Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's time for a cultural counter revolution


I have never been one who saw the practical use and/or effectiveness of Confederate flags and uniforms in the ongoing Culture War within the United States.  It has seemed to me a distraction, a waste of effort which could be better used in conventional political operations focused on changing US policy across a spectrum of issues.

For the grannies these passive events, parades, re-enactments, school visits not only have limited political effectiveness, but limited purpose.  Infiltrated by progressive liberals, the SCV, UDC and other heritage organizations have been muted from vindicating the Cause or defending liberty.

Vindication of the Cause is a de facto conservative policy.  And this is why so many liberals participate, because by participating they block the formation of organization true to their cause.

The Cause is about the original Constitution, limited government, limited US foreign policy, a social order based on the Bible and respect and submission to a Christian God.  The Cause was about states' rights, the importance of the traditionally family and a love of the land.

However, I am now coming to see a political purpose, in modern times, for those who enjoy donning Confederate gray.  The flaggers have demonstrated a stick-to-it-iveness which makes them a usable tool in the Culture War.  In one sense they set the stage for the intellectual assault necessary to change thinking in the United States.

Those who carry the battleflag, and wear the uniforms of an earlier America clearly present a startling image, one which automatically draws the attention of passers-by.  It is inevitable that discussions will occur, and that the electronic media will eventually be drawn to the site where the crimson cross waves.

While the Sesquicentennial is near completed, the need for opening a discussion of American heritage to help lay the foundation for our national future is more relevant with each passing day.  Immense debt, a collapsing Obama Care, social chaos in terms of faith and marriage demand patriots, whether you are an American patriot, or a Southern patriot to stand and be counted.

Men like Donnie and Ronnie Kennedy are important.  Its time for pro Southern intellectuals to step out of history, to bring the lessons of history forward to today.  A connection must be made between the then, and now.   The South Was Right must be redefined as the South is Right.

Secession may be the only break that can allow some Americans to live as we were born.  Too much has changed since my birth.  Too much is changing in the continental America, too much is controlled by the East Coast elite, and by internationalists.  And too few Americans are willing to expend treasure and energy to fight for all of America.  It is simply too vast, and too overrun.

But Southerners, or those of the Southern persuasion must "ramp up" their articulation of a future America, one where we return to our origins.  This new America will almost certainly not be the continental America we see today.  It will almost certainly be a segment, possibly a large segment.  Secession, peaceful departure is key to this new beginning.

America seems to be a rampaging train accelerating without an engineer.  17 trillion in debt, the US government telling us the economy will not get better in the foreseeable future, (the Obama administration lauds the loss of 2 million jobs due to the implementation of Obama Care) the rejection of God and Christianity all signal an end is coming.

A big question is whether Texas will stand alone as many in her state want, or would Texas be the center of a new America?  That question is pivotal to the future.  Texas could stand by herself.  She has the resources, population and national character to do it.  But she would be Texas, not America.

So here we are.

This is not an SCV - UDC question.  Like the Republican Party, those organizations have been neutered and are inconsequential to the making of history.

This is a question for each individual, those who wear the gray, and those who do not.  Those who pretend to be the heroes of an earlier time may play a key role in unfolding events, not because of what they say or do, but because of what they illustrate, a new beginning for a collapsing nation.

It is time for the horns of history to sound as the clarion call for today.  It is time for us to remember our Founders, and those who gave all to defend them from  domestic treason to the origins of America.  It is time to understand your history to help you make history today.  I would prefer an American First Party and an effort to turn America back to her origins.  But a lack of that means an end to the union as we know it.

God Bless the South,

Mark Vogl