Saturday, October 13, 2012

Democrat for Congress attacks Stonewall Jackson monument!

Democrat for Congress attacks Stonewall Jackson monument!
His name is Howard Swint, and he has attacked the worthiness of Stonewall Jackson's monument at the state capitol in West Virginia!'

Though the Democrat Party had long been the defender of the South, that has changed radically.  Democrats now rabidly attack the South, its history and heroes. 

Interesting that with all the issues presently dividing our nation, Democratic Congressional Candidate would attack Stonewall.  If you are interested in his views click on the link and read the letter to the Editor wrote to a paper in West Virginia .

I continue to believe that America is taking a whipping in the Culture War, and on all the issues we face because groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy have been infiltrated by liberals.  Sure they will talk tough, but the SCV and UDC have the most incompetent leaders of any not-for-profit organization when it comes to being able to influence government policy!  This is just one more example of the politics within the organizations, and real beliefs of the Democratic Party.

I am not promoting the Republicans either.  I am a conservative independent.

Best Regards,
Mark Vogl