Saturday, March 22, 2014

S.D. Lee Institute was the place for the introduction of Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and All the Fixins

The first news I got of Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and All the Fixins being introduced to some of the most influential Southern thinkers living today was from Donnie Kennedy when he told me my book was available at the most recent meeting of the S.D. Lee Institute.

I was surprised.

But, it was a pleasant surprise.

You see Southern Fried Ramblings is about the modern South.  It is NOT a Civil War history.

Southern Fried Ramblings is an honest attempt to talk about the issues which face the modern South. those issues mirror what is occurring in the United States as a nation.

I accept that I was thrown out of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  I accept that I was not friendly enough.  I accept that I would not be silenced about the political purpose of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  You see I believe in the Charge.  I believe the Sons of Confederate Veterans WAS NOT instituted to make sure that schools  taught honest American history.  I believe the Sons of Confederate Veterans WAS NOT instituted to make sure there are re-enactments or parades.

I believe the Sons of Confederate Veterans was created to VINDICATE the Cause.  My understanding of the word  VINDICATE is to continue the struggle for:

a. States Rights
b. Christianity as the moral center of the nation
c. Liberty and the protections of the Bill of Rights
d. the original Constitution, and the checks and balances which include States vs. the central government, and the internal checks and balances within the Constitution itself.

I believe the war was as a result of President Lincoln's refusal to allow peaceful, legal secession.  And I believe that the right of Secession is fundamental to the heart of the Constitution.  The compromises made at the Constitutional Convention were made in order to unify the 13 separate nations under a second confederation that had more power than the original under the Articles of Confederation.

I submit to you, leaders of the Sons of Confederate Veterans that what you presently witness in America is because the heirs of the Cause failed to do their job!  We, including me, failed to live to the standards of self - sacrifice and devotion that our ancestors did in the first and second revolutions.  I call the War for Southern independence a revolution because it would change the existing Union by forcing them to accept secession as a right of the states.

I accept my exile from the SCV because it has liberated me from the censorship within the organization and freed me from the internal infighting that has been the best weapon of the South's enemies, and Liberty's enemies in that it absorbs the energy of the tens of thousands of patriots within the organization.

I encourage all to consider purchasing and reading Southern Fried Ramblings.  It is an attempt to codify the Southern movement in its present state.  And it is an attempt to illustrate the vital importance of the Olde South to current events.  I am your obedient Servant,

Look around, could you create a political situation in the United States more suited to the lessons of 1861-1865, and more importantly the years preceding when politics could have provided an answer that avoided the tragic war.  As the inheritors of the history your voice is important to America today.

God Bless the South,

Mark Vogl