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Va Flagger Update 5-16-2013 - Stonewall Jackson Vigil

On Thursday, May 9th, 7 Va Flaggers attended the Candlelight Vigil held at the Stonewall Jackson Shrine, at Guinea Station, in Spotsylvania County, VA to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson's last night on earth.
The event was sponsored by the National Park Service, and for a Thursday evening, I thought the crowd of about 100 or so was respectable. I had the genuine pleasure of meeting Jim Harley, a Va Flagger supporter from South Carolina, who traveled with his parents from South Carolina to attend the Sesquicentennial events.
A Confederate color guard presented the colors before the outdoor service started. I honestly did not know what to expect. I had in mind that participants would have candles or possibly light candles to mark the night.  
Instead, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Park Historian Frank O'Reilly gave a very moving lecture, which chronicled the events leading up to and the details of Gen. Jackson's last hours. The crowd was very attentive and Mr. O'Reilly gave an excellent presentation. He did a terrific job of describing that fateful night, and describing the character and faith of Jackson, and I found myself with goose bumps on several occasions, even though the night air was warm.
After the lecture, we filed through the Shrine, which the NPS had lit with candles. It was near dusk and the glow from the candles gave the cottage an appearance which would have been close to what it was like that fateful night in 1863. We walked through in reverent silence, each pausing at the room where Jackson died, to remember and honor one who sacrificed all in service to his God and his Country.
Kudos to the National Park Service for a wonderful and fitting tribute to Stonewall Jackson! If you have never visited the Stonewall Jackson Shrine, I highly recommend making the trip. The staff there is excellent, and each time I go, I am still moved when I step into the room and hear the account of his last hours.
Now, if we could just get them to fly a 2nd National on that big ole' pole out front... ;)
More info on the Shrine here:
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Sunday, June 2nd:  11:00 a.m. – Memorial Service in honor  of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Soldiers & Sailors buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  The Confederate Memorial, Jackson Circle, Arlington National Cemetery*.  Sponsored by the District of Columbia Div. of UDC.
Saturday, June 8th:  Annual birthday ceremony for Jefferson F. Davis, at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.  Keynote speaker will be Mr. Bert Hayes-Davis, great great grandson of Jeff Davis.
Monday, June 24th:  6:30 p.m. - Susan and Barry will be traveling to Va Beach to speak to the Princess Anne Camp #484 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Gus and George's Spaghetti and Steakhouse, 4312 Virginia Beach, VA
Saturday, June 29th:  10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 22nd Annual Point Lookout Pilgrimage, Confederate Memorial Park, Point Lookout, MD.
Saturday, August 17th:  Susan will travel to Tampa, FL to speak to the August meeting of the Gen. Jubal A. Early SCV Camp #556.

Confederate Memorial Day 2013

Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 14:33:22 -0500
Subject: Confederate Memorial Day 2013

Attached is the proposed program for Confederate Memorial Day 2013 for approval.  It is basically the same as previous years.  There is one change from the proposal that Jim Beckner sent me.  Jim had the Children of the Confederacy meeting in the residence, obviously, because I'm living there now, I changed the location for their meeting to the chapel.  I also added an optional historical program at the end of the day.  It is a power point program with music and video clips presented by me on the last days of Stonewall Jackson and the Battle of Chancellorsville. I include tie ins to some of the men who lived at the Confederate Home and fought in the battle.  I thought this being the 150th anniversary of the battle and death of Jackson it might be of some special  interests to the folks attending Confederate Memorial Day.

Mary Phagan Day Proclamation in Georgia

Sons of Confederate Veterans
May 31, 2013    


SCV logo  



(May 31, 2013 - Atlanta, Ga)    Perhaps the most well-known and most horrific murder in the history of Georgia occurred on April 26, 1913 when little Mary Phagan was brutally raped and murdered while going to collect her wages of $1.20 before attending the parade for the aging Georgia veterans on Confederate Memorial Day.    

