Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Historic Chance to Save Brandy Station

Civil War Trust
Help Save Brandy Station!
On June 9, 1863, 20,000 horsemen in blue and gray clashed on the rolling fields of Brandy Station. In the largest cavalry battle in American history, the Federal troopers gained a new reputation for themselves, earning the respect of their Confederate counterparts. After fourteen hours of intense fighting the Yankees eventually retired, but the Confederates were in no shape to pursue.
The Civil War Trust now has the opportunity to preserve the most important remaining battlefield land at Brandy Station, the central 56-acre parcel of Fleetwood Hill. This long sought-after piece of hallowed ground was the site of J.E.B. Stuart's headquarters and lies at the very heart of the battlefield—the crowning achievement for preserving this watershed cavalry battle.
Help us reclaim Fleetwood Hill!

Battle Map

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