Monday, July 28, 2014

Washington and Lee University

It was recently announced that Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia has agreed to remove replicas of Confederate flags several months after 12 black law students demanded their removal from campus.  The flags were displayed behind a statue of Robert E. Lee on the stage of Lee Chapel. Original Confederate flags, on loan from the American Civil War Museum, will now be displayed on the bottom floor of the chapel, which houses the Lee Chapel Museum.  Students soon must creep downstairs to find their offense.
"I'm excited about the progress we were able to create on campus," said Brandon Hicks, a member of the 12-student group called the Committee.
Hicks "is excited" that he is destroying my heritage to promote his. Is that what they mean by equality and civil rights?
Among other demands, the students asked the school to apologize for its role in slavery and to condemn General Robert E. Lee, but President Kenneth P. Ruscio would not.
Aren't you civil rights advocates proud?  Don't you feel noble when you look in the mirror?  You blatant hypocrites, you are the oppressor - you are committing worse offenses than you allege! Why use the truth when a pack of lies will work just as well? I may not live to see it but one day, in this world, or one to come, a Southern people, who just wanted to be left alone, will have their Cause and heritage vindicated. 
John Wayne Dobson