Thursday, June 13, 2013

Va Flaggers Update: Jefferson Davis Birthday Tribute 6-8-13

On Saturday, June 8th, the Va Flaggers attended the Nineteenth Annual National Jefferson F. Davis Memorial Service at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA.  In spite of HEAVY downpours throughout the ceremony, a crowd of over 200 gathered in memory and honor of our President.
We handed out over 150 stick flags, and suggested that recipients leave them on the grave of a Confederate soldier before they left for the day.  Several dozen Flaggers were on hand for the event, serving in many different capacities and, of course, forwarding the colors.
The President General of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Commander In Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans were on hand to bring greetings, and I was grateful for the opportunity to address the attendees on behalf of the Va Flaggers. 
At the close of the ceremony, I was deeply honored and very pleased to be presented with a flag that flew proudly over the grave sites of many Confederate Officers and soldiers during the year at the cemetery.  I wish to express  my sincere thanks to Everette Ellis and the Jefferson F. Davis Memorial Committee for this wonderful gift.  
Many thanks to Commander Ellis and the Jefferson Davis Committee,   Jim Cochrane and the J.E.B. Stuart Camp#1343, SCV and Knibb's Battery, and all those who made this ceremony a memorable one.
God bless Jefferson Davis…and God save the South!
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Va Flaggers Update: VMFA Mass Flagging 6-8-2013
A stormy, soaking start to the day did not stop the Va Flaggers from forwarding the colors...or flagging Scalawags.
The Flaggers were shocked and disappointed to find Museum of the Confederacy President and CEO Waite Rawls in attendance at the Jefferson Davis Birthday Ceremony. In a quiet, but effective show of disgust, we stood and turned our backs on him as he addressed the audience, in protest of his refusal to fly a Confederate flag on the grounds of the Museum of the Confederacy at Appomattox.
When the ceremony ended, the rain was still heavy, and it was decided cooking on the grill as planned might not be the best idea, so we left to get some lunch and met back at the VMFA at 1:00. By this time, the sun was shining and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! In spite of the earlier stormy weather, over two dozen Flaggers lined the sidewalk, stretching the line from the Chapel all away around the Boulevard to the main entrance of the VMFA. We had several new Flaggers join us and were pleased with the heavy traffic and great conversations that were held.
At one point, Waite Rawls was spotted heading into the UDC HQ for the Massing of the Flags, and several Flaggers took position outside the building and were able to keep him on the hot seat as he entered the building. When Mr. Rawls exited the building for a smoke break…and later to leave the event, he was again met by Flaggers, who reminded him that his refusal to fly a Confederate Flag would not be forgotten…and that we would not stand down until a Confederate flag is flying…or he is removed from the museum.
Throughout the day, we were greeted by many who had attended the days' events, and were offered words of encouragement and support. We posed for many pictures, including the one below, when a nice lady who was leaving the Massing of the Flags asked to take a picture with our "beautiful" flags...and were thrilled when Commander Givens took time out to visit with the Flaggers.    :)
Willie Wells reported the only negative incident of the day, as his car was spit on by a young white kid on a bicycle, who threatened to do the same to Willie's person, all at the very same moment an older lady had stopped to request a photo with him! A couple of VMFA guards came out and told the kid to move on and assured Willie that he would have been in the right to defend himself from such a disgusting, vile attack. 
All in all, it was an AMAZING day in RVA… from a very soggy beginning to a beautiful afternoon with dozens of Confederate flags flying and many good conversations and opportunities to tell folks about the desecration of the Confederate Memorial Chapel at the hands of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts…and several new recruits to the Virginia Flaggers!
Our next Flagging of the VMFA will be this WEDNESDAY, June 12th, 3:00 - Dusk.  We invite you to join us on the Boulevard, as we forward the colors and protest the removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the Portico of the Confederate Memorial Chapel by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  If you cannot join us, please call museum Director Alex Nyerges at (804) 340-1502 and ask him to return the Confederate Battle Flags to the Confederate Memorial Chapel, or email him:
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