Saturday, October 13, 2012

Copy of letter to Swint by Eddie Grey

Copy of letter to Swint



Mr. Swint, it is a scary thought to think a man with your twisted views of history would seek an office to govern those you detest. It's extremely obvious from your commentary you have bought into the "Northern" version of American history. How ironic you want to represent a state that is the only state that seceded from it's former nation while you condemn other states who attempted the same. If by some chance you are successful in having the statue removed, please have the decency to allow it to be claimed and put where it will be appreciated and not condemned. I will at my own expense come and transport the statue to North Carolina where Jackson has earned our respect, should your desire to have it removed are by some remote chance approved. I trust you will understand that I will find out who is your opposition in the upcoming election and make as large a contribution to his or her campaign as allowed by law to prevent such a narrow minded person as yourself from taking a seat in our congress. You certainly do not show any signs of being able to serve the diversified population of this nation and we have much larger and important issues to contend with than your issue with a statue.

I remain..a Compatriot in the Cause...

Eddie Grey