Saturday, June 1, 2013

Camp Information and News

Message from Missouri Division SCV Commander Maples:
The 2014 Missouri Division/Missouri Society Reunion will be held on March 28/29, 2014 at Boonville , Missouri , at the Isle of Capri Hotel/Casino.  Many, many details have yet to be decided upon and worked out, but 1st Lt.Commander Larry Smith is already on it and we will keep you informed along the way.  We just wanted to get the date and location out to the camps as soon as possible, so please share this information with your camp memberships.
Darrell L. Maples – Commander
Missouri Division – SCV
Prayer Request from new camp member Thomas McConnell:

Brothers & sisters,
Would you please pray for a new friend I made recently.  His name is Leon Wolf, a Christian brother and crack genealogist.  He suffered a minor attack and didn't even know it because he suffers from continual chronic back pain.  Pray that he not only recovers, but that he can find a solution to his chronic pain.
Thank you
Thomas McConnell