Sunday, October 28, 2012


Dear SHNV Friends,
EDUCATING AND CONFRONTING SOCIAL AND LAW-ENFORCEMENT BULLIES ~ Civil confrontations by private citizens with various levels of government agencies and "law-enforcement" agencies and officers have multiplied exponentially in the USA during the last 150 years as egalitarian socialism has destroyed (notice the use of the past tense here) the moral and legal constitutional rights of USA citizens.
The SCV, the UDC, Southern heritage societies, the League of the South, Pro-Life and other Southern political activist groups remain, all too often, joyfully reconstructed and unknowingly ignorant in keeping their members uninformed and ignorant concerning American laws that could benefit them in their freedom of speech, public assemblies and other activist events that seek to educate the general public about their particular social, moral and political issues. This problem is exacerbated by their dependence upon willing and well-meaning volunteer/unpaid staff who are not trained professionals with leadership and administrative skills, even when those volunteers may be local church leaders or attorneys.
This is especially important for "national" organizations that operate in more than one city, state, region or country. This unfortunate situation often prevails in our movements because of the limited number of people from which to select willing volunteers.
The failure here is almost always NOT DUE to any lack of positive intent and good will by those who head our various organizations, SCV Camps, etc. Too often skilled people are either not motivated to "serve" the good causes they have joined, because of overwhelming business and/or family responsibilities. In the case of Southern organizations there is professional, skilled and well-trained opposition at multiple levels of society.
Freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of public assembly are specialty areas of American jurisprudence. It is more important than ever that ALL focused special interest groups and their staff receive systematic professional education and regular updates in many areas of influence; in this case, especially training and updating on their rights and how to relate to the various levels of law enforcement. Leadership in most of our Southern organizations that are largely staffed by volunteers who means well, but are not professionally trained for leadership and administrative skills, do not understand the importance of this kind of training, because they are relying on their personal judgement and experience which is not sufficient in the American centralized statist society.
My son recently gave testimony in the NC State courts being questioned by the NC State Attorney Generals representing attorney (DA). One of the questions the D.A. for the State of NC asked my son if he didn't know that he has to do whatever a law-enforcement officer instructs him to do. My said "No, I do not. It is usually prudent to do so, but increasingly more often it is a violation of my constitutional rights to do so." My son was correct and the NC Superior Court Judge soon instructed the DA about the error of her thinking on this.
Attorneys specialize in some single area of law. We make a mistake to think they know more than they really know. My son is 23 years old and knew more about his constitutional rights than did this attorney and more than most judges know. He had specialized training in this area.
What I am saying is that it is exceedingly unlikely that things are going to improve for those of us in the American society who are "distinctively" and "self-consciously" Southern in our culture and constitutional points of view about the governance of a people who deserve freedom and liberty unless we get more serious about support and leadership in our Southern organizations that assert such reasonable positions.
Confident incompetence and arrogant ignorance are not enough to faithfully fulfill the wonderfully magnificent Gospel commission given to God's people, not is it enough to help our Southern people survive in this totalitarian state and bequeath to our children a country and a form of governance that values and practices the great principles of freedom and liberty. My generation has failed the generation of my children and grandchildren, but we can and we have a spiritual and more obligation to do better than we have done.
Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
Phone: (336) 420-5355