The following proclamation establishing "Little Mary Phagan Day" is hereby published as commencement of an annual remembrance: 

A Proclamation
Little Mary Phagan Day


Little Mary Phagan was born to Frances Elizabeth L. "Fannie" Phagan Benton Coleman and William Joshua Phagan in Florence, Alabama, on the 1st day of June, in the year of our Lord 1899; and


After the death of William Joshua Phagan, the family moved to Marietta, Georgia; and


Fannie Phagan married John W. Coleman in 1912, moving into the downtown Atlanta community of "Cabbagetown" where Little Mary Phagan began employment at the National Pencil Factory in the Spring of 1912; and


On April 26, 1913, Little Mary Phagan was on her way to celebrate Confederate Memorial Day by attending the parade of those aging Confederate veterans; and


Little Mary Phagan never made the parade, as she was beaten, raped, and brutally murdered, body thrown down an elevator shaft at the age of thirteen years old; and


The United Confederate Veterans and the Masons raised money to bury her at Marietta City Cemetery. She lies in the Southeast corner where Cemetery Street and West Atlanta Street intersect, adjacent to the Confederate Cemetery; and


Our Confederate heroes regarded her death as such importance to have buried her with Confederate veterans watching over her from her right, and Masons to her left; and


The Sons of those men in grey shall forget her not; now

I, Jack Bridwell, Commander,
Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

do hereby
Proclaim June 1st, 2013, and each June 1st hereafter, as Little Mary Phagan Day.


For more information, please contact Jack Bridwell, Division Commander for the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans at 1-866-SCV-in-GA or view information online at    

Ray McBerry Enterprises is the public relations firm for the Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. 
Ray McBerry                                                      Enterprises

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Southern Confederacy

The only way Lee could have killed federal soldiers would be if he was in a war with them. The only way he could have met them in war was if the two sides came together. Lee was in Virginia through the first 2 years of the war. That would mean that the federal soldiers had to ALSO be in Virginia. What were they doing in Virginia? Why waging war! So who was responsible for their deaths? Lee? No, their own government and commanders. If they'd stayed home, they would never have died but once they chose to commit treason by making war against the State of Virginia - and the rest of the Southern States - then that was their fault, not Lee's.  Have you read about Sherman's crimes against women and children?  Probably not..... it would suit your liberal agenda.

Pam Steele

Newspaper Guest Commentary

Posted below for information and educational purposes is my most recent "Guest Commentary" submitted to the Albany Herald newspaper.
James W. King
SCV Camp 141 Commander
Albany Georgia

In 1860-1861 the Federal government of the United States of America was taken over by New England radicals, fanatics, zealots and hypocrites. Most people in the South were in favor of gradual emancipation of slaves and slavery was already a dying institution before the war. There were 5 times as many abolition societies in the South as in the North. It was the Northern states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York that had brought the slaves from Africa to America by ship. They sold the slaves to the South and then their hypocritical Yankee descendants accused the South of grave moral sin for having slavery. New England had grown to prosperity based upon the slave trade.
In 1857 fanatical abolitionist Hinton Helper wrote a book "The Impending Crisis of the South". It was a terrorist manifesto. It PROMISED (not threatened) that a massive slave rebellion would be fomented that would result in the deaths of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Southern men, women, and children if the South did not immediately free slaves. This Terrorist Threat was of concern to all Southerners rich, poor, and in between, not just wealthy plantation owners. Southerners were aware that in the 1790 era in Santo Domingo (Haiti) virtually every white French man, woman, and child was murdered in a massive slave rebellion. In 1859 terrorist and psychopath John Brown tried to start such a rebellion. The New England radicals and fanatics financed Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry Virginia.
The Republican Party from 1854 to 1877 was what the Democratic Party is today-Socialist promoters of Social Engineering. 68 of 117 Republican Senators and Congressmen had signed a resolution based on the Helper book advocating and supporting terrorism against the South. It was the "Agitation against Slavery" and not the "Perpetuation of Slavery" that coupled with an unfair and unjust sectional tariff in combination with major Religious and Cultural differences that caused Southern secession. The Constitution of the Confederate States of  America prohibited the international slave trade. The South was paying 75-85% of the cost of operating the Federal government via the tariff. 80-90% of this tax money was being kept and spent in the North. Lincoln had promised the New England Industrialists that he would raise the tariff higher if elected and he did. New England industrialists wanted the South to pay for the industrialization of America with little or no cost to themselves. The upcoming MORRILL TARIFF Tax was 40% or more and the South did not have the votes to stop its passage.
The Southern states were offered the CORWIN AMENDMENT to the U.S. Constitution on March 2, 1861 that would have made slavery permanently legal in America if they would rejoin the Union. The Southern States declined to be "TAX SLAVES" and treated as an Agricultural Colony of the Industrial North. The goal was Southern Independence. Lincoln's "Save the Union" rant was a code for "Keep the Tax Money Coming". The famous English writer Charles Dickens stated "The Northern onslaught against Southern slavery is a specious piece of humbug designed to mask their desire for the economic control of the Southern states".

