Monday, October 8, 2012


Gentlemen:  Please forward this to your SCV lists - and everyone whom you deem interested in this effort.

As you all are aware, we, the Friends of Forrest, are in a full blown war with our local domestic terrorist, Rose Sanders, her husband Senator Hank Sanders and now they have brought in the national organizations that have been waging war on our heritage & culture for years.  Let me assure you...WE HAVE THE HIGH GROUND AND WE ARE GOING TO WIN!

We are in a truce at this time...I will be able to expound more on that in the upcoming days.  In the meantime, my job is to raise money...AGAIN!  I know a lot of you might be saying, "well, I have been giving to this effort for years...when is it gonna stop and when is Pat Godwin going to stop asking me for money"....Gentlemen, there are not words adequate enough to express to you my most sincere gratitude for everything y'all have done for us and General Forrest here in Selma through all these years, plus the committed money for the reward for the information leading to the arrest & conviction of the perpetrators of the theft of the NBF bust. I am just an humble player in this theater of war...I have told many folks through the years, that I really think this entire project from its inception has been Providential. There are people who walk the planet for their entire life, and then when the time comes for them to stand at  their judgement, they wonder why they have been here and feel they have lived a lifetime not knowing why they were here and wondering what they have done with their lives during their time here.  I am blessed to KNOW why I am here...our Lord has allowed me to be just a small part in this effort to pay homage to General Forrest that is properly due him...especially here in Selma Alabama where he only had about 3000 troops against more than 13,000 of the best equipped troops in the history of the world..this took extreme raw courage and committment to duty to his country!  Based on the history of Selma, I truly believe that General Forrest's spirit STILL LIVES HERE IN SELMA...and there is a reason this war continues to exonerate him in OUR time as he was exonerated in HIS time.

Confederate Circle will be an historical learning site ...we plan to have historical markers telling the history of the circle, the Ladies Memorial Association, Selma chapter 53 UDC, Elodie Todd Dawson, the Confederate Monument, the Forrest Monument...we are installing two more flag poles - one will fly the Confederate Battle Flag (the soldiers flag) one will fly the Stars & Bars (the daughters flag) and we plan to move the existing flag pole to the Forrest Monument and fly Gen Forrest's 7th Tenn Cavalry flag (the Battle Flag without the center star ). We plan to have the heavy duty wrought iron park benches within the circle also.  We are planning to re-landscape the Circle with Southern trees, flowers & shrubs. 

There is sooo much to tell and I will be putting out a detailed report soon...however, please be assured that SECURING the FORREST monument and the entire Confederate Circle is the objective...we will have state of the art security system installed with 24/7 surveillence.  There also will be LED lights installed on the Forrest Monument and the Confederate Monument.

We will be offering an opportunity to sponsor the flag poles ($2100 each), a park bench (cost is unknown right now) bronze historical markers, and the bronze historical plaques that will be attached to the eight-sided pedestal that the entire Forrest monument will be placed upon. There will be a  5 ft.wrought iron period correct fence installed around the Forrest monument, as well.  I am currently working on the order forms for the sponsorship of these features.

Thank you again for your continued faithful support of the Forrest Monument effort here in Selma...again, I will be putting out a detailed report soon.

Confederately yours,
Pat Godwin
Friends of Forrest
GENERAL FORREST NEEDS YOUR HELP! He fought for you…will you fight for him?
Please support the friends of forrest & Selma chapter #53, UDC by honoring your ancestor at the Nathan Bedford forrest memorial!
Honor your Confederate Ancestor, UDC Chapter/Division, OCR Chapter/Society, SCV Camp/Division or other Southern Heritage organization by purchasing a permanent granite paver to be installed around the base of the NBF Monument at Confederate Circle in Live Oak Cemetery in Selma, Alabama. The order form is attached below. If your ancestor served with General Forrest, please indicate by putting a star at the beginning of your ancestor's name on the top line. If you have any further questions, please contact Patricia S. Godwin, President of Selma Chapter #53 and Friends of Forrest, Inc. @ 334-875-1690 or 334-419-4566 (cell) or @:
The pavers are $50 each; you may purchase more than one if you wish. Please mail your completed form, with your check made payable to NBF Monument Fund/Confederate Circle, to:
Patricia S. Godwin
Fort Dixie
10800 Co. Rd. 30
Selma, Alabama 36701
(Home) (cell)
Please engrave my 4" x 8" paver as follows: (Max. 3 Lines, 19 Characters per line)
___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___
___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___
___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___