Thursday, June 13, 2013

Imagine a secession movement in the SCV!


How long will you accept: "we can't vindicate the Cause because we will lose our tax exempt status?"

That statement is a lie.  If it is true, where is the letter from the IRS to the SCV saying you can't:

a. Create a political agenda (like all veterans organizations do at their annual reunions) to influence the governing of your state and nation.
b. Can't lobby the state legislature or Congress for things related to the Confederate States of America, that would include separation of powers, State's Rights, limited government, no bail outs, no bills that address more than one issue.
c. Can't organize letter campaigns, or other activities to influence your Congressmen, Senators, agencies etc.
d. Can't invite elected officials to your meetings to give you an update on Confederate stuff
e. Can't call for equal education in the public schools of Southern schools for the Confederate view of history.

All the money spent on lawyers, whose spending money to do what other not for profits do?  How come our enemies not for profits can affect legislation, but the leadership of the SCV refuses to?

And one other question, what good is our tax free status anyway?   How about an SCV where there are no dues, and then there's no money and you don't have to worry about a tax free status!  LOL, what a joke.

How long will pretending to be Confederate soldiers, marching in parades, and going to dances be all the SCV is?    There are re-enactor groups...if you want to play pretend...why not join those groups and forget the SCV?

Hey, if you don't want to vindicate the Cause I can accept that.  But don't you feel like a hypocrite and wimp saying the Charge when you have absolutely no intention of doing what you are saying?

Maybe its time for entire camps within the SCV to withdraw from the SCV and reform into a new group intended to execute vindication!  How bad does it have to get before you are willing to act.  America is headed to the toilet, in part, because patriot groups like the SCV are not patriot groups at all, just tea groups.

The SCV will NOT fulfill its Charge.  Grannies connected to the Democrats are in control.  If you really believe in the olde South, in the Constitution of the Confederacy you could NOT be a Democrat, and really not even a Republican.

We are half way through the Sesquicentennial, what has your division done to promote the Cause of the CSA?  What television advertising have they done?

And while we are at, how deep into the SCV pockets is the OCR?  Yes they raise money...they raise money primarily from SCV members, and then they control how that money is spent.  Does that make any sense at all?

If you want to see failure...look at the SCV.  You could not organize better to fail.

If you keep electing grannies, you will continue to get granny policies.  Oh, and then there's that Freedom of Speech thing, where you as a member are not allowed to say anything.

Mark Vogl, Black Sheep