The "War of Northern Aggression" that followed was an epic struggle in which the South outnumbered 3 to 1 and with most manufacturing located in the North fought heroically and valiantly for INDEPENDENCE from the tyrannical, despotic, and dictatorial North. Lincoln, Sherman, Sheridan, Hunter, Custer and other Yankee officers were WAR CRIMINALS of the most vile type. They murdered, raped, tortured, robbed, stole, plundered, pillaged, and burned their way across the South. After destruction of the South, Yankee terrorists and psychopaths carried out a war of extermination against the Native American Indians. Yet modern liberals and dishonest Northern historians have attempted to claim the "Moral High Ground" for the North because slaves were freed following the war by the 13th Amendment. The Northern radicals, fanatics, zealots, and hypocrites did not free the Southern slaves for humanitarian reasons. They freed them so they could be given the right to vote and be used and manipulated to keep corrupt Northern politicians and carpetbaggers in power. Former Confederates were prohibited from voting.
So called "Reconstruction" was the plunder, pillage, and rape of the Southern states. It was the most corrupt era in American history and the treatment of white Southerners was so horrible that reconstruction was harder than the actual war on civilians. Uncle Sam's terrorist organization, the UNION LEAGUE, ruled by white Carpetbaggers had blacks to commit atrocities against white Southerners which included burning houses and barns, shooting livestock, poisoning wells, and committing murder and rape. This led to the formation of the KKK-a police and resistance organization and after Reconstruction it resulted in Jim Crow laws based on pre-war Northern Black Codes. Northern politicians have attempted to drive a wedge between white and black Southerners since about 1830 and their efforts continue to this day.
James W. King
SCV Camp 141 Commander
Albany Georgia

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Nevada, MO Burned On May 26, 1863

On May 26  1863, Captain Anderson Morton, commander of the St Clair and Cedar County militia ordered his soldiers to burn the town and kill all the bushwhackers. All buildings were to be burned, but the household goods were to be spared. The soldiers marched to each house and said to the resident “We are going to burn this house; get your things and get out in 20 minutes. If you want any help we will help you, but the house must be burned.”

In all, about 75 house and other buildings were burned. The courthouse, stores, and the best dwelling house were all destroyed. Only about a dozen houses were spared. After the close of the war the smell of fire was on everything and the town sat solitary on the prairie. It was not raided anymore, for it was not worth raiding, but occasionally war parties passed through and said, “Here is where Nevada City once stood”
Rebuilding itself out of the ashes in 1868, homes and business, which has been destroyed, were rebuilt. New modern buildings were erected. Many immigrants came to the county to start a new life.
Nevada City was incorporated in 1869, at which time it dropped the word “City” from its name. The city’s first sidewalks were made of wooded planks. Nevada has its first police and about 300 persons were living in Nevada.
Excepts from the Sunday Edition of the October 30, 1983 Nevada Herald story “Nevada rose from ashes after the Civil War”  
Above Text as seen on the website: 

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Hughes Camp Schedule of Events This Summer

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From: B/G John T. Hughes Camp 614 <>
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 11:28 AM
Subject: Hughes Camp Schedule of Events This Summer

Mark your calandars for these dates and help the Hughes Camp recruit new members.  If you know of any events we could participate in the month of July just email me back with your suggestion and I will look into it.
June 1st:
Confederate Memorial Day at Higginsville Missouri
June 15th and 16th:
Lathrop Missouri Antique Tractor Show
August 2nd and 3rd:
Odessa Missouri Puddle Jumper Days
September 13th and 14th:
Battle Reenactment at Marshall Missouri
September 21st and 22nd:
43rd Jesse James Festival Kearney Missouri
September 28th:
Holt Missouri Cannonball Festival
Jason-Nathaniel: coffman
B/G John T. Hughes Camp 614

