Sunday, October 7, 2012

God bless Valerie Protopapas!

God bless Valerie Protopapas!
God bless Valerie Protopapas! She was willing to take on a hostile "historian" who clearly uses historical facts to bolster his bias. There is one thing the yankee nation can never refute: Lincoln acted against a declaration of independence just as did King George, III and no amount of sophistry can overcome the hypocrisy of people who support Lincoln celebrating the Fourth of July.

And with the current hand-wringing all over the world concerning the Syrian dictator's slaughter of 20,000 of his citizens, the world should never forget that actions by Lincoln, by invading the South, resulted in the slaughter of three quarters of a million Americans at a time of much less population. My, what a "great guy."

P. Charles Lunsford