy position? If you can visualize victory then you can see the results of such an effort.

We are at a crossroads. We are approaching the midpoint of the sesquicentennial of the War for Southern Independence. In a few years we will emerge from this unique opportunity as a fraternal gentlemen's association, quietly meeting in buildings with no outward exhibit of the emotions so openly displayed inside or as the victorious defenders of the Cause that our families sacrificed everything for one hundred and fifty years ago. The former is nothing to be ashamed of. An association of like-minded Southerners is a noble and comforting thought. But if your desire is the latter option then you must arm yourself quickly with the tools to ensure success.

Our enemies are smart and cunning. They are cruel and self-serving and wish for us to fail. Our task at hand is easier than you might imagine. Communication is the key element to this plan, followed by precisely focused action. First we need each and every SCV Camp to have a unique and free email account. You may use any free service available just make sure its' password information can be passed from the present camp commander on to the next when necessary. Set this up now and send the Camp's email address with the names of the Camp's officers to the SCV Chief of Staff, Spike Speicher. His email address is: . Once this is completed you will be subscribed to the Telegraph and will receive further directives only when it is deemed vital. Second, and this is very important, everyone, SCV member or supporter must open a Twitter account and follow the Commander-in-Chief @CICSCV. Go to: and sign up for an account. The service is free and it enables me (or our future CIC) to direct actions for the immediate surgical strikes that will lead us to victory. The whisper of 100,000 people can be heard from far away, envision a resounding Rebel Yell from such an army. It's deafening.

Albert Einstein said,The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. You have the power to make a difference and effect a change for the better. I will not look on and do nothing and like The Raging Bull, I'm never going down! Are you with me? Let's Roll!

Respectfully yours,

Michael Givens

Friday, March 16, 2012

Urgent: All SCV UDC members

Urgent: All SCV UDC members.
Please forward to all SCV, UDC members.

VMFA are attempting to fund the destruction of the historical interior of the Confederate Soldiers Home in Richmond by claiming State tax money will be use to renovate, but will not allow for historical restoration.

Demand No funding approval by General Assembly until the Robinson House building is given historic landmark status to protect it from the VMFA. Next Tuesday or Wednesday the General Assembly will pass a budget bill into law giving the VMFA authorization to gut the Robinson House that is also known as the R. E. Lee Camp Confederate Soldier's Home Barracks. They might adjourn Saturday without a budget.

As private citizens: request Senators to oppose VMFA Robinson House funding in current all State budget bills by omitting funding on line 12 on page 382, strike "$14,750,000" Robinson House renovation and insert "$0" of the Central Appropriations FY 12-13 FY 13-14 of the Central Capital Outlay

(Strike $14,750,000) and insert $0.
House and Senate Bill, HB30 and HB29 anguage: Demand this amendment: Page 382, line 12, strike "$14,750,000" for VMFA Robinson House renovation and insert "$0".
The only budget bill amendments that we can Support is the 2012 through 2014 Biennium Budget in House Bill 1301 as long as no funding is provided for VMFA Robinson House renovation.
Thanks for you help.
Ed Willis
Camp Commander,
Lee-Jackson Camp, No. 1, SCV

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Help Two Shenandoah Valley Battlefields

Cross Keys
Save Cross Keys Save Tom's Brook
Join us in our campaign to save 244 battlefield acres at Cross Keys and Tom's Brook. With your help we can save 10.6 million square feet of hallowed Shenandoah ground -- for less than 2 cents per square foot!
Jim Lighthizer,
Civil War Trust President
Cross Keys

Save 83 Acres at Cross Keys

Here's our chance to save 83 acres of the Cross Keys Battlefield the very ground where Jackson's Confederates blunted the advance of Fremont's large Federal army. The hard-fought victory at Cross Keys gave Jackson the time and troops to achieve his crowning victory at Port Republic the next day.
Tom's Brook

Save 161 Acres at Tom's Brook

Help us save 161 acres of the Tom's Brook Battlefield the very ground where West Point friends and battlefield rivals, Tom Rosser and George Custer fought. Tom's Brook ended as the Union cavalry's most decisive victory of the Civil War.

Civil War Trust: Saving America's Civil War Battlefields

Friday, March 9, 2012

On March 9, the Union ironclad Monitor having fortuitously arrived to do battle, initiated the first engagement of ironclads in history. The two ships fought each other to a standstill, but Virginia retired.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Battle of Hampton Roads

On March 8, 1862, from her berth at Norfolk, the Confederate ironclad Virginia steamed into Hampton Roads where she sank Cumberland and ran Congress aground.