Friday, May 17, 2013


Grand Illumination in Vicksburg -- 3 July 2013


July 17-20, 2013 - Vicksburg, Mississippi

Also, separate and apart from the Convention is the following event here in Vicksburg, which we really need some help with. We are trying to get as many volunteers as possible for the Grand Illumination scheduled here in Vicksburg the afternoon and evening of July 3rd ('til midnight). This is the BIG event for the Sesquicentennial of the Siege of Vicksburg commemoration. The Friends of the Vicksburg National Military Park are sponsoring the event, which will consist of placing 20,000 luminaries (one for each casualty on a state-by-state basis) at all the state monuments in and outside of the Park. They are looking for 500 volunteers overall for the 29 different state monuments. I have prospectively volunteered the SCV and confirmed with the Friends group that we can "adopt" specific monuments. Thank goodness the casualties weren't as large on our side -- so we won't have as many luminaries to place (and won't need as many volunteers). The local LTG John C. Pemberton Camp has adopted the Mississippi monument -- anyone who wants to help us set out the luminaries there will be more than welcome. If we can get 10-20 folks out there, I think that should be sufficient. Some of the Camps in the Northeast Louisiana brigade have agreed to come over and have adopted the two Louisiana monuments. We are looking for more volunteers to commit to taking part. I've heard that some others have already adopted the Arkansas and Missouri monuments, but there are many more Confederate monuments that will need luminaries. Do you think we could get volunteers to come from some of these other states further afield? Of course, some local folks might want to adopt some of these other states if their ancestors fought for them. I'd love to see each and every Confederate state monument have Sons of Confederate Veterans and/or Confederate reenactors in uniform setting out the luminaries for our honored dead. Please help get the word out.

Many thanks,
Bradley Hayes

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VA headstones

Fw: VA headstones

Wed May 15, 2013 5:57 pm (PDT) .         

Go to the bottom of the page for the link.

SCV Camp Commander 2118, Elk City, OK
B. Otis Stratton

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Larry Logan
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 11:08 AM
Subject: FW: VA headstones

See e-mails from Curt Tipton and the other gentlemen concerning headstones for not only Confederate Veterans but others as well.
I signed the petition.


Subject: FW: VA headstones
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 08:50:32 -0700

Ladies and Gentlemen,
            See the email below from Camp 2316 member Chris Mathis.  The damnyankee VA is still denying markers to both Confederate and Union veterans as well as those veterans of the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican War and the Indian Wars!

Curt Tipton
Adjutant, Arizona Division SCV
Adjutant, Confederate Secret Service Camp 1710

From:Chris Mathis
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 08:24
To: 'Curt Tipton'

Subject: FW: VA headstones

FYI Gentlemen

From:Kevin Ivey
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 8:28 AM
To: 'Chris Mathis'
Subject: VA headstones

This was posted on face book this morning, thought you would be interested.

Dear Volunteers,

For the last year, the VA's Headstone and Markers Program, which for more than a century has been marking the graves of American veterans, has, in effect, been shut down. Veterans of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and other service whose unmarked graves have been located by researchers continue to lie in unmarked graves because of a new, and inappropriately restrictive, regulation.

This is wrong. It should not be happening.

Please go to our webiste, "Mark Their Graves,"
and sign our petition to change this. And contact anyone you know who may be interested in supporting this effort.


-Jeff Richman
Green-Wood Cemetery Historian           

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Robert E. Lee on Liberty, Tyranny and Freedom: A Proclamation to the Citizens of Maryland:

"It is right that you should know the purpose that brought the army under my command within the limits of your State, so far as that purpose concerns yourselves.  The people of the Confederate States have long watched with   the deepest sympathy the wrongs and outrages that have been inflicted upon the citizens of a commonwealth allied to the States of the South by the strongest social, political and commercial ties.  They have seen with profound indignation their sister State deprived of every right and reduced to the condition of a conquered province.  Under the pretence of supporting the Constitution, but in violation of its most valuable provisions, your citizens have been arrested and imprisoned upon no charge and contrary to all forms of law.  The faithful and manly protest against this outrage made by the venerable and illustrious Marylander, to whom in better days no citizen appealed for right in vain, was treated with scorn and contempt; the government of your chief city has been usurped by armed strangers; your legislature has been dissolved by the unlawful arrest of its members; freedom of the press and of speech has been suppressed; words have been declared offences by an arbitrary decree of the Federal Executive, and citizens ordered to be tried by a military commission for what they may dare to speak.  Believing that the people of Maryland possessed a spirit too lofty to submit to such a government, the people of the South have long wished to aid you in throwing off this foreign yoke, to enable you again to enjoy the inalienable rights of freemen, and to restore independence and sovereignty to your State.  In obedience to this  wish, our army has come among you, and is prepared to assist you with the power of its arms in regaining the rights of which you have been despoiled.

