Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SCV Dues/Fiscal Year - August 1


August 1st is the new SCV Fiscal Year.  It is that time once again.  I would encourage you and your camps to start the dues collections process early in an effort to retain our membership.  Last year, several camps retained 100% of their memberships, something I hope we can do once again this year. 

On a similar line, I want to let you and your camps know that if a member can help to get five (5) members that have been in "delinquent status" for at least one fiscal year, they would qualify for the SCV's J.O. Shelby Award/Medal.  Can you think of a better award to win?... one named after Missouri's own J. O. Shelby!  To qualify this award, a member would need to download the form from the SCV website, complete it and submit it to the awards committee as instructed on the form.  What a great incentive to go out there and get some of those members who have let their memberships lapse.

Good luck during the dues process and let's do our best to keep our members, we are VERY near having 500 members for the first time in many years.

Darrell Maples - Cmdr.
MO Division - SCV