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VA headstones

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SCV Camp Commander 2118, Elk City, OK
B. Otis Stratton

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See e-mails from Curt Tipton and the other gentlemen concerning headstones for not only Confederate Veterans but others as well.
I signed the petition.


Subject: FW: VA headstones
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
            See the email below from Camp 2316 member Chris Mathis.  The damnyankee VA is still denying markers to both Confederate and Union veterans as well as those veterans of the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican War and the Indian Wars!

Curt Tipton
Adjutant, Arizona Division SCV
Adjutant, Confederate Secret Service Camp 1710

From:Chris Mathis
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Subject: FW: VA headstones

FYI Gentlemen

From:Kevin Ivey
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Subject: VA headstones

This was posted on face book this morning, thought you would be interested.

Dear Volunteers,

For the last year, the VA's Headstone and Markers Program, which for more than a century has been marking the graves of American veterans, has, in effect, been shut down. Veterans of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and other service whose unmarked graves have been located by researchers continue to lie in unmarked graves because of a new, and inappropriately restrictive, regulation.

This is wrong. It should not be happening.

Please go to our webiste, "Mark Their Graves,"
and sign our petition to change this. And contact anyone you know who may be interested in supporting this effort.


-Jeff Richman
Green-Wood Cemetery Historian