"This, citizens of Maryland, is our mission, so far as you are concerned.  No constraint upon your free will is intended; no intimidation will be allowed within the limits of this army, at least.  Marylanders shall once more enjoy their ancient freedom of thought and speech.  We know no enemies among you, and will protect all, of every opinion.  It is for you to decide your destiny freely and without constraint.  This army will respect your choice, whatever it may be; and while the Southern people will rejoice to welcome you to your natural position among them, they will only welcome you when you come of your own free will."

R. E. Lee,

General, Commanding

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Help Save Vicksburg!

Civil War Trust

Help Save Vicksburg!
In the first three weeks of May 1863, Ulysses S. Grant's Army of the Tennessee handed their Confederate counterparts one defeat after another. On May 22, with his enemy trapped inside the City—and believing one good push would break the Southern defenses—Grant ordered an all-out assault on the Vicksburg lines. In one sector, troops from Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand's Thirteenth Corps breached the Confederate works in a vicious hand-to-hand struggle, but it was to no avail. The breach was sealed and the Federals repulsed. Grant would need to find another way into Vicksburg.
The Civil War Trust now has the opportunity to do some we have never done before-save land at Vicksburg. This commercially-zoned 11-acre tract—where McClernand's troops formed for their May 22 assault—abuts the Vicksburg National Military Park along I-20, making it ripe for development. Fortunately, with help of Federal matching funds, we are able to double the power of your donation.
Help us make Trust history and save Vicksburg.
Animated Map
Battle Map
Copyright © 2012 Civil War Trust
1156 15th Street N.W. Suite 900, Washington, D.C. 20005
p 202-367-1861 | e
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Patriots of '61 – "Up to My Elbows in Blood"

Of the Wilmington officers mentioned below in a letter home from Dr. Thomas Fanning Wood: Capt. John Van Bokkelen died of his wounds shortly after Chancellorsville; Major William Parsley had already received a severe neck wound at Malvern Hill and led the charge of the Third North Carolina Regiment up Culp's Hill on the third day of Gettysburg. At that battle, every officer of Major Parsley's old company, the Cape Fear Riflemen, was killed.  

Capt. Tom Ennett was captured at Spottsylvania and later used as a human shield by Northern forces at Charleston Harbor; Capt. Elisha Porter was shot and bayoneted at Chancellorsville but survived to become a postwar physician; Col. Stephen D. Thurston had taken command of the Third North Carolina at Sharpsburg, and wounded at Chancellorsville.  Lt. Joshua Wright survived the war and married "Florie" Maffitt, daughter of famed blockade runner Capt. John Newland Maffitt.  Dr. Wood was a native Wilmingtonian and surgeon at Richmond Hospital.

"Battle Field near Chancellorsville, May 14, 1863

Dear Pa, I received your letter by mail through Mr. Langdon much to my satisfaction: for I have been "up to my elbows" in blood. We left our camp last Wednesday or Thursday and arrived at Hamilton's Crossing for the evening. We could not get a fight out of the Yankees.

Trimble's, A.P. Hill's and other Divisions made a circuit of their lines and came down like an avalanche upon the flank. We fought them in a desperate engagement Saturday evening. They retreated before the charge of our men. I never heard such firing before. Our Brigade was engaged on Saturday and Sunday and was dreadfully cut to pieces.

Col. [Stephen D.] Thurston, Captain Tom Ennett, Lt. Sidbury, Capt. Van Bokkelen, Lt. Fred Moore, and Lt. Josh Wright are wounded….I had the opportunity of performing several capital operations, and a great deal more than I could possibly do. I forgot to say that Maj. Parsley was slightly wounded, but has returned to the field. Lt. E. Porter is also seriously wounded.

We are now in the Yankee breastworks which we have taken, looking after the wounded. The fighting has again commenced, I am truly your son, Thomas Wood."


Letters from the Front, Civil War Letters of Dr. Thomas Fanning Wood, A.J. Wood, 1991

Chronicles of the Cape Fear, James Sprunt, 1916

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial

"The Official Website of the North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission"

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Upcoming UDC Dedication for Riley Crawford in the works

This is not a UDC dedication but a Crawford Family dedication.  We would like you to be a part of it if your members think it is something they want to do.  Members of the Quantrill Society and UDC are invited to attend.  Some of the Crawford Family members plan to speak, we plan to ask Paul Peterson to speak since he is very familiar with the Crawford story having written the book, “Lost Souls of the Lost Township”, though he may have other obligations.  We very much would like to have Chaplain Rudd pray with and speak with the group.  Probably not much could be done in the way of ceremony for Jeptha at the time of his murder.  We are trying to get as many family members together to dedicate this memorial in a very special ceremony.  I’m not familiar with the SCV ceremony for veterans but suppose a color guard, piper, would be appropriate.  Four Crawford sons were Confederate soldiers. 

