Monday, October 8, 2012

Forrest/Selma: Southern Heritage News & Views

To All:
While I agree with Pat Godwin & others who wish to have a monument to Gen. N.B. Forrest in Selma Alabama because of his ties to this city, our problems with communist front organizations run much, much deeper than just this one project. What do we propose to do when they still protest us honoring our heritage & history project after project until none can be built or maintained?
Those who contend with & interfere with us & our projects know the truth about our history but do not care because it does nothing to promote their modern-day political agenda, at our expense of course. Simply giving them a history lesson that they already know to be true will not change them or stop them.
Remind them over & over that you never owned slaves & they were never a slave. Furthermore most of us were not even born during the civil rights movement. I, myself was only 10 years old in 1964, now what did the dummies expect a child to do about it ?
Some claim that it will do no good to sue these groups & individuals in court as they claim, its reconstruction courts, yankee courts, etc. The truth is they don't really know what will happen in these courts until they first try our case in them. If we lose the first case we keep trying until we win our civil rights under the laws of the United States Constitution. I know of no struggle or war that was won in the first battle so, we keep suing & trying until finally the victory is won.
While others would like to see us secede again & become the Confederacy, well so would the rest of us. However, the reality is until you pull this off we are still a part of the United States & as such should petition these courts for our rights. We too are Americans, our Southern ancestors were the first Americans & we deserve those rights as much, if not more than the next person.
After we have broken the bank suing them dozens of times without results, then & only then should we consider an open revolt in the streets to regain our rights & correct our disenfranchisement under the original U.S. Constitution. Exhaust every available option first & we are still at square one waiting to take the first step in court.
Give me CIC Givens job & I will show you how to unleash a volley of fire from an S.C.V. battery of lawyers. Our enemies will think they have been consumed by the flames of hell.
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.