Friday, May 3, 2013

Stone Mountain Relief

Senator Fort,
The carving upon Stone Mount depict the figures of three of America’s greatest men; men of courage, integrity, fortitude and honor, qualities that are sorely lacking in ANYONE who would suggest altering this relief of these men of principle. 
It’s a well-known fact that the populace of America via the Politically Correct attributes of the public school system is ignorant of the mosaic that composes the history of this country. Some of our history is outstanding, some mundane, some horrendous but it’s our common history regardless and none should be altered for political purposes. If American contained a people of putrid or horrible morals & character, then why are we so prosperous, peaceful and good when people around the globe with millenniums of history are still killing each other daily? It’s because we are a people of character, charity and honor as passed to us from those before us who tended to do the right thing when needed.
As a native Georgian descending from the founding families of Georgia that settled the frontier hundreds of years ago I regard any affront to the magnificent artwork of world renown upon the face of Stone Mountain as an attack upon human culture of the same magnitude as that of the Taliban in Afghanistan as waged upon the antiquities of that country. It’s despicable.
Since your statements during your interview reflect a lack of study and comprehension of the role the United States and especially the Northern states played in the slavery issue, including the Northern role as slave traders which provided seed money for much of the economic foundation of the New England states, (yes, they held slaves there too. Read “Northern Complicity: How the North Promoted, Prolonged and Profited from Slavery” by Anne Farrow) you should busy yourself in other endeavors of society that are in dire need of attention. Please set yourself to work solving maladies of  today such as drug use, black crime & teenage murder, graduation rates, youth pregnancy, single parenthood, joblessness and other worthy causes rather than perpetuating stupidity upon an  honorable icon that only draws support in the hearts of the ignorant.
Respectfully submitted,
Captain Phil Walters
Tampa, Fl. 
A native Georgian