These are some pictures of the front and back of the marker with the text:
Riley Crawford rode with Quantrill and I wish I was ready with his memorial marker next to his parents but it has taken some time checking down all the references I had to his burial in Cooper Co.  We will be ordering a marker for him but that will take two months at least, maybe three.  He is mentioned twice on the marker for the Crawford family though.  While his two sisters who were killed in the prison collapse on Grand in KCMO, are buried at Knobtown (Raytown), they are mentioned also as well as Charity McCorkle Kerr and Josephine Anderson who were also killed.
We have set no date but would like thirty days so we can give the Crawford family who live out of state time to make arrangements.  Once we learn your schedule we can make a plan.  We really appreciate your help because your part of the dedication we really look forward to.  Riley has no descendants but some of his brothers lived long enough to have families and these are who the living Crawford descendants are from.
While we look forward to the day when we can place a monument on the actual grave site of the Smith-Davis cemetery where two Crawford daughters and Charity Kerr are buried we are taking this opportunity to tell their story because no one knows when or if we will actually get to mark their graves in Raytown.
Let me know if the photos do not come through of the marker and the text I prepared for Duncan Hansen's Vol. III of "Reunion in Death", soon to be published.  I must ask that you keep the photos and text private at this point in time.
Thank you and my number is (816-792-2730).  Our address is:  John & Rosa Rogers, 5817 N.E. 132 St., KCMO  64166-1226.  My husband's great grandfather, Joseph Rogers, was a member of the Holloway Camp of Confederate Veterans.  He fought under Hughes at the Battle of Independence, under Upton Hays.  He fought at Pea Ridge under Benjamin Rives who was killed, Gen. Stand Watie took some of his men so he was also under him, then Joseph Bledsoe's Battery and then Richard Collins' battery all under Gen. Shelby.  John had two other grandfathers under Shelby as well.  Pretty miraculous they all survived!
Rosa Rogers/John Rogers (descendant of Wm. & Rhoda Harris) on whose farm the Blue Springs Cem. is located at Walnut between R.D. Mize/7 Hwy
Assoc. member #710 Independence UDC
Current Board member and general member WCQS 15 years

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lathrop Missouri Tractor and Engine Show June 15-16

Hughes Camp will be setting up a recruitment booth on June 15-16th at the Lathrop Missouri Tractor and Engine show.  This will be our first time attending this event.  Come on up to Lathrop Missouri and help recruit as this is prime of known descendants of Confederate soldiers.  Mark your calendar.
Jason-Nathaniel: coffman

Friday, May 10, 2013

Russian View of Northern Manpower Problems

Edouard de Stoeckl served as Russian Minister at Washington during the War between the States, having first come to this country in 1841 as an embassy attaché.  He placed the blame for John Brown's murderous rampage in 1859 on the agitation of New England abolitionists.  At the time, Stoeckl informed a Russian colleague that…."John Brown was proclaimed from the very roof tops [in the North] as the equal of our Savior. I quote these facts to point out how far Puritan fanaticism can go. Little by little the extreme doctrines of New England have spread throughout the land."

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission

"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Russian View of Northern Manpower Problems:

"Stoeckl persisted in his belief that the North could never subjugate the South. The Union, he felt, could not endure. he was sure it was divided forever. "In my opinion, the permanent separation of the North and the South will be the inevitable consequence of the American crisis. It is difficult to witness events without being convinced that a return to the old system is impossible."

A born aristocrat, Stoeckl blamed the plight and tragedy in which the nation found itself on the "ultra-democratic system." He pointed out that "only a handful of demagogues were able to accomplish this work of destruction. " He never ceased deploring the "rule of the mob." He hoped the north would accept the inevitable and seek cooperation with the South. The sooner the bloodshed could be ended the better for all concerned. He never overlooked an opportunity to offer his services as a conciliator.

With Washington again in danger of attack, "General Halleck has been ordered to Washington to take charge of military operations." Stoeckl wrote that Lincoln was experiencing great difficulty in replenishing the depleted military ranks. "The government has been compelled to offer a premium of twenty-five dollars a man." Later he reported that premiums up to fifty dollars have been offered, yet there are few volunteers. Two weeks later, Lincoln issued another call for volunteers, with premiums up to three hundred dollars.

