Monday, October 8, 2012

HK Edgerton Needs a Car and New Shoes

The Destruction of My Car
Anyone who has a copy of my brothers book on the Historic March Across Dixie knows that I need a new pair of shoes. However, I knew that my car needed repairs if it was to make it to Texas on my 10 year anniversary March. And so I made the decision to invest $424.00 on the needed repairs on Friday from my scarce coffers. However, on Saturday night, October 7, 2012, as I returned home, it would cut off 200 yards from my exist on Interstate 40, and refuse to start. I would manage to get it on the side of the road. I would return this Sunday morning and find that my car had been almost totally wiped out by a hit and run driver.
I am to began marching on Monday morning, October 15, 2012, however that may now be in jeopardy; now with no shoes or car, or money; I don't know what to do but pray.I am so sad this morning as I contemplate that I may now have to cancel this Historic journey back to Austin where the Testimonial Plaques of General Lee to the soldiers of Texas, and the Confederate Seal has yet to be return to their lawful place in the Supreme Court Building. And not to even forget Robert E. Lee High School that has been on my radar for months now in Midland, Texas, or that while I have been asked by some members of the Friends of Forrest to stay out of the affairs that surround the Forrest monument in Selma, Alabama, I have looked so forward to crossing the Edmund Petus Bridge again, and asking for the arrest of the State Senators wife who conspired to have that monument illegally removed on a radio broadcast that the FCC should investigate, and should remove that stations license.
I wish that I could report that after ten years my Southland and its honorable people had finally found vindication from all the wrong heaped upon it from those who raped, robbed, and stole its way to the so called victory in 1865. However, 150 years later in these Sesquicentennial years, my Northern family has been able to garnish from the public treasure vast amounts of monies to continue the propaganda they began with the establishment of the Public school system in 1865, with largely no funds given to Southern organizations to present the Southern side of a tale told . They now present to our Southern babies in the schools of the South exhibits that make Lincoln , a war criminal,  out to be as the Puritans presented him after the war as some kind of hero. Never mind the Corwin Amendment, the Morrill Tariff, or the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, or that he had to use almost a quarter of his army to put down insurrections in the North, or that he color coded the ballot and used this same army to force citizens to vote for him, or face whippings or death if they did not, and on and on.
Yes, on this highway that I march, I do tell a different tale to the many who come to hear, or even to fill my ears as their spirits are uplifted by the sight of a loyal African man who is the descendant of those Africans who earned a place of honor under the Christian Cross of St. Andrew, who now drags the Table of Brotherhood that King only could dream about, as standing room only is posted at the door. God bless you, and please tell the Honorable Attorney McCallister that I pray that the Briefs against those named officials of the NAACP who would libel the men of Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanize Calvary in Lake City, Florida are brought to fruition soon.
 I also pray that Candice Yvonna Hardwick of Latta, South Carolina will receive a Presidential Pardon. I have been reluctant to ask the Governor of South Carolina because I don't believe she understands the plight of the Southern people, and has some strange bed fellows who don't like the South, its people, or our beloved Southern Cross. I could be wrong, but my rallying cry all the way to Texas was not only to replace the Plaques , but to ask all that I would meet on the way to ask for the same for Candice. God bless you.
Your brother,