Wednesday, October 24, 2012

March Across Dixie by H. K. Edgerton

March Across Dixie

On Monday morning, October 15, 2013, I would make my way to the Honorable Zebulon B.Vance monument in downtown Asheville, give a hand salute to the Governor, pose for a dozen or more pictures and make my way down highway 25 on the Historic 10 year anniversary of the March Across Dixie. On this day, I would experience little fan fare, however I think it important to mention the young black man who would shout out for me as I made my way pass a predominately Black community called Petersburg.  He would accompany me for about a mile as we talked about the article he had read in the Asheville Tribune newspaper about the March and my journey of love and support for the South and its people, give me a hug, and tell me that he was so proud that I would represent those  Blacks either erased or forgotten who wore the Confederate grey, or labored in support of the South. The Honorable Kirk D. Lyons the Chief Trial Counselor of the Southern Legal Resource Center would greet me at the historic old courthouse in downtown Hendersonville. It had been a great day as I had received the blessings and  encouragement from so many on this day in Dixie as the peoples spirits seemed to soar at the sight of a handsome old black man donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier, carrying the Christian Cross of St. Andrew in hand.

On Tuesday morning, October 16, 2012, I would be accompanied by folks that I can only call some of my Guardian Angels," the Honorable Homer and Mrs. Judi Price" of whose help I would have never been able to make it without. We made our way down Highway# 25 ten miles to Dixie Out Post in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. I would soon find out that Homer was a woman magnet as we were stopped by so many ladies , pose for pictures, all would express their gratitude for the very positive message that we were sending to those who would pass us on this day. I must also mention the young Sheriff Deputy who would stop us and with tears in his eyes, express his gratitude for the journey that we were on that clearly marked an expression of honor for the very memory of his ancestors who fought the South, and gave us his card and told us, if we were in need of help as we made our way through South Carolina, not to hesitate in calling him. Ms. Judi and Homer would take me to a restaurant called the Junction where I almost licked the plate. It was a great day in Dixie.

On Wednesday morning October 17, 2012, with Homer and Ms. Judi still faithfully in tow, Ms. Judi would take one look at my feet ( as I had remarked to Homer the day before that my feet must feel like the mens feet at Gettysburg who made the mistake that cost the war) and told me that I was not going to walk another day with shoes leaking, and feet hurting. True to her words, I ended up with a new pair of boots, two pair of pants, several pair of wool socks, a poncho, several pair of gloves, a big hug and some preserves for my sister. And beside Homer I floated on air all the way to Dixie Lumber Company in Easley, South Carolina where we would be greeted by the wonderful staff that had greeted me twice before on this same journey both 5 & 10 years ago. Should anyone ever be in Easley; stop and ask to view the pictures in the Book of Honor. You will find Homer and I there.

On Thursday morning, October 18, 2012, with the Honorable Homer and Mrs. Judi Price still faithfully by my side, we would make our way with a great deal of fanfare from those who we passed by. Homer and I began to feel as though we were two celebrities as folks stopped us for pictures and conversation, and expressed their love. We even returned several salutes to the Clemson Police who unlike 10 years ago would stop us and almost bring the March to a halt on the outskirts of Clemson. Homer and I would spend several moments on that corner waving at those who were putting up a small ruckus as they waved and shouted out the Rebel Yell.

On Friday morning October 19, 2012, as Ms. Judi, Homer and made our way to our final destination of the week; the Confederate soldiers monument, Homer and I would be stopped by a man and his son, the Honorable Mike Baker who expressed their gratitude as many before them had done to Homer and I. We would soon after be stopped by three young ladies who told us they had seen us in Clemson the day before while they were in the hair salon getting their hair done, and had learned of our whereabouts so that they could have pictures to tell their children about. Shortly afterwards, Home and I would be stopped by a Wallahalla Policeman, who recanted to us a tale that someone had called the Police Department of Homer and I being accosted by two men and we were in trouble.  Homer and I would dispute the lie, and thank the Officer for responding and looking out for us. We made our way into Wallaha, stopped at Wrights Confederate store, hug David and his pretty sister, I stuck them up for a Mississippi State flag, we made our way to the Confederate soldiers monument, posed for more pictures from several citizens, and made our way some two hours back to the Junction restaurant where we would have lunch with Stephen and Ms. Bonnie his wife, who had driven several hours like so many had expressed they had done from their home in the mountains of North Carolina just to greet me. This just like 10 years ago was nothing less than a celebration of love between family as we experience the uplifting of the spirit of the Southern and arguably some from the North who would make an honorable Stand in Dixieland against those who would illegally invade their homeland and circumvent the Constitution and declaration of Independence in doing so, and worst of all derail the African people, freed and indentured from a course of Social vertical mobility that would have continued to be the envy of the civilized world . God bless you.

Your brother,
My Schedule Continued
October 22, 2012----------Start from the River Bridge on Hwy 123 10 miles from Toccoa City Hall  at 9 :00 AM
October 23, 2012 ---------Stop 10 minutes in Gainesville, Ga. 7:00 AM, began 10 mile march into Cumming, Ga at 9:00 to the Cumming Library.
October 24, 2012 ---------Began a 10 mile march at 9:00 am into Roswell, Ga. ending at the Historic Roswell House
October 25,2012 ----------Began a 10 mile march at 9:00 AM into the Capitol Ground in Atlanta, GA
October 26, 2012----------Began a 10 mile march at 9:00 am into Fairburn, Ga.