Wednesday, July 30, 2014

About Your Robert E. Lee Article


Dear Daily Beast,

Would you not fight with every ounce of your being to defend your home and family from an illegal invasion?

Lincoln's war was responsible for the rape of Southern women, black and white, the murder of many thousands of innocent civilians, the burning of homes, crops, and barns, and the killing and stealing of farm animals. And what about New Manchester, GA where the Yankees kidnapped the entire town and sent old men, women, and children up North by train and forced them to work in the factories there?  Is that not slavery?  It seems strange for someone who is reported by rewritten history to have fought to" free the slaves" to actually enslave people themselves.  Also, did you know that Lincoln hired 300,000 European socialists to fight in his illegal war and without them would have probably lost?  The Forty-Eighters, as they were known, had been defeated in the socialist revolution of 1848 in Europe, but saw the opportunity to win in the US what they lost in Europe.  General Lee did exactly what he should have done and was fighting on the right side of history.  Lincoln's war was about money as he stated in his inaugural address that he would collect the revenues (from the seceded states) by force if necessary. The South was paying 85% of the federal revenues which was lining the pockets of northern bankers and industrialists.  Too many people have swallowed the lies of rewritten history that is shoved down the throats of school children and displayed in movies depicting the South as evil and the North as "grand saviors".  You need to educate yourself with true history instead of swallowing the indoctrination of our communist school system.  The very issues we face today; politically, socially, morally, and economically, can be traced right back to our first socialist president, Lincoln, and his socialist minions. It boggles my little mind how people who are supposed to be "journalists" and have much more formal education than I have, can be so historically stupid and not do any research about our history, but just take it at face value what is taught in the government schools. How about doing a little research on the "Corwin Amendment" and what it would have done.  And how about the US Resolution that stated the war was NOT about slavery. Never heard of that?  Why not?  Do some real research and learn the truth instead of defending the North and vilifying the South, armed only with lies and propaganda.

Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK