Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Memphis Park Names

.....read below....I wrote to all Park Committee people and got this reply as well as a place to go to sign a petition.

Please circulate.

Donna Hartley Lucas
Editor and Publisher
The Old Sumner Times-Record
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Will Removing Symbols of Southern Heritage . . .
… Feed one hungry child? … Get one mother off Welfare?
… Educate one illiterate person? … Stop one handgun tragedy?

Real problems need real solutions, real leadership.
I am proud of my Confederate heritage.

I am asking YOU to vote against renaming Forrest Park, Jefferson Davis Park, Confederate Park.

Donna Hartley Lucas
From: Dadallielama@aol.com
Thank you, Mrs. Lucas!  I totally agree!  Monday, April 29 was the last meeting of the committee.  I made the motion at that meeting that based on the responses of over 1000 citizens demanding the original historic names be restored, we should stand with these citizens and restore the names Confederate Park, Forrest Park and Jefferson Davis Park.  My motion was seconded.  The vote was tallied by roll call of the members. There were 8 members present, one absent.  4 members were "for" restoring the original names, 4 members were "against".  Because it was a tie, the motion did not carry.  For the remainder of the meeting, there were motions made picking all kinds of names that were not what the over 1000 citizens wanted, 3 members including myself remained steadfast and voted "NO" each time a name was offered.  One member was the deputy director of the city parks services dept. (been working for the city for over 30 years) and he voted against restoring the original park names, that is why my motion failed.  He voted how his boss wanted him to vote.  If he had voted with us, then the original names would have gone before the city council.  Because this city employee voted against us, new names were selected by 5 members - 2 are city council members, 1 is a Memphis State professor of African-Amer. studies, 1 is president of the Memphis chapter of the NAACP and the last one is the city employee.  Five people told over 1000 people that their wishes do not matter!  Stupid is as stupid does!  But the fight is not over.  A Covington, TN man has a petition on change.org.  Please sign it.  They need only 73 more signatures to hit the 500 mark.  Please share it with your friends.  Thanks!  
Becky Muska