Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Abbeville Scholars on C-SPAN

From: donlivingston45@gmail.com

Friends of the Abbeville Institute:

Below is a memo from Gar Schulin announcing the lectures given by Abbeville Scholars at The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society conference at the University of Virginia a few months ago will be aired on C-SPAN.  Lectures by Bill Wilson, Donald Livingston and Clyde Wilson were presented. There is a variety of times when they can be seen.


Donald Livingston

Jefferson Compatriots,

I am pleased to report we continue to make progress in raising public awareness not only to the immense character and legacy of Thomas Jefferson, but to our Society and our public education mission as well.   Let's make sure our website is fully up to date in the coming days.

Don't miss these compelling lectures by some of our distinguished affiliated scholars on C-SPAN filmed last November.  Dr. Donald Livingston is our next scholar to be featured on their programming schedule.  For those of you who were unable to attend our seminar at the Jefferson Scholars Foundation last November- or who have never heard a lecture by Dr. Livingston- I especially urge you to tune in for a truly masterful discussion and a thrilling learning experience as he brings our American history to life with a context and clarity rarely seen in most C-SPAN programming.

Let us hope that C-SPAN 3 will have the fortitude for rebroadcasting all three of our outstanding lectures recorded from our seminar last November 9th, including the final lecture, "Looking for Mr. Jefferson," by Dr. Clyde Wilson.  With these and other future seminars to be developed, it will become very clear to the enemies of Thomas Jefferson that our Society efforts to present the essential truths of his immense legacy and character can not be so easily and summarily dismissed.


Once these programs have aired, they are also available for virtual viewing any time via C-SPAN 3's online program archive:

Dr.  William Wilson:  "Jefferson the Theist"


We are looking forward to completion of  all six of our recent seminar lectures to be produced independently on DVD and CD audio lectures for our subsequent Society distribution and use.  The C-SPAN 3 lectures should also  be linked on our Society web site as well, along with Dr. Turner's "Report of the Scholars Commission" book launch coverage by C-SPAN at the National Press Club.

Good day to all and as ever,

Gar Schulin