Wednesday, May 2, 2012

State discusses historic markers for Battle of Albany 150th | Richmond Daily News

State discusses historic markers for Battle of Albany 150th

By David Knopf/Richmond News

A new player has taken the field to mark the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Albany, an ambush by Union forces that resulted in the death of Bloody Bill Anderson and other Confederate guerillas.
It was previously announced that Big River Ranch and Civil War reenactor Robbie Maupin would join forces with Ray County Historical Society to recreate the Battle of Albany, which took place outside of current-day Orrick.
The battle took place Oct. 27, 1864, near property now owned by Murrell Thomas. The general location and deaths of Anderson and a number of his Partisan Rangers is marked with a stone monument on Thomas's land.
Maupin and the Society plan to reenact the Albany battle, as well as stage other Civil War battle scenes to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Anderson's death. Speaking to the historical society in January, Maupin said Anderson's death was among the significant turning points of the Civil War in Missouri.
Maupin, Big River Ranch's Jake Brown, Thomas and Ray County Historical Society members met with two state officials recently to discuss the creation of a Battle of Albany historic panel, which would give an overview of the battle, and discuss the role played by Anderson and his band of Partisan Rangers, who are also referred to as "bushwhackers" and guerillas.
In addition, the group discussed placement of 150th Civil War Anniversary markers near the battle site.