Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saving More at Chancellorsville

Civil War Trust

Civil War Trust

Save Chancellorsville
In 2009, the Civil War Trust worked to save 85 prime acres of the Chancellorsville Battlefield — land associated with Stonewall Jackson's famed Flank Attack on May 2, 1863.
Now we have a brand new opportunity to save an additional 14 acres of this threatened battlefield. This new tract not only sits squarely in the middle of Jackson's attack route, but it also contains significant road frontages on the Orange Plank Road and Orange Turnpike (Route 3).
Working with our preservation partners, the Civil War Trust must raise $95,000 to help save this historic property. I hope you agree with us that this is "must have" battlefield land within the heart of one of America's most historic and endangered Civil War battlefields.
Join us as we work to save this 14-acre tract at Chancellorsville: Donate Today »
Thanks to our partnership with the Commonwealth of Virginia, American Battlefield Protection Program, and the Central Virginia Battlefield Trust, every dollar donated will be matched $5 to $1.
New Battle Map
And to learn more about the Battle of Chancellorsville please visit our updated page: »
Very sincerely yours,
Jim Lighthizer
Jim Lighthizer
Civil War Trust

Civil War Trust: Saving America's Civil War Battlefields

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