Monday, August 10, 2015

Did our ancestors die in vain?

Mr. Hubbard,

As Speaker of the House I am shocked and disappointed re: the role you have taken in this most recent silent & sneaky removal of our beloved Confederate Flag out of the Old House Chamber a couple of weeks ago, especially when you didn't really need to have  anything to do with this despicable act.

Many years ago that honored flag was presented to the State Legislature by the Alabama Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) as a sacred trust. Are you informed, are you ignorant, or do you even care what it memorializes?  Well, l et me enlighten you. That flag was dedicated to the honor of more than 30,000 courageous Alabama soldiers & sailors who fought, were maimed & many died trying to protect & defend their homes & state from invasion by an out-of-control, centralized Federal Government, under a President & a Congress who could only see this, and the other cotton producing states, as a 'cash cow' for promoting their greedy, Northern interests.  When South Carolina refused to institute & then pay the exorbitant, illegal Morrill Tariff Tax, and it then seceded from the Union in 1861, Lincoln (before sending 75K U.S. Soldiers to invade the South (a totally unconstitutional act) put his head in his hands and cried' "My tariff, my tariff, what will become of my tariff?"

Now 150 years later that same central government with the greedy, socialistic base still reigns in DC. Today it has spread its 'cancer' to all the states, so that even the governor & legislature of our wonderful state of Alabama has been contaminated by it !  How can you as Speaker even begin to rationalize that what you're doing by dumping your traditions, your heritage & the debt you owe to your ancestors who fought in our country's wars (including those who were Confederate), is right? You should be ashamed to be so 'politically correct' that you would sacrifice the truth of your own children's heritage to appease some 'race baiting, South hating' socialists & their corrupt agenda.

In choosing to appease these 'types' you think you're gaining votes. I beg to differ with you. As a life-long resident of this state, educated in its schools and retired from its school system; one who has voted since 1964,  generally as a conservative Republican, I can tell you that you're going to find that you've only hurt yourself because of this.  As I told the person who answered the Governor's office phone, you may find that in the next election all of those Republican votes you & your cronies have taken for granted just might totally disappear.

In this matter if you can't stand up for your heritage against nameless outsiders & special interests from DC, what makes you think the people of Alabama will stand up and vote for you, or any other Republican, in the next election ...or any to come for that matter? You and the Governor may think you've done the state a 'favor' by getting rid of the Confederate flags and symbols on the 'QT', your 'lame, 'PC' excuse' being you didn't want to 'offend' anyone.

Well, sir I have a ' News Flash' for you and our 'lame duck' Governor --   You've underestimated thousands of Alabamians just like me who love & cherish ALL of the state's heritage & the sacrifices of our beloved ancestors who so proudly pioneered this state (mine came in 1817 bf/ statehood), and valiantly defended her with their lives in every war since then whenever she called on them to do so. For us, our ancestors did not die in vain, no matter what war or conflict that they were called to serve in... including the War of Secession, 1861-65.

As far as a whole host of others, as well as myself, feel -  In the annals of Alabama history you will be remembered as the Alabama Speaker who aided & abetted in the eradication of the Southern Culture of the Christian South.


Martha S. Smith, 1-VP

AL-UDC Ch. 667

Stonewall Jackson

Ozark, AL

I forgot to add Mike Hubbard's, Speaker of the House, number to call. He took our flag out of the Old House Chamber when he didn't have to get in this fight either!  And that flag was given to the legislature by the UDC in HONOR of more than 30,000 HONORABLE Alabama Confederate soldiers who died trying to save our LIBERTY!!!

Please call him and express your outrage at this cultural genocide he & Bentley have started across the Southland!  He will NOT be remembered for the 27 indictments filed against him...he will be remembered as the Speaker who aided & abetted the eradication of the Christian Southern Culture!!!