Friday, May 3, 2013

* * * PLEASE!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Please make this message for help go viral!.

by Tim Manning Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 2:29am...
PLEASE REPORT THIS IN MANY FB PAGES AND WEBSITES! Please pardon my typos. I am in pain and moderate shock from what just happened which I am trying to write about. It is 4 am and I am still not calmed down enough to sleep!
Tonight 7-10 male Law Enforcement Officers in heavy body armour broke into my home and did much destruction. I am injured, but do not know how bad. The 1st year Sheriff Deputy, Greta Vaughan who broke and entered into my house two weeks ago giving no reason, that we were going to bring charges against but were not permitted to do when to a judge and got a search warrant for my home and took over $25-30,000 worth of my handguns, all in absolutely new condition some worth $2,000+ each. She wanted to search for guns since Christopher always open carries. Sheriff Deputies blocked Christopher from entering the Forsyth Court House last week. That is another whole story.
I am much overweight and they forced me to lie on my stomach on the floor for over 30 minutes. My physician has said to not rest on my stomach since it puts unnecessary pressure on my heart. I sleep on my back. I was then handcuffed and was not permitted to witness the search or use my cell phone. My knee and my back are now in much pain. I do not have the money for a trip to the ER and will phone my doctor tomorrow and find a chiropractor. My left and right knees are also injured and really hurting. I just took 8 IBP for pain. I am too tired and frustrated to go to the ER tonight. They also took some of my Virginia Heritage Foundation historical articles about the South that I use where I go to speak.
Two men were Police from Kernersville, NC and one with a vest that said Homeland Security Investigation. Some were in plain clothes and the rest in Forsyth County Sheriffs gear. 
I asked "Am I under arrest?" They said no. I asked "Am I being detained?" They said "Yes, for the duration of the search." For a while I had on two sets of handcuffs while I explained to them that I was a Pastor who trained pastors for many years and that I had counseled LEOs for nearly 30 years who were having family problems for gratis in the cities where I pastured and taught.
They busted in my front door of this $300,000+ home and busted in a set of rear French doors. They threatened to "bust-up" my car windows. Then they set a diversionary explosive in my entrance hallway. I had gone to the top of the stairs to see what was happening at my front door. They did not announce themselves. When the explosive went off I got flat on the second floor carpet seeing that there were too many people here to resist. The noise was so close I thought I had been shot. I was only about 10 feet away from the device. It blew pictures off of my walls, broke glass inside of the house and blew my hearing and air controls off of the wall in the hall and blew on of the batteries into the kitchen. The house is a wreck. 
I have no weapon now for self-defense. None . . . If I can get new handguns I will keep them at another location. If any of you have 9 mm, 357 mags, or 45 LC or 45 ACP and would like to make a donation to my safety please phone me at (336) 420-5355.
At the same time Forsyth County Sheriffs pinged my sons phone and sent a total of 6 men to arrest him on a minor charge. They took him to a jail in Greensboro . . . remember that my son is a Fugitive Recovery Agent for the Department of Insurance of State of North Carolina and has national authority.  
When they came in my door I was on my cell phone speaking to my mother in Columbia, SC. She went into a panic when she heard all of the screaming at me. My wife was still in training in Oklahoma and Mom called her to let her know what was happening. She called me about twice a minute for over an hour, but they would not permit me to answer my phone. So she called one of our neighbors
Just before this strike we had a phone call from a Forsyth County Sheriff saying that Christopher "was targeted for death!!!" And that he would never be safe in this State and that I had been saying things against the government. He said that we are being targeted for death. When the Forsyth Sheriff's left the Guilford County Judge Magistrate, the Magistrate looked at Christopher and laughed and told him to get out of his jail and that he was refusing to lock him up. We are on friendly terms with judges in several counties where Christopher has made captures. Christopher soon arrived here in Kernersville warning me that I would not be safe sleeping at home and I am making other sleep arrangements.
I discussed the Constitution of the USA with my captors who knew none of the Amendments and what they meant. They asked me to sign a paper which I refused. They ask me if I were injured. I told them that I was not feeling well but was not sure how injured I was. They said, "He is not injured," and left after about 3 hours. We have already made a number of phone calls and have three lawyers working on this and we are asking for Federal and State Protection from DHS and the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department. I expect to have several Federal Marshal's protecting us by tomorrow morning.
They took five of Christopher's badges from his room and swore to the judge signing the Search Warrant that Christopher does not work for the State of North Carolina. Man are they in for a rude awakening. If you do not hear from me regularly during the next thirty days it may well be that one or both of us have been executed to the Forsyth Sheriff's Department. We have a good recording of them talking about their plans at the arrest of Christopher that they do not know about. My son is still calling trying to get me to leave the house tonight.
Please call your local newspapers and ask them to call us to get the word out while we are alive . . . please. Also you may want to call some of the phone numbers below. I would begin with the governor's office and then the FBI and then the Newspapers in your area. 
It is people like us who speak out and refuse to be silent over such bully tactics. They will have to kill me to silence me and I am sure the thought is already in their minds. I would not be surprised to see my home torched. That is their ignorant style. 
Forsyth County Sheriff's Department non-emergency number (336) 727-2112.
Forsyth County Sheriff's Department Internal Affairs (336) ?.
NC Governor McCrory Office (919) 733-5811.
NC Governor McCrory Fax (919) 733-2120.
NC Attorney General  1-877-5-NO-SCAM, at (919) 716-6000 from outside of North     Carolina.
FBI 1801 Stanley Rd, Greensboro, NC 27407 (336) 855-7770.
This happened on May 01, 2013.
More later. Thank you for reading and caring. Please pray for us. Signed Timothy D. Manning and Christopher D. Manning.