Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Rebel Mountain Reader


The Rebel Mountain Reader was the second of my books to be published.

This book has chapters about Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Gettysburg, Christmas in the Confederacy, and on the Confederate Navy.  For people interested in the Southern point of view of the war, people interested in history, and proud of their Southern heritage, this book is for you!

If you are a believer in encouraging writers and speakers who believe in Secession, States' Rights, limited federal government, then consider purchasing this book.  By purchasing this book you will be telling Mark Vogl that he needs to keep up the work!    Look around at America today, is it moving towards self reliance, strong independent people.  Or is moving towards a "ward state" where all go to the government to get their cup of soup?

The Rebel Mountain Reader is about a time when heroes walked the land.  R. E. Lee and Stonewall were not unique in their faith God, their love of the South, and their willingness to defend freedom.  They were merely the best of a truly remarkable Southern people. 
The Rebel Mountain Reader
By Mark K Vogl
Price - $19.95

Faith and family, individual liberty and land are the core values which fill the heart, spirit and mind of the true Southerner. Our beautiful and gracious women, rich musical repertoire, fine southern foods and recipes, distinct local dialects are just the most obvious aspects of the societal fabric known as Dixie. Southern hospitality is possibly the most world renown aspect of the Southern culture. Ultimately, Southerners were forced to exercise the God given right of secession and then were forced to defend their democratic decision to establish a more perfect union against an invading foe pretending to be the carriers of the torch of self- governance. The sacrifices of our ancestors, their historic effort and noble conduct shine to this day as an example of the highest of commitment to faith, family, liberty and land. The stories told here tell only an infinitely small portion of their lives so noble, their sacrifices so wondrous.