"Mr. Lincoln told me himself one day that in case of necessity he could count upon two or three million men. Experience has demonstrated that such estimates are inaccurate….At the outset the armed services absorbed the adventurous types, the poor, the unemployed laborers and the foreigners who filled the large cities. Not many of these classes remain. The new recruits must come from the farmers, businessmen and, in general, the prosperous classes who are opposed to the war.

Those who volunteered at the outset never dreamed of the dangers and privations which awaited them. It was generally believed that the mere presence of the Northern army would coerce the South into rejoining the Union. The ever-increasing number of mangled, sick, crippled or maimed soldiers who have returned to their homes has opened the eyes of the Northerners to the horrors of war. Men no longer volunteer for military service. Bonuses of $250 to $300 are being offered to volunteers without spurring enlistments. As a result, the

government was forced to resort to conscription. But it is doubtful if the government will succeed in recruiting the number Lincoln has fixed in his call. General Halleck, now in command of federal forces, admitted to me that not more than 300,000 to 350,000 men can be recruited, the majority for a term of nine months…."

When the House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing the President to arm 150,000 Negroes, Stoeckl reported that "the Democratic Party regarded this measure as humiliating for the nation, since it was an admission that an army of a million men cannot win without the help of some 100,000 Negroes": [Stoeckl continues] "Mr. [Thaddeus] Stevens, the author of this measure, said that the federal army scarcely numbered 500,000 men under arms; that half these troops were scheduled to return home soon since their term of service expired next May; that volunteers are no longer enlisting; and that conscription was so unpopular that the government hesitated to invoke it again."

"In spite of all these [Northern] disasters, the federal government refuses to modify its policy with regard to the army. All the generals are politicians. McClellan is the only exception, so he has been removed from command. Burnside, Pope and Hooker owe their positions to their political connections. As for the division and brigade chiefs, they are for the most part lawyers and journalists whose only merit is that they made some contribution to putting the present administration in power." 

(Lincoln and the Russians, Albert A. Woldman, World Publishing Company, 1952, pp. 191-192; 196-197; 201, 205-206)


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hughes Camp Meeting Tonight May 9th 2013

Hughes camp meeting tonight at 7:00.  Bring your Hughes camp name tags if possible, I have new ones for everyone that are more bold and beautiful for a lack of a better term.  We will have Jim Beckner presenting a video by John Weaver I believe, not 100% sure though.  We have lots of issues to talk about tonight.  I will have new camp merchandise for all to purchase if need be.  Boyd chapter has a raffle going for an 1851 Navy revolver.  See you all there.
Jason-Nathaniel: coffman

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Financial Panic and Copperhead Uprising

Not surprising was the resistance of the Northern war munitions industry to peace initiatives; after defeat in 1856 the new Republican party saw future victory in wooing northeastern industrialists through protective tariffs and corporate welfare schemes, and protecting their interests at the expense of the agricultural South.  In early 1864, Southern agents in Canada like Captain Thomas Hines rounded up Southern prisoners of war who escaped across the border to freedom, holding the most useful for his clandestine command and helping others return South via blockade runners to Wilmington.  From June 1864 on, Hines and the Confederate Commissioners planned bold moves to bring their enemy to the peace table.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman

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Financial Panic and Copperhead Uprising:

"While Hines rounded up the escaped prisoners of war to form his tiny "squadron," as he would call it in later years, [Confederate Commissioner in Canada Jacob] Thompson set out for Niagara Falls to contact "potent men of the North" to learn how they felt about peace. Leading Copperheads like Fernando Wood, ex-mayor of New York City, and ex-governor Washington Hunt of New York, met with him at the Clifton House [hotel in Niagara Falls, Canada West]. New York and the East were not ready for peace or an uprising, they told Thompson. War [munitions] manufacturers there were too powerful and were on the alert to "neutralize" any peace efforts.

Thompson next turned to Secretary [Judah] Benjamin's favorite project: trying to create a financial panic in the North by buying up gold and smuggling it out of the country in order to weaken the gold security for the Union dollar. A Nashville banker named Porterfield, who was living in exile in Montreal, was selected by Thompson as the proper man to set this in motion.

