Sunday, June 30, 2013

Save Ball's Bluff (and Get an Update on Slaughter Pen Farm)

Civil War Trust
Save Ball's Bluff and Slaughter Pen Farm
With the high tide of the 150th commemoration approaching, we wanted to take a moment to tell you about two opportunities to help protect land where the fate of our nation was decided.
The first is a chance to complete the Ball's Bluff battlefield. The rout of Union forces at this battle had political ramifications that would change the nature of the rest of the war. Our three-acre target tract is the site of the Jackson House, where Union and Confederate troops clashed on the morning of October 21, 1861. This is the last significant piece of the Ball's Bluff battlefield yet to be preserved. That's right: save these three acres and Ball's Bluff is preserved forever!
Secondly, we need your help to make our annual payment on our Slaughter Pen Farm property at Fredericksburg. We've already raised more than 60% of the money needed to call this pristine land saved and we need your continued help to make it all the way. Please do your part to help preserve the ground that Frank O'Reilly calls "the very heart and soul of the Fredericksburg battlefield."
Ball's Bluff
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The last significant piece of Ball's Bluff yet to be preserved

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