Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fw: 150th Anniversary Battle of Montevallo

Yes the picture is Major Sam on the Bushwhacker Museum sign by the Nevada exit. It rained and rained and about 10:00AM the rain left, the sky turned blue, and it turned into a beautiful day one hour before the Montevallo Dedication began. All of you that made the journey helped to make the day special. We had the SCV Hughes and Coffee Camps and the SUV Westport and Phelps Camp and of course Elliott's Scouts was a crowd pleaser. In addition to firing a salute during the dedication we had a skirmish after the dedication.   The monument stone looked great and its not every day you are able to attend a monument dedication commemorating a 150th Anniversary. My family lived in the area and when we moved to the Bushwhacker Museum we had a Rebecca Wade Gabbert impersonator. Its not everyday you are able to meet and have your picture taken with your great great great grandmother. The presentation was really good.   Thanks again to all that were there. 
Trooper Bob Capps
150th Anniversary Battle of Montevallo
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