Sunday, June 16, 2013



Attached are jpeg images of the Missouri Division's entry into the racing world!  Also is a report from our very own Dan "Nohorses" Ballew who along with Neil Block (both members of the Capt. William T. Anderson Camp #1743) made this endeavor possible.  How awesome to see our beautiful SCV Logo running around the race track!  Please share with your respective memberships.

Darrell Maples - Commander
Missouri Division - SCV


With the new money donation the Missouri Division was so generously given
what better way to spend it than Advertizing for the SCV in Missouri...

On June 8th Camp Commander Neil Block and Gen. Dan "Nohorses" Ballew visited
a young thirty year old race car driver by the name of Bill Bentley; owner
and operator of Bentley Welding & Auto Repair of Madison Missouri.  We
brought along several large SCV LOGO decals to be placed on his B-Modified car.
After finding a very nice spot the worthy endeavor was completed.

And of course our Logo is on both sides:

Bill is a real winner at Randolph County Raceway in Moberly!  He came in
First Place in his class the first race of the season a week ago and last
Saturday night "the 8th of June" he came in second even with a broken
shock..our first race with the SCV Logo on his car.

I asked Bill a few questions about his racing history and how he felt about
our Cause;  he got my attention quick, particularly when he said he came
from New York State where his father began racing.  After his father stopped
racing Bill took up the mantel.  His family had moved to Missouri in 1992
but Bill only has been racing for seven years, four of which have been in
our local area.

He even married into a race car family here.  He married the daughter of our
local and late Bob Hubert, for those of you who follow racing know him.

I asked Bill, being from a Yank State like New York, how do you feel having
a Confederate Flag on a Son of Confederate Veterans Logo on your race car?
He said; "Their American Veterans too!  They had a cause to fight and they
deserve to be recognized!  It's a big deal for me and I'm proud to have your
Logo on there for you guys and them."

For just meeting this home grown NY Yankee I was impressed and think our
$500 dollar sponsorship was well worth it..

Hope to see this Car in the winner's circle and with the highest points on
the track at the end of the racing season...see ya all at the Races!


Dan "Gen. Nohorses" Ballew
Capt. William T. Anderson Camp
Huntsville, MO.