Sunday, October 7, 2012

Your correspondence with the Statist professor by Kevin Carroll

Your correspondence with the Statist professor



Dear Valerie:

I would like to compliment you on your letters and rebuttal to (Dr) Allen C. Guelzo, Henry R. Luce Professor of the Civil War Era Director, Civil War Era Studies Program at Gettysburg regarding his adoration of Lincoln and your ability to argue our Confederate position with such elegance and grace.

It was a fascinating exchange, which Mr. Demastus posted on his blog, and I am always heart warmed to see anyone defend the Southern heritage with such vigor as your letters to this Lincoln admirer did explaining in detail many points which the dear professor disregarded due to his issue of "sourcing". As we all know, Lincoln was a master deceiver and many of his utterances and exchanges were lost to history (being no tape recorders in the Executive mansion at the time) or not officially recorded since that would undermine his devious manipulations.

The Hampton Roads peace conference is an excellent example of this as no "Official" version of the meeting was recorded by Lincoln's secretary but the Confederate delegation did record theirs for prosperity and it was quite revealing indeed. Mr. Seward indicated that this was to be an informal conference with no writing or record to be made, all was to be verbal, and the Confederates agreed.

The story of the peace conference is related by a participant who was vice-president of the Confederacy, Alexander H. Stephens, in volume two of his work entitled A Constitutional View of the War Between the States: Its Causes, Character, Conduct and Results, at pages 589 through 625. This is obviously a view that the distinguished Professor would not condone as "official" since it did not come from Lincoln's mouth (when in fact it did).

(The subject of slavery then came up and Mr. Stephens asked President Lincoln what would be the status of the slave population in the Confederate states, and especially what effect the Emancipation Proclamation would have if the Confederates rejoined the Union. President Lincoln responded that the Proclamation was only a war measure and as soon as the war ceased, it would have no operation for the future. It was his opinion that the Courts would decide that the slaves who were emancipated under the Proclamation would remain free but those who were not emancipated during the war would remain in slavery. Mr. Seward pointed out that only about two hundred thousand (200,000) slaves had come under the operation of the Proclamation and this would be a small number out of the total. Mr. Seward then brought up the point that several days before the meeting, there had been a proposed 13th constitutional amendment to cause the immediate abolition of slavery throughout the United States, but if the war were to cease and the Confederates rejoined the Union, they would have enough votes to kill the amendment. He stated that there would be thirty-six (36) states and ten (10) could defeat the amendment. President Lincoln, in his Inaugural Address before the war, gave his support to the first 13th amendment pending at that time which would have explicitly protected slavery where it already existed.)

So there is an example Valerie of Lincoln's motives (the  meeting was in Feb 1865) and how Mr. Seward as usual was very capable of covering their rear-ends without an official record. That line used by the Professor is common speak for these Lincoln myth lover's like Bill O'Reilly on Fox. These people have swallowed the worm as you stated hook line and sinker. What is not forgivable is when he casts aspersions on Al Benson who is a righteous Christian man and did indeed author a revealing and sourced book on Lincoln referred to in the letter by the Professor (Lincoln's Marxist's). If the Professor would ever take the time to read Al's writings on modern day Americana and reasons why it is heading straight for financial implosion the dots would lead back to and connect with the Lincoln administration and its total war upon the Confederated States.

These people are despicable to me Valerie because they try to make the word Confederate sound like the word Nazi. That doesn't work with this modern day Confederate and it shouldn't to any other Liberty loving American who can pick up a bible, read the Declaration of Independence and understand the Jeffersonian principles of a true Republic which this country is not. Those principles of Liberty and Sovereignty from almighty God were not given  to us by some behemoth central government looking out for us. That is where they run off the tracks every time. They  could never attempt to justify the leviathan that came out of that terrible war and they rewrite history to lay the abomination of slavery on the doorstep of the Confederacy as its only cause. Never do they attempt to understand their role in allowing it the USA for 89 years or why God created it when he cursed Ham. No madam, the full brunt of that institution is ours and ours alone. That is why we are called ever name in the book and many of our brothers have taken down our beloved battle flag ( recently the band Lynyrd Skynyrd took down the flag) due to political correctness and acquiescence to the narrative that it is a hate symbol. The truth is a mystery at times, much like the will of God, but it always comes through to those who ask for it from God with a contrite heart. The fact is that our battle flag is a testament to the hundreds of thousands of Southern soldiers who bled those  battlefields red protecting their families, their homes and their country from an invader who used the most severe scorched earth war tactics to win.

If as this Professor claims to state that all the blood is on Southern hands for that war, the same test must apply to his Lincoln on their conduct for the war. Sherman's infamous quote of "Killing Southerners is doing them a kindness" is on Lincoln and Grant. The latter General's use of men in the Overland Campaign was both savage and reckless as they sustained 50,000+ casualties' getting to the gates of Richmond. Lincoln's attitude? No problem, call up 50,000 more. The massacre at Sand Creek where Black Kettle and his tribe were butchered as he waved the US Flag and the Yankees cut the unborn from the womb's of their mothers so no Indian would live to  tell of their atrocity, but alas some did crawl away to tell that story!!

I probably could write for hours on this Valerie but I think by now you understand my support and best wishes for you in confronting that Professor from Gettysburg. It is a sad reflection that his War College can only graduate pupils who have demonstrated sufficiently to that Professor that they too have bought into the Lincoln myth. Perhaps one day a new Confederacy will emerge (a Southern Republic) that will  create its own  War College to educate the Southern sons and daughters in their heritage and create the Republic on this American land that was stolen from us by the invading marauders! As I wrote to the feeble band members of Lynyrd Skynyrd the other day "don't ever find yourself in a position whereas you must relinquish your heritage upon the alter of political correctness as that act would defile the graves of your forefathers!" Be proud of who you are- be proud of the word Confederate!

May the Lord God bless you and may your passion for righteousness never be silenced!

Kevin Carroll

Wellington, Florida