Friday, October 12, 2012

SCV Telegraph- Heritage Rally 2013-Hotels

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Three different type hotels have been arranged that are of various levels. There are also other hotels in the area, but these are offering the SCV special rates

1. The higher end hotel is South Beach Hotel which one of the few hotels (formerly a condo) on the south side of highway 90 (and east of Beauvoir). There is a 20% discount for our folks and they will have to use the code HR13 to get that discount and, for now, the block will be held until 45 days out from the event.
Website: LINK
Sherry Queen is the sales manager there. Her email address is

2. The more budget minded hotel is Motel 6 (which also brand new) The manager there hasn't put a limit on the block size yet and will offer two types of room. He is offering the regualr rooms at 85.00 and the studio room (that includes the kitchenette) at 93/night. Go to website LINK

Richard Hucks is the manager there. His email address is

3. The last location is not a hotel at all but a collection of cottages for people who want that. They also allow pets.
Website: LINK       Facebook: LINK

The owner, Chuck Creel, has an email address of

See you all there Saturday, March 16th 2013 

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