Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An Open Report & Open Letter


Dear Ms. Lunelle,
As I stood posing for a picture with young William Thomas Tarrant the 6th, and his beautiful sister Jade who would tell me that she wanted to ask me several questions about the War Between the States, but was reluctant to ask because not too long ago she had been disciplined by her teacher and Principal for asking a question about Afghanistan. I told her to put forward her question.

Was not the Southern States within its rights under the 10th Amendment to secede from the compact made with the Northern Federal government? Before I could answer, Jade went on to say that the10th amendment was written to put to rest the fears that the Federal government could exceed the powers not given to it in the Constitution, basically denying the misnomer of implied powers and was not formed to take away States Rights. And from her perspective this made it more plausible that the Southern States had a right to secede from the Federal Government because of the impositions being placed upon them by unfair taxation.

My first thought was; Oh Lord, another young Southern baby girl to deal with. I told her that the cousin to the Honorable Thomas Jefferson, Supreme Court Justice John Marshall who believed in the Hamiltonian train of thought of the supremacy of the Federal Government, and who had a disdain for democracy, had ruled in a court case; McCulloch vs the State bank of Maryland; that the Federal Government was supreme in any theater that it operated in, and that it was granted implied powers in the Constitution as argued by Hamilton. And furthermore that the State had no right to tax the Federal Bank that had been established in Maryland.

My conclusion, I would tell her is that the Supreme Court is antiquated, and whose rulings are politically motivated , and now should be revaluated in a Constitutional Convention of the people. Jade would give the same look that I had seen on the faces of so many of my Southern baby girls who would sooner than later make a Stand in Dixieland . Let us pray. God bless you.
                                            Your brother,