Porterfield was furnished with fifty thousand dollars. He went to New York, opened an office under a fictitious name and began to purchase gold, which he exported to England and sold for sterling bills of exchange. Then he converted the sterling bills into dollars which he used to buy more gold. The transaction was a costly one, showing a loss due to the cost of operations, trans-shipment, etc.  Porterfield continued until his losses were twenty thousand dollars….[but by] this time he had exported five million dollars in gold, "and had induced many others to ship much more [gold]." His buying up gold and sending it out of the country began "showing a marked effect," as Thompson said in his official report to Richmond, when the Federals cracked down.

A former partner of Porterfield's was arrested by General Ben Butler for exporting gold, and thrown into Lafayette Prison in New York Harbor. Porterfield fled back to Canada….[but] still retained the twenty-five thousand dollars remaining to continue the exporting of gold through "fronts" in New York.

By the first week of June, 1864, Hines was in touch with his Copperhead friends in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and in communication with [Ohio gubernatorial candidate Clement] Vallandigham, who was now [exiled] in Windsor [Canada West].  A meeting was set for the 14th to plan the Copperhead uprising and the release of the Rebel prisoners in Camps Douglas, Morton, Chase and Rock Island.

Hines and Thompson met with Vallandigham on the 14th….[at] St. Catherines, Canada [West]…[and the latter] detailed for Hines the strength of the Copperheads. Membership totaled about 300,000. Illinois had furnished 80,000, Indiana, 50,000, Ohio, 40,000 and Kentucky and New York States, the rest.  A "feeling of fatigue" was sweeping through the North, Vallandigham told them, following Lincoln's call for 500,000 more men….[and] he added: "If provocation and opportunity arise, gentlemen, there will be a general uprising."

(Confederate Agent, A Discovery in History, James D. Horan, Crown Publishers, 1954, pp. 88-90)


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UPCOMING EVENTS -- Southern Heritage News and Views

May 11 - Groups to hold Confederate Memorial Day Service in Florence

Saturday, May 11th:  11:00 a.m. - Annual J.E.B. Stuart Memorial Service at the Yellow Tavern Monument in Glen Allen, VA, sponsored by the Richmond-Stonewall Jackson Chapter #1705, UDC.

Saturday, May 11th:  4:00 p.m. - Confederate Medal of Honor Memorial Service, Blanford Church on the grounds of Blanford Cemetery in Petersburg.

May 11 - Living History Festival with working Union, Confederate encampments to be held May 11 in Athens, Alabama
The Huntsville Times

May 11-12: See the Flag that Adorned Stonewall Jackson's Casket
The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia

May 27 - Memorial Day Service at Confederate War Memorial Chapel 
On May 27th at 10:00 AM we will hold our annual Memorial Day Service at the Confederate War Memorial  Chapel  at 2900 Grove Avenue @ Boulevard in Richmond. This year's speaker is Col. Eric Buckland,USA(ret) author of Mosby's Keydet Rangers and other books on Col John S. Mosby and the men who served with him.  Come hear the stories of their  exploits during the war. Col Buckland will also talk on the post-war lives of many of the Rangers as they assumed leadership roles in business and government in Virginia and the nation.  In addition, the Chapel and adjoining RE Lee Confederate Park  will be open for tours. You may also wish to visit the adjoining  Confederate Memorial Institute with the Four Seasons of the Confederacy mural funded in part by a Ranger.
Lee-Jackson  Camp #1, SCV
Friends of the Confederate war Memorial Chapel
PO Box 71256
Richmond, VA 23255-1256

3rd Annual Florida Youth Outdoor Experience
01 June 2013 09:00 AM till 03:00 PM

Saturday, June 8th:  Annual birthday ceremony for Jefferson F. Davis, at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.  Keynote speaker will be Mr. Bert Hayes-Davis, great great grandson of Jeff Davis.

June 14 - 16 - Civil War Living History
Glen Lyn Park, Glen Lyn Va

Saturday, June 15th, 2013 - Fairfax City, VA
33rd Annual Spring Civil War Mosby Bus Tour
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June 21-22, 2013 - "Southern Independence: Antidote to Tyranny"
The 20th Annual LS National Conference
Wetumpka, AL

June 22, 2013 - The Southern Victorian Society Cordially Invites You To a Delightful Evening of Victorian Dancing
Newberry, South Carolina

Saturday, June 29th:  10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 22nd Annual Point Lookout Pilgrimage, Confederate Memorial Park, Point Lookout, MD.

Vicksburg, Mississippi