Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MO Division SCV Executive Councile Meeting

Missouri Division Sons of Confederate Veterans

Executive Council Meeting
May 5, 2012

            Started around 9:00a.m. at the Truman Hotel in Jefferson City, Mo. Darrell Maples had welcomed everyone to the Meeting. Pledge of Allegiance to United States Flag by Keith daleen and Salute to the Confederate Flag by Paul Lawrence

            Those present at the meeting were: Paul Lawrence~ Shelby Camp Commander/Mo. Div. Adjutant, Darrell Maples~ Div. Commander, Keith Daleen~ Cheif-of-Staff, B.J. Montgomery~  Western Brigade Commander, Randall Little~Porter Camp Commander Jason Coffman~ Hughes Camp Commander, Duane Mayer~ Utz Camp Commander, Billy Ed Bowden~ Eastern Brigade Commander, Don Bowman~ Central Brigade Commander, Noel A. Crowson~ Gates Camp Commander, Neil Block~ Anderson Commander/Div. Historian, Jared Lawler ~ Coffee Camp Commander, Stan Myers~ Parsons Camp Commander and Larry Smith~ Mo. Div. Lt. Commander.

            Adjutant’s Report: Life Membership ~ $1114.50, O'Connor Fund ~ $920.41, Heritage Defense fund ~ $2605.23, Dues Account ~ $7492.04 & Main Checking ~ $7071.16.  Sent a Check to Randy Etheridge at the O'Neil Marble Works for the bench amount of $450.00. Sent a check to Kelly’s engraving amount of $25.00 and to Gary Ayres for the Newsletter amount of $392.00. Dues collected on 4-28-2012 David Cowell, Homer Ellis and Perry Ellis.

Chief-of-Staff Report:  Keith Daleen presented each Camp Commander with a copy of the updated Missouri Division Constitution & Bylaws.

            Division fund raiser will be a Missouri Division Confederate Flag Polo Shirt. See Camp Commander for ordering. Camp Commander or Adjutants need to send order form to Darrell Maples by July 4, 2012. Make Check to Missouri Division - SCV.

            Missouri Division Reunion for 2013 will be March 23 & 24 so, put on your calendars ASAP 1st Lt. Commander - Larry Smith will have the details on the agenda for the event. We are looking for Sponsors for a event this could be a camp or individual person and they will be recognized into our program that is made up for the Convention.

            Missouri Division Awards  The Brigade Commanders to Establish Nomination Criteria for: Col. Joe Porter Award (Outstanding Member), Outstanding Camp, Best Newsletter and Lindsey Whiteside award ( Most new camp members). Any member of the Division can recommend any member for one of these awards all you have to do is send to your Brigade Commander.  Please send your newsletters for the camp to your brigade commander!

            Joe Porter Award Medal Proposal To be presented along with current plaque, and also provided to each past recipient of the award. * Reasoning for the medal is like that of most medals, although the current recipients receive a very nice plaque, there is no outward sign that they have been recognized by the Missouri Division for performing above and beyond the call of duty.

            Confederate Memorial Day June 2, 2012 at Higginsville, Mo. Confederate Cemetery.  Billy Ed Bowden will be standing in for Commander Darrell Maples who cannot attend due to a wedding.

            Newsletter Everyone will see a paper newsletter but please send back you post card to let the newsletter maker know how you would like to receive it.

            Website Please look at our website for up coming events and it is being change up to date. Check us out on Facebook and Division Adjutant e-mail:

            Silver Coin Project You can order any state at any time even if it has not been made yet get yours today!! Every member in Missouri that orders one the Missouri Division will receive $12.00 per coin.  Anyone can order a coin, not just members.

            Provisional Brigade Assignment for new Brig./Gen. Wingo Camp #2213 will be placed in the Eastern Brigade.