Saturday, May 4, 2013

News Story on Stone Mountain, Georgia

Friends, here is my letter to Senator Fort, hope you will take a moment to write one, also to him at:  ''

Good day, Senator Fort,

I was offended and deeply saddened to hear your comments about the American heroes commemorated on Stone Mountain.

It is hard to find words to express how insensitive I felt your remarks are.  I can only imagine the countless number of people, black and white alike, you insulted in one short television segment.
I notice you are from Connecticut so perhaps you are simply ignorant of the facts.  You claim to have a history degree. 

I am curious about the following:
Perhaps they didn't teach you that the South wouldn't have lasted a day without the slave and free participation by black Southerners.

Perhaps you are unaware that Gen. Grant owned slaves (Union), but Gen. Lee owned none (Confederate).

Perhaps you are unaware that the North did not invade the South to free Southern slaves.

Perhaps you are unaware that the Emancipation Proclamation was a war measure that actually freed no one and in practicality made black slaves in overrun Southern lands property of the US Government (contraband). 

Perhaps you hadn't considered that it was the US Government who was responsible for the deaths of black Union soldiers because, as contraband, they were required to serve.

Perhaps you are unaware that black troops were used by the US Government as cannon fodder, and at pay less than their white counter parts, were expendable, put into unwinnable, high casualty positions on the battlefield.

Perhaps you are unaware that is was the radial republicans under Lincoln's administration that wanted to send all Black Americans to "Lincontonia" or Liberia…or, in fact, anywhere else.

Perhaps you were unaware that Frederick Douglas called Lincoln and his treatment of Black Americans the biggest fraud ever.

Perhaps you were unaware that, in fact, the Pres. Davis and the Southern states were more interested in protecting the original constitution of the nation and its tenants than in keeping their black brothers and sisters enslaved.

Instead of just race baiting or trying to create civil unrest by pitting one color of Americans against another, I am hopeful that you were unaware of these facts, and now that you are informed, you will realize that it is right and proper to honor these men, and back away from your offensive position of demeaning, degrading and vilifying some of the greatest American heroes, and heroes of millions of your State's residents.  If you don't believe me, allow me to suggest you consider  reading "Complicity – How the North Prolonged, Promoted and Profited from Slavery" written by reporters of your home state newspaper the Hartford Courant.

Finally, I hope you will consider that all of the three men on Stone Mountain are US Veterans, both before the war serving in the Mexican War, and that by act of Congress, all Confederate Veterans are also US Veterans.  Do you really want to pick a fight with Veterans?  Please consider this, because how we treat veterans of the past will signal to today's veterans how they will be treated in years to come when some 'historians' choose to paint the facts in a demeaning light.


Lunelle Siegel

Loganville, Georgia

PS.  If I am wrong and you refuse to be educated, you may want to reconsider living in the South, unless, of course, you enjoy offending people in your community.