Friday, October 5, 2012

Va Flaggers Updagte: 1st Anniversary Celebration/Picnic

Va Flaggers Updagte:  1st Anniversary Celebration/Picnic
On September 30, 2012, the Va Flaggers gathered for a family picnic to celebrate our One Year Anniversary. In all, 64 folks attended, with some traveling from as far away as Miami to join us! God was smiling on the Flaggers, providing an absolutely beautiful day... full of sunshine and cool breezes to lift the flags.
It was a time to look back on a year of amazing growth, hard fought victories, and battles still being look forward to what the next year will hold... and just enjoy some great fellowship and good times!
Special thanks to Grayson and Marie Jennings for their hospitality, and Judy Parsons Smith and Stuart Madison for contributing some great photos!
Thanks also to each and every one of you have supported us, prayed for us, and/or flagged with us. As we enter our second year, it is obvious that now, more than ever, those of us of Confederate ancestry need to take a stand against those who would have our flags removed, our honorable ancestors denigrated, and our history forever erased.  There is little doubt our next year will bring many more opportunities to forward the colors, as we prepare to face the enemy with the same honor, bravery, and sacrifice of our forefathers.
"If you are true Southerners, reach back to your Southern roots for enough fortitude to stand up...Our heritage cannot be saved if they see us as weaklings. During Lincoln's War the South had 104,000 deserters. Think before you join them." - Elijah Coleman
Susan Hathaway
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