Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Are you ready for Confederate History and Heritage Month 2014

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Calvin E. Johnson, Jr., Chairman of the Confederate History Month Committee for the National and Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans 2014
Email: Calvin at: cjohnson1861@bellsouth.net
Website: http://confederateheritagemonth.com
See us daily on face book at: https://www.facebook.com/ConfederateHeritageMonth
Phone: 770 428 0978 or cell at: 770 330 9792

Mike Crane is both webmaster and Co-Chairman of the Confederate History Month Committee.
Email mike at: mikecrane@tds.net Or Phone: 706-374-2640
Members: John Black, Billy Bearden, Fred Wilhite and in memory of member Jeff Davis
Mike is also webmaster of the Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans web page at: http://gascv.org/

Are you ready for Confederate History and Heritage Month 2014?
Our month of Southern Remembrance is less than a month away.
You don't have to be a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to get the SCV Georgia specialty license tag. All license drivers in Georgia can get one. See my published letter below which has a photo of the beautiful tag and get your tag today!
Residents of Georgia are also encouraged to fly the Confederate flag. See news report at:
Dear Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Children of the Confederacy, Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution, American Veterans, Historical groups, Church groups and all who appreciate the grand heritage of the Old South that is our legacy of the men and women of the Confederate States of America "1861-1865" who stood like their Revolutionary War "1776" ancestors who fought for real freedom and independence. It was not a lost cause in 1861 and still not a lost cause today as we work to preserve the Confederate History and Heritage for our future generations of young people, all Americans and everyone around the world.
When people speak, either good or bad, about our Southern ancestors, they are speaking about our wonderful family!
There has been too much negative news about our Confederate ancestors and their blood stained battle flags of honor. Robert E. Lee whose memory was once revered in both the North and South has even now come under new unwarranted and ugly attacks. See example of recent article about a possible removal of portraits of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson at:

It's time to educate and even re-introduce the American people and the world, especially the young folks, about the Black, White, Hispanic, Jewish, Native American and all who nobly defended their homes and firesides during the Yankee invasion of the South during the War for Southern Independence, 1861-1865.
The Confederate History and Heritage Month committee is ready now for April 1-30, 2014 and all year when we will celebrate Confederate History and Heritage Month. As we remember General's Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in January, we endeavor to gear up now for Confederate History remembrance for 2014 and continue through Robert E. Lee's birthday on January 19, 2015 and beyond that with tireless efforts for Dixie's land.
This year the Confederate History Month committee is offering you two brochures, one on General Robert E. Lee and another on Confederate History Month. These are eight pages that can be down loaded on a CD disk and taken to a print shop to make as many copies as you like and hand out to everyone. The pages are numbered and can be folded 5 ½ by 8 ½ and stapled 2 times in the middle. Let us know what you think. Email me at: cjohnson1861@bellsouth.net and I will send you an attachment of the brochures.
We have been on Facebook since 2011 and have had almost 3,000 likes. Let's make it 3 million. Go to: https://www.facebook.com/ConfederateHeritageMonth to see what's going on.  Also please sign up for updates at our Confederate History and Heritage Month web page at: http://www.confederateheritagemonth.com.
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I ask everyone to serve your Confederate History Month committee as Ambassador of good will and spread the good word about the April's Month of Southern Remembrance.
Let's get all Mayors, County Commissioners and Governors to sign proclamations for Confederate History and Heritage Month and sponsor many memorial events throughout April.
Also, ask you TV, radio and newspaper to do daily Confederate History Month minutes. See examples you can use at: http://confederateheritagemonth.com/heritage/2006/calvin_johnson.php
What a great educational chance we have with the Sesquicentennial 150th Anniversary of the War Between the States continuing this year and Confederate History and Heritage Month in April. Deo Vindice!
God bless Dixie!